Preview and Recap: Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 5

The latest updates on preview of Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 5

All the fans are pretty much excited for the Chicago Fire season 9 episode 5 release date after a marvelous fourth episode comprising a lot of funny things premiered last week. The Chicago Fire season 9 would reach new heights this week as Eamonn Walker will start his new assignment in season 5. In the last week’s episode titled “Funny What Things Remind Us” we saw that Boden and Kelly Severide (Taylor Kinney) join their hands to investigate the mysterious case of the man who was found inside a doomed home.

Also, the coming week’s episode will be too bad for two of the members of the Chicago firehouse 51 which is a kind of official leak from NBC who shared the synopsis regarding the new episode. Episode 5 of the Chicago Fire season 9 is titled “My Lucky Day” which is probably enough to describe that it will bring a lot of bad luck for David Eigenberg in Christopher Herrmann and Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz. Both the officers of firehouse 51 are trapped in an elevator while rescuing women. 

If you are a fan of Chicago Fire, then this article is a must-read material as you must be eagerly waiting for its launch across all networks. We will be discussing the preview of the Chicago Fire Season 9 in this article. Let us first discuss a small highlight of the Chicago Fire season 9 episode 4 if you have unfortunately missed it. 

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 4 Recap

In episode 4 (Funny What Things Remind Us) we saw the first big story of Boden where the chief is stranded alone on a new special investigation or assignment. We also saw that Sylvie Brett (Kara Killmer) and Mathew Casey (Jesse Spencer) don’t take a long time to find different love interests as they have called off their relationship. Here is what all the fans and audience of the Chicago Fire season 9 would love to know about episode 4.

Who Is The Mystery Man?

The fourth episode of the Chicago Fire season 9 starts with a magnificent severe-ride into the deep shower, which is weird for Miranda Rae Mayo as Stella Kidd decides to point this start quite strange. She is also not satisfied with how he could not help her with her pending exams. 

Later in the common room, we saw Brett and Casey sharing some calm and polite greetings amongst each other. They later find out that they will be taking charge as Boden is off early today to clear the higher-ups’ stranded buildings. He also added that the sever-ride volunteers would be helping him in the process, which also kinds lift Stella’s irritation. However, her pique doesn’t last long as the fire station has the first call of the week. A billboard has fallen from a truck on a car that has trapped the car’s driver. 

Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 5 Release Date, Preview and Recap
Chicago Fire Season 9 Characters.

The driver inside the car also lets the rescue team know that he is safe. Meanwhile, Stella also charms Casey by making a small joke about working in the strip club which the billboard advertising represented. On the other hand Christian Stolte in as Mouch is clearing-off the debris from the car he starts a discussion with another close-firefighter Chuck Rutledge whose lieutenant Brett is quite interested in walking away from her exams. 

In the meantime, at the fire-house, Stella is quite interested to know from Mouch on about what is wrong with Chuck. Later Mouch tells him a prank that Chuck once stole a chair from another firehouse where he asked another guy to take over his charge. The next scene from the Chicago Fire takes us to the Sever-ride, where Boden finds that there is someone in one of the condemned buildings. Boden finds a man in a condemned building who is very angry as he has fallen from the staircase. Boden asks his name to which he responds with a number: 24198. Now, this is quite weird for both Sever-ride and Boden which they have to solve. 

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Chicago Fire Season 9 Episode 5 Preview

Suppose you guys remember that we previously discussed that Christopher Hermann and Joe Cruz are caught inside the elevator when their efforts of saving the trapped man went in vain. It is clearly evident that the show’s prime plot is to save all the people trapped inside the elevator, and this is the time for the arrival of the natural heroes. 

One of the quite strange things which have happened with the mysterious episode is this is the time first time when the official streaming platform has not shown interest in sharing details about the sub-plot or the preview of the show. We cracked the official synopsis from NBC which excels in providing information about some shows. Why have the official creators not provided the sub-plot is the biggest point of concern for all the fans? Are they eyeing for a one-hour special? or they are shifting stories in the Chicago fire season 9 episode 5? 

Although Hermann’s ideas are changing as he is stuck inside the elevator, which will at least entertain one Chicago fan, David Eigenberg is trapped in the elevator, which means there will be no field day for him who also frustrates Hermann. 

Chicago Fire Season 9 Release Date And Promo

The fifth episode of the Chicago Fire season 9 will launch as usual on NBC at 9 PM on February 3, 2021. In the official promo, we can clearly see that firehouse 51 is an emergency call to save all the people stuck inside an elevator inside a ten-story apartment where Hermann and Cruz are trapped inside an elevator without any communications with the external world. We have also attached the official promo of the Chicago Fire season 9 which is mentioned below.

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