Did Kim Kardashian Damage The Historic Marilyn Monroe Dress?

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Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian

While Kim Kardashian has worn one of the most iconic Marilyn Monroe attires at this year’s Met Gala, there have been several speculations doing the rounds. The entire look gained mixed responses from all around the globe. Kim Kardashian recently came under fire after it was alleged that the television star has caused some serious damage to their dress!

However, a US museum has denied any such claims about the iconic Marilyn Monroe gown being left damaged after Kim Kardashian wore it at the Met Gala last month. An expert has pointed out that repairing the dress might cost tens of thousands of dollars, also because the fabric isn’t made anymore.

Ripley’s Believe It or Not Has Addressed The Allegation

The claim was further supported by a few recent images that appear to show the stretched fabric and missing crystals from the dress. Marilyn Monroe wore this stunning dress when she sang Happy Birthday to President Kennedy back in 1962.

The gown’s owner, Ripley’s Believe It or Not, has admitted that they were careful and that a “calculated risk” was made in allowing the dress to be worn and further assured that the dress is not damaged “in any way”. Ripley’s vice-president of publishing and licensing, Amanda Joiner, has stated that right from the bottom of the Met steps, where Kim got into the dress, to the top where it was returned, the dress was in the same condition it started in.

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian with Pete Davidson at Met Gala 2022

Mr. Scott Fortner, who has curated his private collection of Marilyn Monroe artefacts, has called out Ripley as they allowed Kim Kardashian to wear the dress. Further called it “irresponsible” and motivated by “publicity”. He further explained how the dress is a significant piece of American culture, celebrity culture, political culture and is probably the most famous gown in the world and the most expensive. Fortner also pointed out that Kim Kardashian should not be criticized for the damage, as it was the museum’s responsibility to care for the gown.

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