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Sonic 2 Announced – New Teaser Hints At Tails And More Of A Video Game Influence

Sonic fans rejoice! The sequel has been announced and is officially titled Sonic The Hedgehog 2. The announcement came in the form of a short video, and we also were able to catch on some other amazing news as well. The video reveals the logo for the movie, and the number 2 is yellow and has 2 tails sticking out from the end of it. Die-hard Sonic fans know what this means. Yes, Tails is going to be in the movie!

Miles “Tails” Prower is a mechanically minded twin tail fox. He’s very cute and is an iconic part of the Sonic franchise. This announcement has the Sonic fan community going crazy, and this seems to be the shot at redemption for Paramount.

Sonic 2

Sonic Still from Sonic The Hedgehog 2

We had already seen a little nod to Tails coming up in future movies in the first film itself. but this teaser just confirms everything. but that isn’t all to it. The music playing behind the teaser is very much recognizable. It’s a remix of the Emerald Hill Zone theme, which would mean that this movie would be taking heavy reference to the video game. So if our assumptions are correct, then Tails won’t be the only one that is going to be making an entrance; we might see some of the other characters as well.

Not just characters, but if the movie is going to be more game based it would change the story completely. For the first movie, we saw stuff that was real-world based, not Sonic world based. Now for this, a video game story would be so much more exciting and perfect.

The First Movie

Sonic 1

The first controversial design of Sonic.

Paramount Pictures came under fire for the first movie because of how they depicted the iconic character. The trailer showed a Sonic that had almost nothing similar to its video game counterpart. Fans were outraged by this depiction and took the internet to show their emotions.

The outrage started gathering traction. From petitions to all-out hate towards the company, this was one of the biggest fan outrages in recent times. The topic was trending everywhere, and the company had no other option but to correct what they did wrong. They pushed back the release of the movie and completely reworked the character’s design. People and fans all around were so happy about this initiative from the company, Paramount took the criticism from fans correctly and decided to write what they did wrong.

After a few silent months, the new trailer was released with the all-new Sonic. Now, this design gave the original Sonic all the respect it deserved. People were so happy that the company understood their mistake and also did their best to correct it. it must have cost them a ton of money for the extra work and hours they had to put in to completely rework the movie. The companies work had paid off. Sonic became one of the biggest movies in 2020; it did wonders in theatres and was a huge success. Now let’s get back to the topic at hand, the sequel.

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Who is ‘Tails’

Let’s learn a little more about this iconic character. Tails are our Sonics best friend, and you can even call him his trusty sidekick. The two are what you call 2 peas in a pod. The duo is so iconic, and they just represent years of amazing games. This character is the second most recurring character. He was so well received that the character sparked more spin-offs, comics, films, and even video games. His most unique trait is the fact that this cute little thing can fly.


Tails Still from Sonic The Hedgehog 2 teaser

Yes, you heard us right. This creature, with its multiple tails, can fly by making it spin at great speeds. So not only is he fast, but he also can fly. Another best thing about TAils is his personality. He is so sweet and loving, with his very cute design, we can’t help but fall in love with this character.

This little adorable fox was bullied and picked on for being a little different from others. Sonic was the first to accept him for what he was. Sonic saw the powers and talent Tails possessed and took him on as his best friend. This sparked confidence in young Tails, and that is how they share such an amazing bond.

Sonic 2 Release Date

Sonic The Hedgehog 2 is set to hit theatres on April 8th, 2022. Let’s get ready for some Sonic and Tails action!

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