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The Love In Your Eyes Episode 113: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 112 recao
The Love In Your Eyes Episode 113 Release Date, Spoilers And How To Watch

The Love in Your Eyes: Episode 113’s release date is here. The show’s fans are excited to explore everything about it, and we are here to provide you with all the latest details. At the end of this post, we will be able to learn The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113’s release date and streaming guide. A quick show recap is also provided before moving on to the same.

The tale has now progressed to an intriguing point when secrets and facts are revealed as the series nears its conclusion. In the most recent episodes, the K-drama successfully attracted the audience with its compelling plot. The final episode of The Love in Your Eyes begins with Do Sik and Do Young traveling to Young Yi’s home, where Young Yi’s child and parents are already there.

Young Yi’s parents, Do Sik and Do Young are alarmed to learn that she hasn’t yet complained to Se Joon, who is to blame for Young Yi’s deceased husband, Do Jin. Because Kyung Joon is implicated, everyone holds Young Yi responsible for her inability to submit the complaint.

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The Love in Your Eyes’ Recap

Young Yi responded that she had been to the police precinct to complain but bumped into Kyung Joon when she was asked for an explanation. When Young Yi’s mother-in-law learns of this, she becomes enraged and orders her to vacate the property if she doesn’t care about Do Jin and prefers to live alongside Kyung Joon.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 112 recao

A still from the show. Cr: Viki

Young Yi continues by saying that she learned from Kyung that Sim Won Sub was responsible for killing Do Jin. Because Kyung Joon had been carrying around this guilt for a long time, she decided to allow him some time to come forward.

Young Yi is told by Do Jin’s mom that her son’s suffering began when he started seeing her and that they shouldn’t have married since she does not trust Young Yi. She holds Young Yi accountable for Do Jin’s demise. Young Yi says she will leave the house because these remarks have injured her.

Young Yi prepares for her trip with Mi Ri Nae by packing her baggage at night. Young Yi’s mother-in-law asked her to go, as her father-in-law tried to stop her. Young Yi’s father-in-law tries to sway her on the veranda by promising to bring her back the following morning if she spends the night at Eun Jin’s house. She, however, declines and departs.

Afterward, Do Young and Do Shik go to Eun Jin’s residence to see if Young Yi has come, but they are disappointed to discover that she has yet to. To Eun Jin and Eun Ho, Do Young narrates the entire scenario. Do Shik question the claim that Young Yi visited Kyung Joon?

Do Shik angers Eun Jin and Eun Ho by questioning Young Yi and acting furious that she had always wanted to leave the house and move in with Kyung Joon. They inform him that, despite the passage of time, he has never comprehended Young Yi. They accuse the Do Shik family of abusing Young Yi. Eun Ho is later tasked with finding Young Yi and Eun Jin.

Hae Mi is shocked when Young Yi and Mi Ri Nae finally arrive at her home. Mi Ri Nae will be looked after by Young Yi overnight, and Young Yi will fetch her up the following morning. Young Yi is asked to remain as well, but she declines.

Later, as Hae Mi, Mi Ri Nae, and her father sat enjoying a meal together, Mi Ri Nae told how she and her mom unexpectedly ran into Kyung Joon when going out to dine, and she invited him to accompany them. Unaware of the full circumstances, Hae Mi and her parents accuse Do Jin’s mom of causing the ruckus after realizing the encounter was unplanned.

The Love In Your Eyes Episode 112 recao

A still from the show. Cr: Wavve

Hae Mi takes responsibility for the predicament, blaming herself for asking Young Yi to give Kyung Joon time to bring himself in. Hae Mi’s mother told Do Jin’s mom about the incident because she was interested in learning what was happening between Kyung Joon and Young Yi; it is disclosed when Hae Mi attempts to figure out how Do Jin’s mother learned about it.

When is The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113’s release date?

The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113’s release date is March 10, 2023. The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113 will premiere at 8.30 PM KST via KBS1. While the show’s fans in other nations can stream The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113 at:

  • The fans in India can watch it at 5:00 PM IST.
  • The audience in the UK can watch it at 11:30 AM GMT.
  • The fans in Australia can watch it at 10:30 PM AEDT.

The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113: How to Watch

The Love in Your Eyes Episode 113 will air via KBS1 for Korean fans, while the show will be streamed via Rakuten Viki and Wavve at the listed times.

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