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Alchemy of Souls Episode 12 Release Date: Three Golds Left Behind

Alchemy of Souls Episode 12 Release Date: Three Golds Left Behind
Alchemy of Souls Episode 12

Alchemy of Souls episode 12 is going to hit the screens soon enough. The talk about the cliffhanger of the series is going all around the internet as it has left everyone high on their nerves. The three gold toads left behind the situation inside the training arena have ended up turning really tensed and packed with utmost suspense.

The upcoming episode of ‘Alchemy of Souls’ is going to bring in a lot of new revelations and discoveries that will surely leave every one of us in wonder. It is going to showcase the deepening romance between different characters and balance out some of the significant story elements.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 12: Spoilers & Recap

Alchemy of Souls episode 11 begins with Mu-deok ignoring Jang-uk’s feelings. She does have the realization of being in love with him but doesn’t want to face the same. Instead, to cover it up, she announces that this feeling of love is just like poison. Indeed, this hurts Jang-uk and he continues to give her a cold shoulder.

On the other side, Dang-gu leaves everyone in surprise after winning the Songrim contest and is handed Mu-deok’s bag for a return. His curiosity gets the best of him, and he decided to peek inside the bag. Inside he sees a familiar whistle from the past with Naksu. When he questions Yul about the same, the whistle is handed back to Mu-deok personally by her.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 12 Release Date: Three Golds Left Behind

Alchemy of Souls Episode 11

Considering the whistle as an indication of her love for Mu-deok, Yul forms a strong belief which gives birth to the extreme emotion of jealousy inside Jang-uk. The not-so-surprising revelation bout Yul’s romantic feelings for Mu-deok and their growing closeness heavily affects Jang-uk who is not in a good sense after knowing about the same.

After a lot of yes and no we see Hemp Master Lee admitting his fondness toward Jang-uk to Yeom. We also see Park Jin speaking to Ji Ho-gyeong on the topic of the lineage of Jinyowon. The topic of succession seems to be never-ending juggle between Cho-yeon and Bu-yeon. Things turned more interesting when it is revealed by Ho-geyong that she was born on the exact day when Jang-gang was picked. Though she still hides the secret about the ice stone from Park Jin very conveniently.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 12 Release Date: Three Golds Left Behind

Alchemy of Souls Episode 11

Walking through his ranks in Cheonbugwan with a scroll showing Hi-gyeong’s daughter, we see Jin-mu thinking hard about his identity. Learning that So-I isn’t really blind, things get messier. In order to save herself, she steps into Jin-mu’s trap and promises to act as Bu-yeoh. Readying herself to deceive Jinyowon she successfully passes the sorcerer’s test.

Betting with the crown prince, Mu-deok decided to wager on the most precious thing she has i.e., the jade stone pendant. Her blind faith in Jang-uk leads her to this, and we see the latter receiving a pep talk from maidservant Jim. Listening to the same, he heads off for study, but as Mu-deok’s plan executes, he is brought into the training center by other maids.

Being completely unprepared and unaware of this whole thing, he decides to do his best to save the precious jade stone he gifted to Mu-deok. With the string of events, an unknown shadow takes over the sky. The shadow over Jang-uk continues to fall in the face of these different mages.

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Alchemy of Souls Episode 12: Where to Watch?

Alchemy of Souls episode 12 is going to be available on the streaming giant i.e., Netflix, soon enough. All the domestic and international subscribers of the streaming platform can catch up on the episode without any kind of hassle.

Alchemy of Souls Episode 12: When Is the Release Happening?

Alchemy of Souls episode 12 will be released on July 24, 2022, at 5:40 PM. Indeed, it is going to be on the screens soon enough.

The show showcases the genre of action, history, fiction, and romance. It has a total of 20 episodes, and each of them has a running duration of 1 hour and 20 minutes. New episodes of the same are released every weekend i.e., Saturday and Sunday.

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