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Vincent D’Onofrio’s Net Worth: How Rich is the Actor?

Vincent D'Onofrio's Net Worth

Vincent D’Onofrio is an American actor, writer, film producer, director, and singer. In this article, we will brief you on Vincent D’Onofrio’s net worth and earnings. Vincent is mostly recognized for his role as Detective Robert Green in the series “Law and Order: Criminal Intent.” He is also seen in several popular roles, including Edgar in Man in Black, the owner of Dawson’s garage in Adventures in Babysitting, and Private Leonard Lawrence in “Full Metal Jacket.”

Aside from working in more than 100 roles, Vincent made his directorial debut with the horror movie “Don’t go in the Woods” in 2010. In 2019, he directed a western film named “The Kid”. In addition, Vincent has also released two spoken word albums.

Personal Life of Vincent D’Onofrio

Vincent D’Onofrio’s full name is Vincent Philip D’Onofrio. He was born on 30 June 1959 in Brooklyn, New York City. The American actor spent his childhood in Colorado and Hawaii. Phyllis and Gennaro were the parents of Vincent D’Onofrio. His father was also involved in amateur theatre during his free time. Although Vincent was very young at that time, he still managed to build sets and run sound for the theatre company of his father. Vincent went to the University of Colorado Boulder for his higher studies but eventually dropped out just after 18 months to focus on his acting career.

What Medical Challenges Has Vincent D'Onofrio Faced?

In the 1990s, Vincent started dating actress Greta Scacchi, and the couple has one daughter Leila. Leila was born on 20 March 1992. Later on, Leila George grew up to be an actress and was married to Sean Penn in July 2020. On 22 March 1997 D’Onofrio married model Carin van der Donk. The couple had two sons, Elias and Luka.

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Vincent D’Onofrio’s home and properties

There is no detailed information available anywhere to identify the same place of order. But he also owned a property in South California. However, the actor sold the luxurious mansion around two years ago. This house features three bedrooms, a two-bath couple pill, a master suite, and two open baths place.

Home also had three extra large rooms and a high ceiling making it more spacious. The Master bedroom opens to the beautiful pool, while the home also features a sun area, a gaming area, and a wood-burning area. However, even after having all these features, Vincent decided to sell his home.

Vincent D'Onofrio wants to join Spider-Man: Homecoming | The Independent | The Independent

Vincent D’Onofrio’s Net Worth and Earnings

Vincent D’Onofrio’s Net Worth is estimated to be $14 million in 2022. We can clearly say that he has earned most of his money from his acting career. Vincent is a great actor who has worked in several amazing movies. He also earns from his Two song albums released. That means he has accumulated most of his wealth from the entertainment industry. At the same time, being a multitalented person Vincent also earns a decent amount of money from his albums, books, and other projects.  He is mostly known for his role in the Marvel studio’s movies, and he will be featured in the upcoming Phase 5 movies of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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