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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Chapter 79 Release Date: Grimoire Arbatel was Stashed

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou
Different species of monsters in Monster Musume

The existence of fabled creatures like centaurs, fairies, harpies, and lamaias has been kept a secret by the Japanese government for many years. Three years before the start of the book, the “Cross-species Intercultural Communication Act” was passed when the government acknowledged the existence of these creatures.

Since then, these beings, known as “liminals,” have assimilated into human civilization and are currently living with regular families, including au-pair visits and foreign exchange students, but they are also subject to additional responsibilities and limitations (the primary restrictions being that liminals and humans are restricted from hurting each other or having any kind of sexual intimacy).

Kimihito Kurusu is a typical student in Asaka, Saitama, who at first has no relation to the exchange program. However, when organizer Kuroko Smith unintentionally brings the extremely terrified and humiliated Miia to his door, he is unable to remove her and instead lets her stay, getting the benefit of his parents’ protracted absence.

As the narrative progresses, Kimihito encounters and shelters additional female liminals of various species. Some find their way to him more or less by chance, while others are pushed on him by Smith or just sneak into the house. Soon after moving into his new residence, Kimihito discovers himself in a stressful situation.

Where he must contend with his new roommates’ continuous overtures in affection and romance as well as the difficulties of assisting them in adjusting to life in general. The scenario changes when he learns that he would be required to marry one of the girls as a test case due to anticipated changes in the legislation governing human-liminal interactions, boosting the girls’ competitiveness for his attention.

But over time, other liminal ladies start to show interest in him and compete for his interest, much to Kimihito’s humiliation and the irritation of his housemates.

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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Chapter 78 Recap

A human boy and a Demon lord girl are preparing for exams in the classroom at Grimoire High School. However, the Demon lord girl passes the time by snapping selfies of herself, which prompts the boy to inquire after her. The Succubi asks him if he wishes her to stop, noting that it comes quite naturally to Succubi to take sensual photos.

The lad reveals that the Succubus girl invited him to go to the university in order to help her study, not because he wanted her to stop. The Succubus girl cheerfully responds, “The library is great for selfies,” though. When they both finish their studies, the boy proposes that she keep taking selfies.

The Succubus, amused by this, decides to ask the youngster if he wants to participate in the selfies. She continues by saying that she finds it endearing because the boy appears not to be attracted to her even though she has a feeling he is.

The lad nods after a little pause but shocks the Succubus girl by stating that he admires her for her diligence and work ethic rather than for the perception that all Succubi are attracted to sex. He claims that learning how much joy it is to instruct someone else came through studying with her.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou

The Monster Family

He continues by saying that he is extremely grateful to the Succubus girl because it was those classroom meetings with her that inspired him to pursue a career as a teacher. The Succubus girl, embarrassed and touched by his comments and emotions, quickly apologizes for making fun of him and informs him that they must study.

Unaware of them, they are being observed by a group of viewers who find the two to be endearing as a couple. Manako, in the meantime, has called the remainder of the MON team, with the exception of Tio, as well as Kimihito and his house gals (apart from Lala), in order to show them what she recently uncovered.

To their surprise, a sizable, secret archive is revealed when they enter a spacious chamber. Kimihito and Miia observe that all the books in the archive are romantic drama (rom-com) mangas as they browse around. Kimihito muses over the need for so many mangas in a school, and Zombina notices how similar this collection is to the library area in which the Grimoire Arbatel was stashed.

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Chapter 79 Release Date: Grimoire Arbatel was Stashed

Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou Chapter 79 Release Date: Grimoire Arbatel was Stashed on the 16th of  October 2022 for all the readers worldwide.

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Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou: Where to Read?

You can read Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou on Viz. It is the official publishing partner of this manga alongside many other renowned names in the anime and manga industry. 

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