Mellekhatas Season 2 Episode 1: Release Date, Cast, Time & Streaming Guide

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Mellekhatas Season 2 Episode 1
Mellekhatas Season 2

As patients, we place our lives in the hands of attending doctors with ardent hopes that they will save us from our ailments and treat our maladies well. However, when such a person commits a horrible mistake- a medical malpractice that can alter their patient’s treatment procedure, putting their lives at stake, what are the consequences for the doctor? 

In Hungarian, the word ‘Mellekhatas’ means side-effect. In context to that definition, the drama series is named based on its story that follows the sequelae of dangerous medical malpractice performed by a rather skilled and experienced doctor Zoltan, who is both reputed and respected. Now faced with the consequences of his mistake and his guilty conscience, the consecutive actions of the doctor and the characters around him constitute the plot of the series.

Mellekhatas Season 2 episode 1
Mellekhatas Season 2 Stills (Credits: RTL+)

The first self-produced Hungarian drama, Mellekhatas, gained a lot of praise upon airing its first season giving rise to much anticipation for the show’s second installment. 

In this Hungarian medical fiction drama, the creators have elaborated on the fertile world of surrogacy. A doctor’s mistake leads to his patient’s infertility crisis and the issuing problems arising together after that. The balance of emotions and the dynamics of human relationships have been dramatized in the series through vivid story-telling, also depicting influential dictatorship and injustice of the people in power. 

While Mellekhatas Season 1 aired ten episodes on RTL Klub in 2020, it returns with 11 episodes for its second season, which was created by the grueling hard work of the entire team after three years. The show’s creators and cast spoke about how they wished to address serious topics of taboos around infertility, surrogacy, and domestic violence through the narrative.

Mellekhatas- Main Cast

Bálint Adorjáni is a talented and well-established Hungarian actor with several works to his name and the praise of his fans for his acting in Mellekhatas. He plays the role of guilt-riddled Doctor Zoltan.

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Mellekhatas season 2 episode 1
Bálint Adorjáni as Zoltan & Alexandra Borbély as Berta (Credits: RTL+)

Alexandra Borbély is a stunning actress with notable works like ‘Spiral’ (2020), ‘On Body and Soul’ (2017), and ‘Corpsetame.’ She portrays the role of Zoltan’s wife- Berta.

Dóra Sztarenki is an actor and a dancer. Having a well-networked former actor and director, Pál Sztarenki, as her father might have eased some things out for her, but she has certainly showcased her charm and talent through her skillful acting performances and graceful beauty. She acts as Anna Panácz.

Zsolt Nagy is a popular actor who is recently preparing to debut his first production. ‘The Game’ (2022), ‘Heavenly Shift'(2013), and ‘The Exam’ (2011) are some of his acclaimed works. He plays the part of a similarly named- Zsolt Ludman.

What to Expect in Mellekhatas Season 2 

Overset by his grief and guilt for his misconduct that harmed innocents, Dr. Zoltan chooses to seclude himself while worrying over saving his marriage to his wife, Berta.

Moni, who has a foreboding fear gnawing in her mind after learning about Atest being in London, meets up with Dr. Széphelyi to discover the truth about what happened on a nightmarish night. Kata’s heart-wrenching story is picked by an enthusiastic journalist who is particularly inclined to get more leads on this story, unbeknownst to Zsolt, who, with his wife Kata, is ready to welcome his child into their world.

Mellekhatas Season 2 Episode 1 Release Date

The latest season of Mellekhatas is set to release on RTL+ online platform for subscribers of the site from 29th March, and it will air on RTL Klub from 30th March 2023 at 12:30 am. For the streaming time in other countries, take a look at the list below-

  • For viewers in the US: 6:30 pm EST on Wednesday, 29th March.
  • For viewers in Canada: 6:30 pm NT on Wednesday, 29th March.
  • For viewers in India: 4:00 am IST on Thursday, 30th March.
  • For viewers in Australia: 8:30 am AEST on Thursday, 30th March.
  • For viewers in the Philippines: 6:30 am PHT on Thursday, 30th March.
  • For viewers in Japan: 7:30 am JST on Thursday, 30th March.
  • For viewers in South Korea: 7:30 am KST on Thursday, 30th March.
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Mellekhatas Season 2 Episode 1 Where to Watch

Mellekhatas will first be selectively available for the subscribers only of RTL+ before airing on RTL Klub, a Hungarian network. More news for viewing by international audiences is not available yet, and information shall be updated as soon as there is.

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