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How Did Hector Salamanca End Up In A Wheelchair In Breaking Bad?

How Did Hector Salamanca End Up In A Wheelchair In Breaking Bad

Breaking Bad fans are lingering over the thought, how did Hector Salamanca End Up In A Wheelchair? Here are all your answers. One of the most brutal villains in the “Breaking Bad” series is Hector Salamanca (Mark Margolis). In the original series, he makes his debut as Tio Salamanca, Tuco’s uncle, in season 2 episode 2, titled “Grilled.” Hector is already in a wheelchair and utilizing his bell by that time to communicate.

The prequel series, ‘Better Call saul,’ adds meaning to his character by portraying him when he was healthier. Hector is a powerful Juárez Cartel member who is vicious and sadistic. In the third episode of season six, “Rock and Hard Place,” Nacho claims that he modified Hector’s medication, which led to the stroke that effectively consigned him to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. In Better Call Saul season 3, Nacho eventually tells Hector the truth about the incident that resulted in him needing a wheelchair. What was Nacho’s secret? Despite Bryan Cranston donning his Heisenberg disguise, Hector Salamanca’s furious bell-dinging from his wheelchair is one of the most recognizable images from Breaking Bad. However, that isn’t the figure we first see in Better Call Saul.

How Did Hector Salamanca End Up In A Wheelchair In Breaking Bad

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How did Hector Salamanca End Up In A Wheelchair?

After Tuco’s arrest, Hector travels to Albuquerque and tries to get Mike to tell the police that the gun Tuco brought to their altercation is his. Hector begins to show signs of his ingrained animosity for Gus Fring and his group as the series goes on. Hector mentions—not incorrectly—that his family has shed blood for the cartel, but Don Eladio Vuente began favoring Fring’s tactics of smuggling drugs into the US more and more, driving Hector to despair and rage.

Hector threatens Fring, ordering him to make space in his chicken trucks so that Hector’s drugs can be carried once his normal transporter is killed. Hector, who knows that this isn’t a long-term answer, looks for another approach and, much to Nacho’s displeasure, sets his sights on Manuel Varga’s upholstery company. Hector tries to talk to Manuel about it, but the latter rejects him and kicks him out of his garage, incurring the anger of the other man.

Hector reportedly takes nitroglycerin tablets for his cardiac issues, according to Mike. We will see. Nacho resolves to take action as soon as he knows Hector wants to coerce his father into acting as his drug mule. He devises a scheme to substitute bogus tablets for Hector’s original ones. When Nacho tells Mike about it, Mike says he won’t get involved and advises Nacho to put the original tablets back in Hector’s pocket to avoid raising suspicion.

How Did Hector Salamanca End Up In A Wheelchair In Breaking Bad

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What Happened To Hector Salamanca?

Now in Season 3 Episode 8, it is strongly hinted that the ingredient that Nacho mixes into the false pills is ibuprofen. In contrast, Nacho confesses that he replaced Hector’s heart medications with sugar pills just before Hector passed away in Season 6 Episode 3. Hector took those tablets despite having heart problems, and it didn’t seem to have any effect at first, which worries Nacho more and more. After learning that Eladio now wants to use Fring’s routes exclusively to carry the drugs, Hector becomes outraged in Season 3 Episode 10, dubbed “Lantern,” and appears to be experiencing severe chest discomfort. After taking the medications, he reportedly suffers a heart attack. He doesn’t, though, as Fring gives him CPR and keeps him alive.

We find out that Hector suffered a stroke in season 4. In an elaborate scheme of retaliation against the person who killed his friend and business partner, Max Arciniega, Fring sends doctors and specialists to care for the elderly man. Hector is trapped after making sure that his intellect is fully recovered but before his body has made any progress in therapy. In “Breaking Bad,” while Fring keeps Hector alive so that he can taunt him with his successes, their relationship is foreshadowed by how they interact.

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