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My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8: Release Date, Watch Online & Preview

The first combat train battle has ended at the U.A High School Hero course. Class A team won with Shinso, who had to join the training. In the second battle, Kendo’s plan and Momo’s situation analysis went head to head. But Class B won with a narrow victory and made it one win and one loss. Tokoyomi is with Konoko helping him recover from the mushroom and dust he ate during the battle. Konoko apologizes even though her team has lost. Tokoyomi told her that he doesn’t need her pity since something like this can happen in a real battle. Momo and Kendo are walking together after their clash.

Momo is carried by a robot who comments that humans can’t get stronger without training. Kendo realizes that Momo has surpassed her limit during the battle and which is why she is weak. The robot wonders why he has to carry the injured instead of doing something else. Shota is with Shinso analyzing what has happened in the second battle. Shota comments that the damage from the second battle is far greater than the first battle. This is what training in the Hero course is like.

Previously on My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 7

Shota realizes that the Heroes in the first battle were holding back, and in the second battle, they show all their true potentials. But they might have gone a little overboard. Pro Hero- Vlad King, who possesses a Blood Control Qiurk makes an announcement. He calls out Fukidashi Kendo to remind her about the damage they have caused. Shota asks Vlad about Konoko’s mushroom. Vlad reveals that Konoko’s mushroom will take two hours to disappear. Shota said they would change the location of the 3rd battle.

Meanwhile, Neito Monoma, who uses Copy Quirk, is happy that the second match was a complete victory for Class B. He is confident that Class B will win at the school festival. He told Class A not to feel frustrated when Class B wins everything. Neito reminds Izuku, Mineta, Ochoa, and Pinky that they can see the difference in their abilities and clarify during the battle. Kendo arives and smack Neito since he has forgotten that there is still a third battle. Mineta comments that Neito will never change.

Pinky wonders why Neito keeps on bragging when he knows that Kendo will smash him. Denki is with Toru Hagakure, who uses Invisibilty Quirk. He comments that Clas B is hiding a lot of monsters. Toru replies that he could say the same thing about Class A. Izuku continue to note everything about his opponents and realizes that it is not just their Quirks, but their metal growth has also made their Quirks stronger. Ochoa comments that Izuku has written a lot about their opponents.

Todoroki Shoto Vs. Tetsutestu

She calls him Deku and comments that he has grown a lot. Mineta comments that Izuku has not grown near as much as him. Pinky comments that she can see it, and Mineta replies that he is not talking about height. Pro Hero All Might, who uses One For All Quirk, appears behind Izuku. He told Izuku that he is here quietly and told him to spare him a moment. Pinky comments that those two are close. Ochoa reveals that All Might has been helping Deku practice since the school Festival.

Pinky thinks that Ochoa has a crush on Izuku. Ochoa accidentally uses her Quirk and float Pinky. Mineta warns Ochoa not to use her Quirk before the match. All Might talk with Izuku about his Quirk. He asks him if he has sensed anything strange in his Quirk. Izuku replies that nothing has happened since then. All Might reveals that he is planning to ask Gran Torino about it. Meanwhile, Momo is at hospital healing after overusing her Quirk. The doctor told her that she would be back to normal in 20 to 30 minutes.

She also told her that she should be thankful that her young body heals faster.  Vlad announces the location of the third battle, in the area two blocks east of the previous matches. The battle is about, to begin with, Tetsutetsu, who uses Quirk Steel. He is punching the steels, ready to start another battle. The battle begins, and he clashed with Todoroki Shoto. Tetsutestu told Todoroki to fight him with a bare fist, not with ice.

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8 Release Date

My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8 will release on Saturday, 8 May 2021, at 5:30 PM. You will be able to watch My Hero Academia online, AnimeLabCrunchyroll, and Funimation.

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