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Drag Den Philippines Episode 6: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

Drag Den Philippines Episode 6 preview
Drag Den Philippines Episode 6: Release Date,

Drag Den Philippines episode 6’s air date is here. We will bring you everything you need to know before the next episode drops. The post includes Drag Den Philippines episode 6’s release date, spoilers, a streaming guide, and a recap of all the episodes so far. If you have missed any installment of the show, don’t worry. This post is up for your rescue.

Drag Den is one of those shows that keeps getting progressively better with each new installment. Many contend that it makes for the ideal binge-worthy series. Yet sadly, Drag Den was only launched on December 08 last year. Only five episodes of Drag Den are available, with a fifth episode about to follow.

Here is a brief synopsis for people who may have yet to become familiar with the series. Eight drag queens in the reality series Drag Den Philippines will compete for the title. With it, the “Filipino Drag Superior” title was achieved for the very first moment.

Manila Luz, an American drag queen, is the series’ presenter. She serves as a judge on the “Drag Lord” program. Nicole Cordoves, who is by her side, is acting as her “Drag dealer,” while Sassa Gurl is acting as her “Drag runner.” The eight contenders have eight weeks to demonstrate their ability, humor, and attractiveness to win the title of Drag king or queen.

All five of the episode have received ratings of 7 or higher on IMDB thus far, which will undoubtedly increase interest in the program. Manila posted the travel trailer on the YouTube account, presenting the judges and the entire cast to the world.

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Recap of Drag Den Philippines

The numerous holidays dispersed throughout the calendar almost perfectly reflect the rich traditionalism of the Filipino people. In episode five’s theme wear presentation, the queens gave these significant or formal events of the year a distinctive twist and gloss.

Drag Den Philippines Episode 6 preview

Drag Den Philippines’ recap.


The second-to-last episode, “Round 4 or episode 4 called High on Drags,” was spectacular as well. The episode opens with the announcement of the prior round’s rankings. The standings for round three are as follows: Maria Christina & Barbie-Q are currently tied for first place, with NAIA coming in second.

Again, Shawarma and Pura Luka Vega are tied for third place. Lady Gageeta, OA, & Aries Nights are ranked 4, 5, and 6, correspondingly. Following everyone’s opinions and observations on their ranks and the surrounding area, Sassa gurl gives the drag sisters a task by taking the collection of stories from the drug den.

Everyone performs Enchanted a Knockoff before being set to enter their ThemeWare. KZ Tandigan, a Filipino musician and considered Asia’s soul king, was a guest on the show. The famous Philippine fantasy novels are the focus of this episode’s overall plot.

Drag Den Philippines Episode 6 preview

A still from the fifth episode of Drag Den Philippines.

After all the presentations, it was ready for round 2, a team talent competition. Because Barbie-Q won the last Dragdagulan phase, Manila requests that she select the top three princesses for her team.

Therefore, the teams are Shawarma, OA, Aries Nights, and Maria Christina in bunch 2, and BarbieQ, NIA, Pura Luka Vegas, and Madame Gagita in grouping 1. Drag queens are visible to spectators as they practice with KZ Tandingan. They are going to perform later in front of the assessors and visitors.

Drag Den Philippines Episode 6: Release Date

Watch the brand-new Drag Den Philippines Episode 6 will release on January 12, 2023. Log into your Amazon Prime subscription at 7 PM PHT to watch. Just remember that a new episode is published every Thursday unless you’re one of those who consistently need to remember the dates. Not only that. Check out the episode 6 sneak peek that is currently available.

How to stream Drag Den Philippines Episode 6

The entire sixth episode of Drag Den Philippines is available on Amazon Prime video. There are now five episodes online through Prime Video. You don’t need to worry, though, as there are English, Thai, and Filipino subtitles accessible for the show’s original Filipino sound.

Drag Den Episodes Guide and Schedule

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