Larry The Cable Guy Net Worth

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Larry The Cable Guy
Larry The Cable Guy

Curious to know Who Larry, The Cable Guy Is? What is his net worth? Curious to know how much the cable guy makes in a year? Larry is currently making headlines for his upcoming show at Soaring Eagle Casino & Resort, being sold out. Larry enjoys a large number of fans who’ve showered love on him from time to time. 

Some of Larry’s notable works are Blue Collar Comedy Tour, Mater in Cars franchise, Larry McCoy in Delta Farce, etc. Larry has his own website,, where he shares information about his upcoming shows and ticket prices. 

Larry has also worked as a producer for television series, including Larry The Cable Guy: Morning Constitutions, Only In America with Larry the Cable Guy, Bounty Hunters, and a television movie named Larry the Cable Guy: Tailgate Party. 

Whitney often makes a significant amount of donations for the betterment of society. Whitney donated to the Arnold Palmer Hospital for Children amount of $5 Million, which the hospital used to open a new wing named Wyatt Whitney Wing in 2012. 

The comedian enjoys a lavish lifestyle with his wife, Cara. He has successfully made his place in the hearts of his fans. The fans can’t seem to get enough of him, as his shows are always sold-out. Whitney is a college dropout trying his hand at the field of comedy.

Daniel Whitney: Early Life, Education, Career

Larry, the cable guy, is the stage name of Daniel Lawrence Whitney for his shows. Daniel was born on February 17, 1963, and is currently 60 years of age. He was born to Tom Whitney, a musician and artist, and Shirley Whitney, a housewife.

Daniel was born in Nebraska and brought up in West Palm Beach from the age of sixteen. He is American and was raised in a Christian household in a loving family. Daniel completed his schooling at The King’s Academy and finished his graduation from Berean Christian School.

Daniel finished his higher studies at the Baptist University of America, majoring in drama and speech. Like every other successful person, Daniel didn’t have the desired start. He has worked his way up the ladder.

Daniel began his career by making appearances on a series of radio shows like The Ron and Ron Show, The Bob & Tom Show, Waking Up with The Wolf, etc., in the era of 1990s. Daniel remained invisible for more than ten years before gaining recognition in early 2000.

Larry The Cable Guy
Daniel Whitney [Credits-PMI Entertainment Group] 
He gained recognition after working as a stand-up comedian before taking up the cable guy character. The cable guy is the character of a stereotypical redneck guy with a thick Southern accent which is commonly seen in the Southern states of America.

Daniel deliberately uses the Southern accent during and after his shows during interviews. Daniel enjoys a lavish lifestyle with a monthly income of $2M. Daniel’s first-ever comedy album to be released was Lord I Apologize in the year 2001.

Daniel has also given his voice for movies like Disney’s Cars, where his voice was used for the character of Jamboree. Daniel met the love of his life Cara when he visited Las Vegas as she was working there as a DJ.

Cara also belongs to a humble background and is the daughter of cattle farmers. The couple married in 2005 and have two children, and they are still going strong in their relationship to date.

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The Cable Guy’s Net Worth 

Looking at the tremendous success that the cable guy enjoys, his net worth is speculated to be around $100M, with an annual salary of $20M. Talking about the famous comedian, Daniel’s monthly income is estimated to be around a whopping amount of $1.5M to $2M. 

At Daniel’s career highest point, he was estimated to have an earning of $70M. He earned this amount of money only through touring and endorsements. Larry made $10M by endorsing the brand drug Prilosec. He earned an enormous amount of around $10-20 Million through brand endorsements. Daniel’s net worth increased from $50M in 2018 to $100M in 2019.

Daniel can earn much more if he decides to, as he has a large number of fans who love watching his shows. Daniel Whitney owns several properties around the United States, including a $3,600,000 mansion in Scottsdale Desert Mountain.

He also owns a four-bedroom house in Orange County worth $3.4 Million with his wife. The comedian recently listed his house in Sanford for $1.55M. Daniel has previously owned houses in Sanford and Florida. He currently also owns a house near Nebraska, where he grew up. 

There isn’t much information available about the automobiles that Daniel owns, except he currently drives a Ford F-250 Diesel. He also possesses a 1967 Ford Mustang Fastback, which was originally a present for his wife.

Larry The Cable Guy
Daniel Whitney At Cars Premire [Credits- Erie Times- News] 
Most of Whitney’s accumulated wealth is through his stand-up comedy shows and brand endorsements. A part of his income is also from his acting career and the voice he gave for Disney’s Cars franchise of Jamboree character. He has also appeared in Television series that contribute to a part of his earnings.

Whitney also enjoys a large social media following on Instagram with 302K followers, where he promotes his shows and provides his audience with information about the same.

His account also gives him deals with brand endorsements that contribute to a part of his income. The ticket price of Larry’s show ranges from $46 to $118 per ticket, depending on the date, time, and location of the show.

Throughout his career, Daniel has been nominated for several awards, including Worst Actor, Best Comedy Album, and Outstanding Performance by an Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture. He had won only a single award, for Cars movie for Outstanding Performance by an Animated Character in an Animated Motion Picture. 

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