What Time Does Lionsgate+ Release New Episodes?

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Read this article to know at What time does Lionsgate+ releases new episodes? Lionsgate is an exclusive streaming platform based in the USA. Its former name was Starz Play. However, after 2016 it was renamed and is now available in 35+ countries. This streaming platform brings you innumerable movies, TV Shows, games, and Starz to stream. Besides, this website also has a “shop” segment where you can find merchandise inspired by the characters from your favorite movies and shows. 

There are certain movies that are known worldwide and are Lionsgate originals. For instance, Outlander, Station Eleven, The Serpent Queen, The Great, Power Book, Gaslit, Tokyo Vice, Blindspotting, Dr. Death, and Doom Patrol. All these were released originally on Lionsgate and were later made available to stream on other partners of Lionsgate. 

If we compare it to other streaming platforms like Netflix, Disney+, and Amazon Prime, the collection of movies and shows on this platform is a little less. It has various numbers of films. Some of them are original, and some are licensed. Some of the most famous movies are the Halloween Series which is watched during the Halloween period. Without wasting any more of our time, let us know at What time does Lionsgate+ releases new episodes?


What time does Lionsgate+ release new episodes?

As Lionsgate plus provide multiple types of content, there is no particular time for the release of episodes or movies, and it depends from show to show.

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About Lionsgate+

The SVoD service created by Starz and now known as Lionsgate Plus is accessible almost everywhere. In UK and Ireland, it is accessible on Sky Glass, Sky Q, and Sky Stream. In Germany, it is available on Sky Q. In the year 2022, and it was made available in Italy on Sky Glass. In other words, the Sky channels provide Lionsgate Plus in most countries and are the quickest way to access Lionsgate Plus.

Lionsgate+ (Source: Wikipedia)

The Girl From Plainville, a show based on US texting- Suicide Trial, which is taken from the account of Michelle Carter, and The Great, which is a Genre defying series, are some of the most famous shows which are added to the platform every month and are some of the TV series that are available for the viewers on this platform.

President of International Networks for Starz, Mr. Superna Kalle, once said that their partnership with the Sky channels in Europe has helped them provide premium content to the viewers.

He also said that they are ready to become more powerful in Europe with the help of Sky channels, and they have committed to providing premium content of different genres to the viewers with the best user experience.

You should know that some of the original shows created by Lionsgate Plus have won Emmy awards, like Mad Men. And multiple shows like Nashville, Anger Management, The Dead Zone, Five Days to Midnight, Weeds, Nurse Jackie, Boss, and Tyler Perry’s House of Payne are the shows which you would have known are also Lionsgate originals.


How do I access Lionsgate+?

There are multiple ways to access Lionsgate Plus. Suppose you want a monthly subscription. You have to pay €5.99 per month. The perks of this package are that you can use the same account on four different devices simultaneously, download the content to watch later, and provide HD streaming.

It supports multiple devices, including Apple Devices running with iOS 12 or the latest version, Android users having Android 5 and higher processors, and can access Lionsgate Plus. It can also be accessed on multiple web browsers like Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Apple Safari.

You can also access Lionsgate Plus on streaming platforms, including Amazon Prime Videos, Roku, Apple TV, and Virgin TV. You can add the forum as an additional channel. For European countries, you can buy the subscription for €4.99 monthly and access Sky Glass, Sky Q, and Sky Stream. More precisely, in Italy, you can access it through Sky Glass, and in Germany, through Sky Q. You can have a free trial for 30 days after signing up and can pay after the first month.

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