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What Happened To Antonio Conte? The Football Manager’s Health Update

Antonio Conte

Want to know what happened to Antonio Conte? These days, the football manager is making headlines with the news of his surgery after being diagnosed with a disease. How is he? Before getting updates about Antonio’s health, let’s briefly look at his prominence on the football ground. 

Starting from the basics, Antonio Conte is currently the head coach and manager of Tottenham Hotspur, the Premiere League club. Born on 31 July 1969, Antonio is 53 years old and hails from Lecce, Italy. Well, he started his career as a footballer, of course, more precisely being a midfielder. Back in 1994, Antonio Conte participated in the FIFA World Cup and successfully made it to the runner-up position. He even won the UEFA Cup during the 1992-1993 season, playing for Juventus. 

Talking about Antonio Conte as the football manager has served various teams including- Chelsea, Juventus, Italy, Inter Milan, Arezzo, Bari, and Siena too. In 2021, Antonio Conte got inducted into the Italian Football Hall of Fame. 

Coming back to Antonio Conte’s health, the football manager recently underwent surgery. What for? Because of having issues with his gallbladder. How serious was it? What about his football managing service? What’s up with him now? If you are looking for these, especially what happened to Antonio Conte, here is what we know. 

What Happened To Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte

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What Happened To Antonio Conte? His Health Update 

Previously, it was hinted that Antonio Conte had issues with his gallbladder. But, what was it specifically? To be more exact about Antonio Conte’s health, the football manager had suffered from cholecystitis. In case you don’t know, it’s a severe condition when one’s gallbladder gets inflamed 

Initially, Antonio Conte didn’t realize what he was suffering from. But, a few days back, he suddenly had severe abdominal pain. So, what was the surgery all about? He underwent the same for the removal of his gallbladder. However, it was not his first time. Even, before that day, at the Preston, he was in pain. Everyone thought the cause to be a standard one, more exactly to be flu. But, no, it was not that. 

Earlier, Antonio Conte shared how things used to get difficult for him to stay away from his family. Also, he lost three of his very close friends. So, things were not much happening in his life. Still, he always keeps himself motivated. Some of his fans wondered if his condition had something to do with stress. It is still unknown. 

As Antonio Conte went for surgery and was asked to take some rest, especially away from the sports field, his assistant manager Cristian Stellini took his role. It was also reported that Cristian would take charge of the Spurs’ Premier League clash against Man City. 

Talking about Antonio Conte is now reportedly living in Italy. Yes, now, it’s his recovery period. He will possibly be watching all the matches of his team from his home in Turin. Everyone is missing Antonio Conte on the field. But, today, his health is more important. Yes, it matters a lot more and he needs to heal first before getting into action. 

When asked about Antonio’s absence, Cristian Stellini said, ”We have to accept the situation. Maybe Antonio has to accept the situation. It’s not easy for him not to be here with us but health is more important than everything.” So, his statement gave away a positive vibe to everyone. In addition to this, Cristian also mentioned that he would be selecting the team along with Antonio after he explains to him everything. 

What Happened To Antonio Conte

Antonio Conte and Cristian Stellini

Nothing much about Antonio Conte’s current health status is known. But, the way Cristian Stellini has talked about both of their willingness to make their time win, it’s evident that Antonio is healing. Best Wishes. Make sure to follow Antonio Conte on his Instagram account for more updates. Hoping Antonio gets well pretty soon! 

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