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Palm Springs Review: Comedy Gold With a Little Philosophy Touch

Palm Springs Review

It’s been a while since The Academy recognizes a good comedy movie. The last bit of potential snatcher was ‘Lady bird’ in 2018, starring Saoirse Roan. The film was labeled as a comedy even though there was a large part of the drama aspect in the movie. ‘Lady Bird’ was pioneering the Best Picture category after so many years the academy put up with either heartfelt drama or intriguing crime movies.

This year, a film called ‘Palm Springs’ could rejoice in the glory of comedy movies at the Oscar that is coming later in March. ‘Palm Springs’ is released by the American streaming service ‘Hulu’ on July 10th, 2020, in the USA. The buzz surrounding this movie is significant. As of now, the trailer of this movie has already been seen eleven million times and has been reviewed by critics and regular viewers eighteen thousand times on IMDB to seize the score of 7.4/10.

Plot and Summaries

Camila Mendes plays a newlywed who is about to be vowed for better and worse on her wedding day. The ‘Riverdale’ actress plays the character of Tala. Actor Tyler Hoechlin plays Abe, Tala’s groom. As each character is behaving in a reserved attitude for a formal ceremony, Nyles (Andy Samberg) did not care for the hell of it. He stuck with his cool reluctant self, opening a can of soda in the middle of the ceremony. Later we know that the way Andy’s astute behavior is heavily influenced by the fact that he was stuck in a time loop that made the day of the wedding keeps repeating in his life. He knows every bit of moments that go in that very day, so he was trying to mess things up to try different narratives.

One day in the time loop, he met Sarah (Cristin Milioti) and accidentally made her a part of the loop. Sarah blamed Nyles at first, but eventually, the two teamed up to live their own life in the loop while experiencing the day-to-day absurdity.

Why Is It So Great?

The movie is already enchanting in itself. In the first few minutes of the presentation, this movie feels like a mundane, mediocre comedy film. The ones that do nothing but temporary laughter to its audience. But it is improved the moment we really get to know the story and what it’s really about. Talking about the originality of the story, the script is phenomenal.

A comedy movie evolving characters stuck in a time loop seems familiar with some movies like ‘Groundhog Day’ in 1993. This movie starring Bill Murray the BAFTA Award for Best Original Screenplay and made up through the test of time as one of the go-to comedy movies to this day.

This movie ‘PalmSprings’, however, still fees as it has never done before. The performances of the main cast Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti, are very easy to watch. Andy Samberg as Nyles slew the nonchalance and confusion of a man fed up with trying to escape of a time loop. Andy Samberg is one of the top performers in Saturday night Lives. It is no wonder that he could deliver such performance at ease. His compatriot Cristin Milioti also ave a fantastic comedy performance worth praising.

Perfect Binge

Palm Springs Review

Andy Samberg and Cristin Milioti appear in Palm Springs.

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Cristin Millioti’s character, Sarah, is the one who puts everyone on the urge to actually break free from the loop. Sarah was once influenced by Nyles to enjoy life just as it is in the time loop. To live every day but also die every day in the same exact way and cause. The time loop could be translated into many different things. While Nyles was getting comfortable with this loop. He didn’t try to solve anything to flee from the things that are repeating themselves. For most of us, this quarantine does feel like we’re stuck in a time loop, so this movie is perfect for a little binge.

Oscar-winner J K Simmons, who won an oscar back in 2015 for ‘Whiplash’ also makes an appearance as a villain in this movie. He gave a great performance by playing Nyles’ enemy, who always tries to kill him. This could be his best role after hat one in ‘Whiplash’. We see his delicate comedic timing more often in this movie than any other ones in his acting resume.

The entire film moves back and forth and jumps to the same characters in the same settings. But what’s unique about this film is that the situations the characters are facing are always changing. This adds to the eye the witness of character development in the film, making us sympathize with the main characters.

Actually Funny and Provocative

Although the movie tackles such relatable human confession, every scene could still make us cheer on and laugh out loud. One of the best scenes is where Nyles has to remember his sex partners from the time loop. He then joked about having a sexual affair with Sarah’s father. Another scene shows Sarah and Nyles were camping on a silent night and two Brachiosaurus just casually walking. This astounded Sarah and Nyles.  Sarah asked Nyles whether those dinosaurs were real, which then Andy replied, “Who cares?”. It is a clear use of metaphorical scenes to add depth to the movie. It can be said that ‘Palm Springs’ is like the upgraded version of ‘Groundhog Day’ that feels fresh, philosophical, and provocative.

The film also includes characters whining and thinking about life in general. This could be risky for the audience who wants a fresh and authentic comedy, but the whole thing is packaged so nicely so you won’t be annoyed. For this movie, Andy Samberg got a nomination for Best Performance by an Actor in a Motion Picture, Musical, or Comedy while the film itself is also nominated for Best Picture, Musical, or Comedy in Golden Globes 2021.

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