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Summer Time Rendering Episode 24 Release Date: Major Traces Behind Ushio’s Death!

Summer Time Rendering Episode 10
Ushio's Clue For Shinpei

The whole year seems like the spring season for anime fans as the whole year is filled with so many surprises for anime lovers. We got to see our favorite characters on the screens even from the beginning of the year, and there were many surprises waiting for us in the last few months of the year as well. Not only the modern anime but the old classical hits are also ready to showcase on screens again, and fans are fully excited to enjoy the same fun as before. 

n the year full of awesome anime series, there’s a series called Summer Time Rendering which made a different spot in fans’ hearts and went with full swing. The series gained massive popularity with just 22 released episodes, and the 23rd episode is just around the corner.

As the 23rd episode is going to release soon and we are certain that fans’ would ask questions related to the 24th episode’s release date and spoilers, this is the reason we are covering this topic a bit earlier to keep updated our readers with all the things they need to know related to Summer Time Rendering episode 24.

Summer Time Rendering is a Japanese animated series featuring Shinpei Ajiro, who grew up with the Kofune sisters, Ushio and Mio. In adulthood, he had to move to Tokyo, but one fine day, he heard the news of Ushio’s death by drowning. He rushed to the isolated island and looked at Ushio’s body carefully. He couldn’t digest the fact that his sister had died by drowning. He also suspected the weird scars around her neck. Now, he must find the true reason behind Ushio’s death, and Mio is giving all the assistance to him. The series is filled with many twists and turns, and you shouldn’t miss this masterpiece for sure.

Summer Time Rendering Voice Cast:

Summer Time Rendering is a massive project, and the success of this project should go to the hardworking staff that made it possible. Some of the voice artists include Natsuki Hanae, who voiced Ajiro Shinpei, the major protagonist of the series. Ushio Kofune is voiced by Anna Nagase, whereas Mio Kofune is voiced by Saho Shirasu. Hizuru Minakata is voiced by Yoko Hikasa while So Hishigata is voiced by Kensho Ono.

Tokiko Hishigata is voiced by Maki Kawase, whereas Ginjiro Nezu is voiced by Jin Urayama. Masahito Karikiri is voiced by Katsuyuki Konishi, whereas Tetsu Totsumura is voiced by Yoji Ueda. Shiori Kobayakawa is voiced by Rie Kugimiya, and Seido Hishigata is voiced by Akio Otsuka.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 20 Release Date Details

Summer Time Rendering Episode 24 Release Date Details

Watanabe Ayumu manages the position of director, whereas Yajima Tetsuo handles the episode direction and storyboard. Seko Hiroshi is handling the script work and series composition, and Shikura Chiyomaru performed the theme song for the series. 

Summer Time Rendering Episode 24 Release Date:

Episode 24 of Summer Time Rendering is all set to release on 22 September 2022 for fans in Japan and also for most of the International audience. The raw format of the episode will release around 08:30 PM IST, and then the subbed version will be made available for International fans.

Summer Time Rendering Episode 19 - Recap

Shinpei’s determination

As the episode is very much afar at this point in time, It is not possible to predict the spoilers as of yet. In fact, we would only be able to predict the spoilers after watching the preview of the episode. Stay connected to us for major anime news and updates. We will definitely let you know if there will be any major news regarding the anime or episode itself.

How To Watch Summer Time Episode 24 Rendering Online?

Summer Time Rendering episode 24 will be available to stream on Disney+ in Japan. You can watch the past episodes of the series on the same platform as this is the only legal streaming provider of Summer Time Rendering as of now. The series is not yet available to stream on Crunchyroll either, so International fans might have to wait a while until the series releases on any global streaming service.

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