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Political Drama: Madam Chief Minister Starring Richa Chadda

Many times in life, you may have come across a situation where to need to give some money in the form of a bribe to a person in order to get your work done. Even though you know it is ethically wrong, but it seems you can’t do anything because you are sitting at the last layer of this giant antic pyramid where if you don’t go with the flow, then you won’t get your work done, values don’t dominate here. In this situation many of us might think of changing the system, like some of us may think that if I become Chief Minister or Prime Minister, I would definitely end this trait.

The film Madam Chief Minister is also based on a similar story of a lady who had been facing various wrath due to the corruption that is going on in the system and decides to takes on the charge and tries to eliminate it by contesting the election for becoming Chief Minister. In the past, a film starring Anil Kapoor  Nayak film, which was also based on a similar storyline where he becomes Chief Minister for a day or so and changes the entire system of the bursary in the state.

Richa Chadda Starring Political Drama- Madam Chief Minister

Richa Chadda Starring Political Drama- Madam Chief Minister

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Cast & Plot Details

The lead cast of the film Madam Chief Minister is Richa Chadda as Tara Roopram, Manav Kaul as Danish Khan, Saurabh Shukla as Master Surajbhan, Akshay Oberoi as Indramani Tripathi, Nikhil Vijay as Bablu, Subhrajyot Barat as Arvind Singh, Shreya Awasthi as Dr. Laxmi, Nikhil Vijay as Bablu, Raviza Chauhan as Shashi Rai, Sushil Shukla as Ansari, Raj Vardhan Pandey as the killer, Balaram Das as Sundar and Sangam Bahuguna as Khushwaha.

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As mentioned above, the story of a lady who finds that she always faces hindrance in the corruption-filled offices in order to get her work done. She later determines to end this wrongdoing in the society and, in that course, enters mainstream politics and starts the journey of becoming the Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh. The film has already been released, and it didn’t have that expected amount of buzz because some of them complained that the story was loosely knit. Well, the reviews on the various platforms too said many things about the story and plot of the film because these types of films had already been released in the industry in the past, as mentioned above one like Nayak. While Richa’s fans loved her performance in the film, and that certainly makes a reason to give the film a watch.

The story seems very touching because corruption is everywhere around us, sometimes we are in that cycle where we are not directly contributing to it, but indirectly we are also a part of it. To eliminate this evil is very difficult, and many times we just think about the ways to get rid of it, and the story of the film follows with it for the Madam Chief Minister, the film has been directed by Subhash Kapoor. It was only last year when the makers of the film made the official announcement of the film, and the movie was started to go with its procedure from February 12, 2020.

Madam Chief Minister – Release Date

The film has been released on January 22, 2021, soon after theatres started opening all across the country. The average rating of the film has been somewhere around 3 stars out of 5. The film has everything about politics and the thrilling crime that comes with it. Madam Chief Minister has completed the shooting work in just 40 days, and the film came into headlines after this. The move of releasing this film pandemic seems wrong for them because till now, the box office collection of the movie is Rs 0.5 million, which tough is an estimated figure but still fits low. The makers also didn’t go for the OTT release of the film has not to face the thing of postponement because the film has been shot and wrapped up in just 40 days.

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