How Did Vincent Van Gogh Die? The Dutch Painter’s Cause Of Death Revealed

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Vincent Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh [ Credits- Wiki]

Curious to know how the Dutch painter died? Do you know who Vincent Van Gogh was? Have You Seen his paintings? The Dutch painter was born on March 30, 1853, to Theodorus Van Gogh, a protestant minister, and Cornelia Van Gogh in Zundert, Netherlands. Van Gogh suffered from psychotic episodes from a young age as he had to grow up in the shadow of his older brother, who died at birth.

Vincent got named after the stillborn baby his mother delivered before him. Vincent has created more than 1200 paintings over a decade, most of them were done by him during the last two years of his life. Vincent finished his graduation from the Royal Academy of Fine Arts and went for higher studies at Academie Royal Des Beaux-Arts. Vincent wasn’t smart during his school years. Thus, his mother always encouraged him to paint and draw.

Van Gogh has some notable work done which one may have heard of, including Sunflowers [ 1887], Bedroom in Arles [1888], The Starry Night [1889], Wheatfield With Crows [1890], and Sorrowing Old Man[1890]. Van Gogh was born in a middle-class family and had a relatively normal childhood. His parents loved Vincent. Vincent started his career as an art dealer and then further climbed up the ladder.

Van Gogh transferred to London once he became depressed and started to follow a religion to seek the peace of mind. Van Gogh had been admitted to several psychiatric hospitals for his depression and delusions. Society considered Van Gogh, a madman, and his artworks were commercially unsuccessful in life. Vincent had the image of a tragic painter with a troubled personality.

He did attain success later in life, and his paintings became one of the World’s most expensive paintings to be sold. As a child, Vincent was a thoughtful, smart, and serious child who was homeschooled for most of his life till he reached middle school. Van Gogh didn’t take care of his health due to depression. Thus he turned to alcohol for comfort.

Vincet Van Gogh
Vincent Van Gogh [ Credits- Wiki]
He wouldn’t eat anything for a long time. He was hospitalized in 1886 and got treated for syphilis. Over time he became run down and overworked due to his schedule. Van Gogh used different places he stayed in different periods to inspire his paintings. Vincent’s brother Theo was his biggest support system, motivating him to continue doing art.

 Vincent’s evolution was a little slow compared to other artists of the time. Van Gogh had his first exhibition in 1880, and his reputation grew from there. Returning Van Gogh’s death, the painter passed away in 1890. So it has been more than 100 years since he passed away, and the fan of the artist are still clueless about what happened to him. Was th artist ill, or did he commit suicide? 

Vincent Van Gogh’s Death: What Happened To The Artist?   

On July 29, 1890, Vincent Van Gogh passed away at 39, leaving everyone who knew him in shock. Do you think the artist died from an illness? The major reason behind Vincent’s sudden death was reported to be ailing mental health.

Vincent was believed to have shot himself in the chest with a 7 mm Lefaucheux pinier revolver, which was ruled out as an attempted suicide. Vincent didn’t have any witnesses at the time of his death and is believed to have shot himself in the wheat field where he had been previously painting.

There was no damage done to his internal organs of Vincent as the bullet passed through his chest after being deflected by his ribs. Vincent reached Auberge Ravoux after shooting himself and got tended by two doctors available at the time. The doctors tried their best, but the bullet wasn’t removed due to not having a surgeon present.

Theo visited his brother the next day, and Vincent lost his life after battling an infection from the untreated bullet wound. He got buried on July 30 in Auvers-sur-Oise, a municipal cemetery. Theo also lost his life within six months of his brother’s death. 

Vincent Van Gogh
Young Vincent Van Gogh [ Credits- Wiki]
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Vincent Arts

Several of Van Gogh’s well-known paintings were stolen during Nazi rule from 1933 to 1945. These artworks got stolen from several Jewish collectors who were killed or sent to concentration camps by the Nazis. There is a museum in the Museumplein named after Van Gogh in 1973. The museum became the second most famous museum in the Netherlands. Vincent also did a lot of still artwork and self-portraits. 

Vincent Van Gogh
The Starry Night By Vincent Van Gogh [ Credits- Wiki]
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