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Black Summoner Episode 5 Release Date: How Strong is Archdemon?


If you have been following Black Summoner from day1, we can understand your hype. It finally comes to the point where Kelvin is going to face the Archdemon, and with this hype, there come so many doubts. These doubts can be related to anything like Release Date, expected events, and where to watch. So, in this article, we have decided to put a full stop to each of your doubts regarding Black Summoner Episode 5.

We will cover everything related to the episode so you can enjoy the episode without any confusion or doubts. First, we will see a brief recap of the last episode so you can recall what happened in the last episode. After this, we will see the release date and expected events of the episode, and then we will see from where we can watch the show. As you are now familiar with the agenda, let’s start the discussion.

Black Summoner’s story starts with a very strange note than the other animes. The story begins with the major protagonist of the series, Kelvin, who wakes up in a new place forgetting all the memories of the past. Kelvin realized that his memories had been lost in exchange for the powers and transmission. He then starts his life by understanding this new world and then gradually becomes an adventurer seeking mysteries and truths. The mystery behind everything will make you wow! on many occasions. The battle scenes are top-notch with exhilarating twists. Black Summoner is indeed the best choice if you love fantasy anime with an Isekai touch.

Black Summoner Episode 4 Recap:

Episode 4 of Black Summoner, titled “Kelvin’s Unmasking” was released recently, and this episode did a great job in terms of every aspect. From BGM to Animations, everything was great. The pacing and the storytelling of the episode were also good as always, and from the start till the end, the thrill was present in the episode. In the fourth episode, Kelvin’s true identity is revealed. We are already aware that Elif finally lifted her curse so Kelvin can use his more abilities. In the episode, we also saw Kelvin trying his identity from Prince, which was very entertaining to watch. The most important thing the episode did was to set up the fight between Kelvin and Archdemon, and in the next chapter, we are going to witness one of the best fight sequels of Black Summoner.


Black Summoner

Black Summoner Episode 5 Release Date:

The fifth episode of Black Summoner is all set to release on 6 August 2022 worldwide. The episode will feature one of the most anticipating fights of the series so far, Kelvin vs. Archdemon. We all are already aware of how strong Archdemon is. Everyone is excited to see the battle between the protagonist and the S-rank demon, and it will be really hard to predict who will win at this point in time.

We can’t underestimate Archdemon as he has tons of powers that he will definitely use to counter Kelvin’s attack, and if there’s no plot armor, then anything can happen to Kelvin. If you are following Black Summoner from the very beginning, you are finally going to see a top-notch battle a few days from now on.


Black Summoner

In case there is any major update of the episode, we will update this article so you can consider bookmarking this article or follow us for future references.

Watch Black Summoner Online:

All the released episodes of Black Summoner are available to watch on Crunchyroll. You can also watch all the future episodes on the same platform as Crunchyroll supports simulcasting. The best part of Crunchyroll is that it features a large number of top-class animes, and all of them can be accessed via a single subscription, so all you need to get is a single subscription to access every anime anytime anywhere. You can also read manga, buy anime merch and do many other things on the same platform. We at Otakukart always suggest Legal websites to watch anime and read the manga as this helps creators financially and encourages them to continue doing the good work.

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