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Is Michelle Rotella Pregnant? The Meteorologist Sparks Expecting Rumors

Michelle Rotella

Is Michelle Rotella pregnant? Yes, we are talking about NBC10’s meteorologist, who has recently been sparking pregnancy rumors. Well, it also calls for the discussion of Michelle’s marriage life.  Starting from the basics, Michelle Rotella has a long-time experience in weather tracking and reporting. To be more precise, it has been for more than 14 years. Born on 8 October 1987, Michelle is now 35 years old. She hails from Gaithersburg, Maryland, United States. 

It’s not like she has been associated with NBC10 for years. Last year, in July, Michelle joined the same. During an interview, she shared her enjoyment and love of educating, communicating, and connecting with the community. Talking more about Michelle Rotella, who previously served as the senior broadcast meteorologist at AccuWeather. Heard about FOX5? She also worked there. 

Apart from dealing with the weather for the Greater Philadelphia region, Michelle Rotella’s other interests include golfing and fishing.  Coming back to Michelle Rotella’s pregnancy, the meteorologist seems to be healthier than before. This eventually fueled the rumors of her expecting a baby. Well, who is her husband? If you are looking for whether Michelle Rotella is pregnant, here is what we know. 

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Michelle Rotella Pregnant: How True Is That?

Yes. Michelle Rotella is pregnant. In other words, we may say that the NBC10 meteorologist Michelle is now expecting her first child. It was at the end of 2022, more precisely in November, that Michelle Rotella officially announced the news of her pregnancy. So, it’s not any rumor but the truth. Congratulations! Being a daily viewer of her live broadcasts, it feels great to learn the news. Isn’t it?

Even on 2022 Christmas Day, Michelle posted a picture of her in front of the big sparkling tree, cradling her baby bump. So, she has started this year with so much hope and positivity. During the same time, she and her husband posed it with a frame mentioning that her due date is in June 2023. 

Is Michelle Rotella Pregnant

Michelle Rotella is pregnant with her first child, showcasing her intruding baby bump

Both are excited to start their new family. It said, “Our family is growing.” How exciting and happening does it feel for the soon-to-be parents to announce it? Who is Michelle Rotella’s husband? Is he also associated with the weather reporting profession? Well, Michelle Rotella is hitched to Mike. Their intimate wedding ceremony took place in July 2021. He is originally called Michael Vojtko, who initially worked as a news producer. Also, he hails from Pennsylvania. Nothing much about him is known, though. 

It was in January 2019 when Mike took the initiative and proposed to Michelle. After so many years of their togetherness, now, the couple has finally worked on extending their family. It’s such great news! 

Looking at how Mike sometimes appears on Michelle’s social media, it seems like he is a loving husband. We believe he is taking care of Michelle. It’s been a few months that she has been pregnant, and it’s indeed a delicate period for her. 

Both Michelle and Mike are experiencing parenthood for the very first time. Along with their excitement, there is nervousness too. And it’s quite normal. What do you say? 

Is Michelle Rotella Pregnant

Michelle Rotella and her husband, Mike

Being a mother is not an easy task. Now, Michelle seems to be focusing more on her health, which is a great sign. She seems to be ready enough to welcome her baby into the world, with so much love and positivity. 

Knowing the news of Michelle Rotella’s pregnancy, her fans showered her with immense blessings and love. Best Wishes to Michelle Rotella for the upcoming days of her life. You may give Michelle a following on her Instagram account for more updates. Hoping Michelle is in a good health now! 

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