20 K-pop Artists That Conquered Twitter In The Year 2021!

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Most Tweeted K-pop
Most Tweeted K-pop

There is no doubt that K-pop groups are one of the most tweeted about people in the world! From topping charts that were mostly dominated by western artists to breaking records set by Michael Jackson, the K-pop industry is breaking barriers with its meaningful music and amazing choreographies. This is why when Twitter released their data on the 26th of January, which revealed that there were  7.8 Billion tweets about K-Pop in the past year, no one seemed to be surprised.

Moreover, the number of Tweets had seen a rise from the year 2020, when the number was 6.7 billion. Although the K-pop phenomenon has the entire globe wrapped around its fingers, countries like Indonesia, the Philippines, South Korea, Thailand, the United States, Mexico, Malaysia, Brazil, India, and Japan were responsible for a large number of tweets about K-Pop. While we are all aware of the big names like BTS, Blackpink, EXO, and SHINEE in the K-pop industry, this year a 4th Generation K-Pop group has made it to the 3 in the most tweeted about K-Pop Artists in 2021 list. If you want to find out whether your favorite is on the list, keep on reading!

20. SHINee

In 2021, SHINee was the only 2nd Generation K-Pop Boy Group to make it to the 20 most tweeted about K-Pop artists in the 2021 list. For those of you who do not know, SHINee is considered to be the best live-vocal K-pop group in the entire industry. They are also recognized for their complex dance moves, which have brought them the Best Dance Performance Award year after year.

Moreover, SHINee fans were blessed with a comeback after nearly two and a half years of drought. The K-pop sensations released their 7th Korean Studio album, Don’t Call Me, which was released in the February of 2021. And to no one’s surprise, the album topped the Gaon Album Charts and even sold 250,000 copies which earned them a Platinum certification from KMCA (Korean Music Content Association). Fans could not stop tweeting about how great the album was.

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
SHINee cr: SM Entertainment

19. Red Velvet

One of the few K-Pop girl groups to make it to the 20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021 list is Red Velvet. Red Velvet is a five-membered girl group that debuted in 2015 and is known for its diverse music range and concepts. The ‘Red’ in their represents the cutesy vibe, and the ‘velvet’ is a representation of the darker concepts. 2021 was a big year for Red Velvet and their fans as it marked the return of the girl group after a year-long hiatus owing to the main vocalist Wendy’s injury.

In August of 2021, Red Velvet blessed its fans with their sixth Korean EP named Queendom, and with its success, the group proved that the K-Pop industry is their Queendom. Moreover, 2021 was also the year when Joy and Wendy debuted as solo artists with their EP’s Hello and Like Water, respectively. On the other hand, Seulgi was busy with her own radio show and even released a song titled ‘Who are You?’ with GOT7’s Bambam. Red Velvet rightfully owned 2021!

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
Red Velvet cr: SM Entertainment


If anyone has had a busy 2021, it’s MONSTA X and their fans. The K-Pop boy group did not give its fans a moment of peace, releasing a Japanese album, multiple EPs, and also their second English Studio Album. Adding to that, the group also released a documentary named Monsta X: The Dreaming, which consists of exclusive interviews of members talking about MONSTA X’s six-year-long journey. Furthermore, MONSTA X is widely recognized for its intense style. Their music is a beautiful mixture of hip-hop, EDM, and Pop. It does not end there, MONSTA X also joined iHeartRadio’s Jingle Ball Tour and performed in Philadelphia, Washington D.C, Atlanta, and Miami. With all this hard work, it is no shock that MONSTA X made it to the most tweeted about K-Pop artists in 2021 list.

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
Monsta X cr: Starship Entertainment


The South Korean K-Pop boy group ASTRO had one hell of a successful year in 2021. ASTRO received its Mnet music show win, and their album ‘All Yours‘ was certified platinum by the Gaon Charts. Furthermore, ASTRO also released their eighth EP, ‘Switch On‘, which was also certified platinum by Gaon. In 2021, Fantagio also confirmed that MJ will be making a solo debut with a semi-trot single. He also won SBS’s The Trot Show making him the first idol ever to come first place at The Trot Show. ASTRO rightfully deserved to be on the Top 20 most tweeted about K-Pop Artists in the year 2021.

