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Why Did Troy Leave Community? The Entire Turmoil

Donald Grover

At this point, most of us are aware of the fact that Donald Grover is very capable and has a vast range of talents. You may consider him an Emmy-winning star, writer, creator, and director of the series Atlanta and Childish Gambino, a Grammy-winning rapper, a young version of the Lando Calrissian, and a charming gambler. Before all this, he was sparking brightly as the jock Tory Barnes on the popular sitcom named Community. 

From 2009 to 2015, Community ran for six seasons, and the plot focused on the mysterious and filthy doings of a group of college friends going to a community college. At that time, the show was nothing less than an absolute hit at that time. The series was a hit and helped to boost the careers of Donald Grover along with Alison Brie, Gillian Jacobs, Ken Jeong, and Nicole Brown.

But sad for the fans, in 2013, in the gap between the fourth and fifth seasons, it was revealed that Donald would leave the show in between in the upcoming season, which was set to release in January. Later, the studio NBC decided that the series would be discontinued after the 5th season. Yahoo streaming tried to revive the series, but the series lost its charm after Donald left the show. So why did he leave the show?


Why Did Troy Leave Community? The show was undergoing background turmoil

In a way, it made way for future NBC comic shows like The Good Place and Brooklyn 99, and Community was an awkward stepchild during its run. The show’s viewership was never high, but the fans and the Community were very loyal to the show when the show was going through some rough patches. NBC gave up Community in 2011 and got 30 Rock – the show that Donald wrote.

But as was promised, Community returned later, but the portrayal looked like the network could easily put the show on the sidelines. Later in 2012 May after the third season of the show, Dan Harmon was fired by Dan Harmon for being difficult. After that, the show had a rough season 4, and Chevy Chase was also fired from the show for his ominous aggression and racist behavior on the sets of the Community. 

Looking at all the things that were going on, it is not surprising to see that Donald chose to follow something else after all the fame and popularity that he gained from the Community. In 2013, it was revealed that Donald would do the same and create Atlanta for FX, a half-hour comedy.

Dan eventually made a return for a season 5th of the Community, and he also persuaded Donald to come back for five episodes before leaving the show completely, he also admitted that Donald was the face of the show. It suffered a lot without Donald’s presence. In 2017 Dan told The Hollywood Reporter that he wanted to convince himself that Donald leaving the show was not the end of Community, but now as it is all over, he can agree that it was the end of the show. 

Donald Grover

Donald was having a relatable quarter-life trouble

Just a few months after the announcement of his leaving the Community, he said that the reasons why he left the show were more than just being professional in nature. In an Instagram post in 2013, he posted some letters in which he said that he left the show because he wanted to be on his own and was hoping through difficult events in his life that made him rethink what he truly wanted to go ahead.

He also admitted that he had a lot of fears and worried that Dan hated him and was scared that he was letting everyone down by leaving the show, and he thought that his upcoming future work might flop. He said that he wanted to release an album as he wanted to give hope to the internet for Christmas. 

Later in an interview with VIBE, he made it clear that he left the Community as his heart was just not in it anymore. He felt if he stayed with the show, it would be a disservice to himself. He believes that Community is the best show on TV, but it is not for him. He just wants to make dope shows on his own terms from now on. 

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