Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Recap and Review

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 98
Dragon Ball Super Episode 98

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 is one of the best episodes of this series. This ended a few years ago, and many fans are familiar with this episode. But we will discuss it and remind the fans about the best moments in this episode. Dragon Ball Super has revealed the best battles between Saiyans and villains, and episode 98 is one of the episodes that revealed the best battles. This series might have concluded a few years ago, but season 2 is yet to be announced since the manga series continues. Let’s find out what has happened in Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 below. 

This is the episode where the Tournament of Power Begins as every warrior from different Planets has gathered to fight for their Planet. The Destruction Gods and Angels from different Universes have also gathered and know that if their best warriors get defeated, Zeno will erase the Planet. This is one of the greater tournaments where Goku was looking to face the strongest warrior but couldn’t know who was the strongest one and continued to fight until he met a guy who would entertain him. 

The tournament began, and different warriors clashed. Eight Universes were fighting for their survival, and they only had 48 Erath minutes as their time limit, and the Universes that remained standing will not get erased. Zeno was excited to see powerful warriors fighting at their best, and there was no holding back because their Universes were at stake. Goku was surprised when he held onto a choke by Universes 4’s Niki. This made Beerus angry, and he shouted at Goku. Niki believed that he would take Goku out. But Goku uses Super Saiyan Blue to send Niki out of the fighting stage. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98 Recap

The Tournament of Power continues after Goku turns into Super Saiyan Blue. But he returned to his base form since he kept Super Saiyan Blue as his Ace card. The warriors of Universe 9 surrounded Goku after noticing that he was powerful. Each Universe planned to eliminate the strongest guys first. The God Destruction of Universe 9 underestimated Goku and believed that luck was on his side, but he won’t survive the next attacks. Goku realizes that it is Bergamon and his friends who he fought before in a warm-up match. 

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98
Dragon Ball Super Episode 98

Bergamon warns Goku that they will show him true power and won’t let him defeat them. He clashes with Goku and keeps switching sides with his comrades. But Goku survived all the powerful blows. Whis explained why Goku is not using Super Saiyan Blue since it might drain his stamina due to tremendous power. Zeno was excited to see 3v1 and commented that it is Goku vs. Trio De Dangers. The Angels wonder if Goku will break the trio formation alone. Trio De Danger fights while switching positions. God of Destruction Champa tease Goku and thinks that Goku will be defeated. Beerus was not happy and scolded Champa for not believing in Goku. 

Trio De Dangers believes that no warrior can break the manifestation of their brotherly bond. Goku analyzes how the trio fights and realizes something. Beerus comments that Goku will never lose to riffraff, referring to Trio De Dangers. He motivates Goku to never lose, or he will be in danger since he is the most powerful warrior from Earth. Beerus reminds Goku not to waste his energy fighting, and he can knock the Trio Dangers off the stage since it is foolish to waste his stamina on weaklings. Bergamon gets angry that he and his brother are considered weaklings. 

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Trio De Danger Brothers vs. Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta

Goku agrees with what Beerus has told him and gets into a fighting stance. Goku vs. Trio De Danger begins with bangs. Bergamon believes that Goku is bragging and decides to show him true power. The red dog brother comments that Goku will retreat for treating them as weaklings. The trio attacks Goku, and Goku dodges the one that was using poison powers. Bergamon lands a left hook that pushes Goku back. Whis realizes that if the poison touches Goku, it will be over. But Goku decided to show the Trio De Danger something amazing.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 98
Dragon Ball Super Episode 98

He uses Ultra Instinct, and Bergamon’s mouth almost touches the ground out of surprise. Goku explained why the poison was not working on him and talked about Gohan fighting Bergamon’s brother. But the other brother switches poison to save his brother after kicking Goku. Bergamon also joined the battles, and Goku blocked massive punches. Frieza notices that Goku is having fun and decides to have fun while toying with weaker opponents. Goku returns to his base form, and the Trio De Danger brothers begin to confuse Goku. They claim that they are the strongest Trio De Danger brothers.

Vegeta joins the fight to help Goku, but the other five warriors join, becoming two versus eight. Whis, believe that eight enemies are nothing if Goku and Vegeta work together. Goku told Vegeta that thy each get four, and Vegeta agreed. The two Saiyans began to dominate their opponents, but they entered Super Saiyan 2, which pushed Trio De Danger to a limit. The Trio De Danger brother was pushed to the edge of the stages and decided to unleash the final blow. The unless Triangle Danger Beam. But Goku and Vegeta enter Super Saiyan Blue and knock the trio using Final Kamehameha. The Tournament of Power continues after Goku and Vegeta defeat the Trio De Dangers brothers. 

Will There Be a Season 2 of Dragon Ball Super?

Dragon Ball Super Season 2 is in the making and will be announced soon. The manga of this series continues every month, but the official sources like Chrunchyroll and other official platforms are yet to confirm Dragon Ball Super Season 2. However, this is possible, and the fans of this series will agree with this since Dragon Ball Super manga is continuing, and Season 2 will be announced soon. 

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