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
Astro cr: Fantagio Entertainment

16. ITZY

This 4th Generation K-Pop Girl Group has been making headlines with all its achievements. After debuting in 2019 under JYP Entertainment, ITZY has won Rookie Of The Year at the 34th Golden Disc Awards, New Artist Of The Year at the 9th Gaon Chart Music Awards, 2019 Melon Music Awards, and the New Artist Award at the 29th Seoul Music Awards. All these achievements have made ITZY the only Kpop Girl Group to receive a Rookie Grand Slam. In the year 2021, ITZY released their very first Korean Studio Album, ‘Crazy In Love‘, which earned the 11th spot Billboard 200. ITZY’s talent is truly exceptional!

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
ITZY cr: JYP Entertainment

15. iKON

Debuting in 2015, iKON has stayed true to its name by remaining IKONic. Furthermore, iKON is a K-Pop boy group under YG Entertainment, consisting of six members. Their song ‘Love Scenario,‘ which topped the Gaon Digital Chart for six consecutive weeks, is also still stuck in our heads. Any track, EP, or album that is released by iKON not only becomes a commercial success but is also a musical masterpiece. In 2021, iKON released ‘Why, Why, Why’ and participated in Kingdom: Legendary War, which is basically a competition show between already debuted and successful K-Pop boy groups. Their performances on the show had fans tweeting about how talented they are every single second!

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
iKON cr: YG Entertainment

14. aespa

The 4th Generation K-Pop girl group Aespa took 2021 to the next level with their hit single ‘Next Level’. Furthermore, aespa is a four-membered K-Pop girl group that debuted under SM Entertainment in the year 2020. Despite being fairly new, the K-Pop girl group is a regular on the Gaon Charts as well as the Billboard World Digital Song Sales. The group also won not one but two Daesang in 2021 at the Asia Artist Awards and 2021 Melon Music Awards. All hail aespa!

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
aespa cr: SM Entertainment


It is safe to say that 2021 belonged to the 4th Generation of K-Pop groups. Another 4th generation K-Pop boy group that made it to the 20 most tweeted about K-Pop artist in 2021 is THE BOYZ. Furthermore, THE BOYZ released their first Japanese debut album ‘Breaking Dawn‘ in the year 2021. They also participated in the competition show ‘Kingdom: The Legendary War‘. However, it was the release of their sixth Extended Play titled ‘Thrill-ing’ that brought them five music award show wins. THE BOYZ did not stop there and released their third Korean studio album ‘Maverick‘ in November. Fans of THE BOYZ could not be any happier!

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
THE BOYZ cr: IST Entertainment


The K-Pop Boy Group GOT7 consisting of Jackson Wang, Bambam, Yugyeom, Jinyoung, Youngjae, and Jay B left JYP Entertainment in 2021. Although the group did not renew its contract with JYP Entertainment, they have not disbanded. In the year 2021, GOT7 released a heartwarming single along with a music video titled ‘Encore‘ on their new YouTube channel. Apart from the music video, the members of GOT7 got together for a hilarious vlive. Other than that, all GOT7 members are busy with their solo careers. Although, Bambam has repeatedly been dropping hints that the group is getting ready to make a comeback. So let’s keep our fingers crossed!

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021


If there is one group that deserves discussion, it is TWICE. The nine membered girl group under JYP Entertainment is continuously working hard, blessing fans with one comeback after another. Moreover, in 2021 TWICE released its first single in the English language, which was titled ‘The Feels‘. The Feels went on rank at 83 in Billboard Hot 100. Additionally, TWICE also released its third Korean Studio album titled ‘Formula Of Love=O+T=<3’, which won the third spot on Billboard 200. TWICE is currently on its fourth world tour, ‘III’ which was announced on November 15. Moreover, TWICE is the only K-Pop group whose fans have been asking them to get a break because of the continuous workload. We are sure TWICE would still be on the 20 most tweeted about K-Pop artists even if they decided to get a break.

