How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes? Streaming Guide

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How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes?
Trigun Stampede Official Title

Wondering How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes? We got you!! The first episode of one of the most anticipated anime remakes is right around the corner for fans all around the world, but how can you watch it? Follow this guide till the end, and we will let you know every single piece of detail related to the streaming guide of Trigun Stampede.

Anime often presents us with a blindly moral, optimistic, and silly protagonist who, through sheer willpower, friendship, and belief, forces their ideals through and come out on top as physically as well as morally. But less often, we get to see the toll such a mindset takes on the individual, and when we do even less frequently, we see the same toll placed on the realistic side. 

Trigun takes with usual and morphs into something stronger more emotional, and prevalent to everyone. It’s an all-time classic coming from the same era as Cowboy Bebop and worthy of comparison in both its narrative structure and themes in addition to being a future western, although it’s more literally less figuratively down to earth.

And now, we are getting a remake of this legendary classic anime, with a slight touch of modern world anime style, CGI, new character design, and of course with the same story. Before jumping into the streaming guide, let us first take a look at the plot of Trigun Stampede.

What Is the Anime Series Trigun Stampede All About?

Although similar to many anime series, Trigun Stampede has a slow-burn style plot here too, but with a more focus on the main character than its counterpart had. And generally, it’s more hopeful than the depressing mood that prevails from the Cowboy Bebop. Instead, taking the path that accentuates the good that can still be found in the mire of a near-lawless desert expanse.

Vash the Stampede is a lovable goof, so much so that when someone meets the man, they could never believe he could be a legendary outlaw with the largest bounty of all time on his head, but he is, wanted to cause destruction everywhere he goes in addition to the obliteration of an entire city. It’s hard to believe when we see him acting like a joker, but it proves to be true. 

How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes?
A Still From Trigun Stampede

However, the destruction that follows him is almost never of his doing, sometimes even coming about from those trying to catch him. This is the paradox of his character., as the man himself is peaceful to a fault, revealing to kill under any circumstance and always finding a peaceful solution, no matter the cost to him. This stems from the teachings of his childhood mother figure, Rem, and he follows her words so closely he even takes it upon himself to stop others from killing.

This comes to its first crux when he clashes with his sometimes companion Nicholas D. Wolfwood, a priest working as a hired gun. A contradictory career is paired but he does so to earn money to keep his orphanage afloat. In his eyes, the killing can be easily justified for safety and peace or generally, the greater good. This creates a conflict between the realist and the optimist, a real-time battle of acceptable losses and idealism. This is not a simple episode lengthy with more background ideas but the central pillar of the series.    

Vash the Stampede seems to ask you the question, is there a better way? But Wolfwood provides his context thinking, is Vash just that lucky, can he really keep this up forever, is he bound to fail? It’s not unheard of to have an optimistic character get a dose of reality, but often, we have seen a compromise or subtle shift where they can keep themself but not have much consequence or change as things return to normal. 

Here things prove to be more complicated as each side gets questioned, leading to a different conclusion and providing a somewhat typical solution to preserve itself. It is a doubt when it says about the human condition, the choices we make, and the common perception of strength, which can often do more harm than good to that very concept itself. 

Vash is also interesting outside of his Juxtaposition. While his type of character often wears their heart and personality on their sleeves, we slowly get glimpses into something deeper. From his personality will alone to his body itself, there is always a bit more under the surface to make you wonder who the legendary outlaw and a Read Coat, really is. 

How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes?
A Still From Trigun Stampede

When it comes to the pot, there is a couple of moment to make you wonder, “What on Earth was that!!” but for the most part, it’s paced in a satisfying way to lead you to belong, waiting for the next bits of info to be let out. It is not just the slight mystery but the slow burn of personality and emotion as well. The kind when we don’t realize what you have had until it’s gone, and we are left somewhat existential. It still maintains a hopeful and positive tone to humanity a majority of the time, only uplifted by the time that it ceases to. 

In that way maybe even more appealing than other similarly themed series because once to the end does say something positive about us. Our ability to change and the impact we can have on each other. The rest of the cast is involved too, from the shrewdest exterior but warm-hearted Meryl, the lovable and trusting Milly, or the cold-hearted and chilling Knives Millions.

Although many of the villains are one-offs or minor, the Gun Ho Guns, a group assembled specifically to target Vash, bought a deeper look into the main antagonists’ goals, personalities, and the power he has over others. Legato Bluesummers is specifically the most chilling with his near-unbeatable powers to control others. 

Trigun Stampede Cast

The main character of the upcoming anime remake of Trigun, Vash the Stampede, is voiced by Yoshitsugu Matsuoka, yes, the same guy who, in his past, gave his voice to Kazuto Kirigaya in Sword Art Online Franchise, Souma Yukihira in Shokugeki no Souma, Inosuke Hashibira in Kimetsu no Yaiba, and many other popular anime titles.

How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes?
A Still From Trigun Stampede

Nicholas D. Wolfwood is voiced by Yoshimasa Hosoya, who is also the official Japanese voice of Reiner Braun in Shingeki no Kyojin, Shichika Yasuri in Katanagatari, Fumikage Tokoyami in Boku no Hero Academia Franchise, and many other famous titles.

Ando Sakura is the official Japanese voice of Meryl Stryfe, Kenji Matsuda is the official voice of Roberto De Niro, Legato Bluesummers is voiced by Kouki Uchiyama, Junya Ikeda is the official voice of Knives Millions, and Maaya Sakamoto is the official voice of Rem Saverem.

Trigun Stampede Schedule

Trigun Stampede is all set to premire on January 07, 2023. The first season of the Trigun Stampede anime series is likely to have 12 episodes, but it may vary, as this is not yet confirmed. They will follow the weekly format and will be released according to the mentioned schedule below.

  • Trigun Stampede Episode 1: Thursday, Jan 7, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 2: Thursday, Jan 14, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 3: Thursday, Jan 21, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 4: Thursday, Feb 7, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 5: Thursday, Feb 14, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 6: Thursday, Feb 21, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 7: Thursday, Feb 28, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 8: Thursday, March 4, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 9: Thursday, March 11, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 10: Thursday, March 18, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 11: Thursday, March 25, 2023.
  • Trigun Stampede Episode 12: Thursday, April 2, 2023.

How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes in the United States?

Crunchyroll is the official and primary streaming platform of the upcoming anime series Trigun Stampede. You can watch the upcoming episode 1 as well as the future episodes of the show, simply on the official site of Crunchyroll every Thursday at 09:00 in the morning on the dates with mentioned above. 

How To Watch Trigun Stampede Episodes in India?

Based on the recent update from Crunchyroll, the upcoming anime series Trigun Stampede will also stream in India on the official site of Crunchyroll on the same date as across the world. Now all the anime folks in India don’t have to use a VPN to stream their favorite anime series anymore. You can now directly watch the show on Crunchyroll’s site every Thursday at 7:30 in the evening on the dates with mentioned above.  

In addition to India, Trigun fans from Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Bhutan, Pakistan, Singapore, and the Philippines, can also watch the show directly on Crunchyroll. 

To watch Trigun Stampede, you must have an active subscription to Crunchyroll, which will cost you about $9.99 per month as their Mega Fan Plan or $14.99 per month as their Ultimate Fan Plan.

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