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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15 Release Date: How Will Yong Mi Save Her Daughters From Song Woo Chang?

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15 release date
Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15 is releasing soon! The drama has finally started the last chapter of the story. However, it seems it will bring more trouble and rift between Yong Mi, In Kyung, and Soo Ja. The latest episodes reveal Yong Mi unexpectedly encounters Lee Young Shin at Dr. Toppers. He assumes she is continuously involved in insider trading. Although Yong Mi tells him the real reason for sneaking into Dr. Toppers, Lee Young Shin still warns her to stop this dangerous game.

Later, Lee Young Shi learns that Song Woo Chang is following Yong Mi’s every move. Even Yoon Tae Kyung and Geum Jan Di are teamed with Song. Therefore, Lee Young Shin takes the matter into his hand and meets Song Woo Chang. And as expected, Song Woo Chang threatens him to join his team for the last trade in exchange for sparing Yong Mi’s life. Meanwhile, Yong Mi gets unexpectedly entangled with Song’s team, and moneylender Oh Dong Joo joins them. So with Song Woo Chang’s return, how will Yong Mi get out of his hold in Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 15?

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Recap Of Ep 14 – Yong Mi Decides To Quit

Episode 14 of Cleaning Up (2022) reveals how Lee Young Shin protects Yong Mi from Song Woo Chang’s attack. Leaving with no option, Lee Young Shin agrees to join Song’s stock manipulation mission. Meanwhile, Yoon Tae Kyung decides to cross Song and goes to meet moneylender Oh Dong Joo with Geum Jan Di. However, Geum Jan Di once again betrays him and exposes his plan to Song.

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15

Song Woo Chang Cr: JTBC

Moneylender Oh Dong Joo, on the other hand, finds the connection between Yoon Tae Kyung, Geum Jang Di, Yong Mi, and Vested Investment, as well as their insider trading. On the condition to include him, Oh Dong Joo lends Yoon Tae Kyung 200 billion won.

While everyone resumes their task, Lee Young Shin talks and convinces Yong Mi to leave this trade since Song Woo Chang has returned. Hence she decides to quit. However, Song Woo Chang sends Yong Mi his pictures with her elder daughter Jin Yeon Ah, making her shiver in fear for her daughter’s life. So with the danger lurking over her little daughter, how will Yong Mi find a way out in Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 15?

Preview Of Ep 15 – Yong Mi, In Kyung And Soo Ja Fall Apart

The preview of Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15 is already out! And it seems the upcoming episode will be a roller coaster ride for viewers. To face her fear, Yong Mi bravely calls Song Woo Chang. After all, he has threatened Yong Mi with her little girls. So there is no way the mother in Yong Mi will let him do any harm to her little angels! Hence, Yong Mi asks Song Woo Chang to use her for his final trade, the stock manipulation task.

Meanwhile, Soo Ja faces an unexpected problem at home since her son discovers her insider trading business. Since her son wants to be a prosecutor, he must show her the cruel face of reality. Therefore, the preview shows that Soo Ja breaks down in front of Yong Mi and In Kyung and asks them to let her go since she can’t continue.

Cleaning Up kdrama Episode 15

Ep 15 Preview Cr: JTBC

Besides Soo Ja, In Kyung’s love story turns out for the worst. Lee Do Young seems disappointed with In Kyung’s new lifestyle. Hence, he requests her they should stop seeing each other. At the same time, she also learns about Lee Do Young’s coffee truck surprise. With troubles coming from all ways, how will our trio save their beloveds in Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15?

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Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15 Release Date

Cleaning Up (2022) Episode 15 will be released on 23 July 2022 at 10:30 pm KST on the JTBC channel. Due to Song Woo Chang’s threats and Lee Young Shin’s stubbornness, Yong Mi has met a dead end. Thus to know how Yong Mi saves her daughters and her squad, watch new episodes of Cleaning Up kdrama every Saturday and Sunday!

Watch Cleaning Up Korean Drama Ep 15 With Eng Sub Online- Streaming Details

South Korean viewers can watch the Cleaning Up drama on the JTBC network at 10:30 pm KST. In other countries, Ep 15 will drop on the same day at 11:30 pm in Australia, 2:30 pm in the UK, 7 pm in India, and 9:30 am in the USA. Currently, the kdrama is not available on online streaming platforms. However, viewers can watch short clips on the official YouTube channel of JTBC.

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