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
TWICE cr: JYP Entertainment


Another 4th Generation K-Pop Boy Group that saw a major rise in popularity this year is Stray Kids. For those of you who are not aware, Stray Kids is an eight-membered K-Pop boy group under JYP Entertainment. In 2021, the group released its second studio album titled Noeasy in August, which topped the Billboard World Digital Song Sales. The album sold over 1.1 million copies which also led them to be certified million by the KMCA. Moreover, the group is known for its strong rap line and having catchy songs that will be stuck in your head. Stray Kids has paved its way to the top 20 most tweeted about K-Pop artists in 2021.

20 Most Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
Stray Kids cr: JYP Entertainment


Consisting of eight members, ATEEZ is another highly successful K-Pop boy group that has risen to popularity in a short time. Moreover, the group is also known as the leader of the 4th Generation Of K-Pop. Furthermore, ATEEZ also participated in the competition show ‘Kingdom: The Legendary War’. In 2021, ATEEZ released multiple chart topping EP’s and is currently on its third world tour. ATEEZ is known for its difficult choreography. In 2020, it was on the 10th position in the top 20 most tweeted about K-Pop artists.

20 MOst Tweeted About K-Pop Artists in 2021
Ateez cr: KQ Entertainment


The eight most tweeted about K-pop group was none other than SEVENTEEN. SEVENTEEN had been on a roll in the year 2021. The boy group had made its US Television Debut on ‘The Late Late Night Show With James Cordon’. The group had also released its third Japanese single ‘Not Alone’ which has obtained official double-platinum certification from RIAJ after selling over 500,000 copies. Their latest release was the Japanese special single Power Of Love which marked the end of their Power Of Love Project.

Most Tweeted Kpop
SEVENTEEN cr: Pledis Entertainment


The sixth most-tweeted K-pop group is TREASURE! The fantastic K-pop group had released a Japanese album with all of their songs in Japanese. Not to mention, they even had a ‘private stage’ which had been named Teu-day. Although not many could attend the fan meeting due to COVID-19 guidelines, the whole fan meet was streamed live in over 100 countries! And after a long time, Treasure is gearing up for a February comeback this year. This comeback they will be a prelude to The Second Step. Get ready to be blown away by TRESURE’s skills once again this comeback!

Most tweeted kpop
TREASURE cr: YG Entertainment

6. TXT

It comes as no surprise that TXT is one of the most tweeted about K-pop groups of 2021. From MC Soobin to Yeonjun Artist Of The Month Performance and him opening an Instagram account, 2021 was one memorable year for MOAs. It was an iconic as well as a very successful year for TXT. From releasing their first Japanese studio album, Still Dreaming to releasing their second studio album The Chaos Chapter: Freeze, there was no stopping TXT last year!

Most tweeted kpop
TXT cr: HYBE Labels


The only girl group that reached the TOP 10 most tweeted about K-pop groups was BLACKPINK. Even though the group did not have a comeback last year, they still have been going strong. 2021 would not have been complete without the solo releases of BLACKPINK members Rosé’s On The Ground and Gone and Lisa’s Lalisa and Money. Don’t forget about BLACKPINK’s eldest member Jisoo’s spectacular performance in Disney+ Hotstar’s Snowdrop.

Most tweeted kpop
BLACKPINK cr: YG Entertainment

4. EXO

After a long-time EXO finally had quenched fans’ thirst by releasing their seventh extended play Don’t Fight The Feeling. The members even made a solo comeback as well as debuts! Baekhyun released his third extended play Bambi, D.O after being discharged from the military made his solo debut with the EP Empathy, Kai released his second extended play, Peaches. The fact that many members will be discharged from the military this year makes fans even more excited!

Most tweeted kpop
EXO cr: SM Entertainment

3. Enhypen

Enhypen is the only fourth-generation kpop group that made it to the Top 5! It would not be an exaggeration to say that 2021 was Enhypen’s year. From getting their first-ever music show last year to MC Sunghoon, Enhypen gave their fans endless content. Let us see what the kpop group has in store for us this year!

Most tweeted K-pop
Enhypen cr: BE:LIFT Lab

2. NCT

Believe it or not, fans got NCT fans got a whole OT23 group project last year! The mega-popular group released their third studio album titled Universe, which includes 13 songs. With the power of NCT, the pre-orders for Universe surpassed 1.7 million pre-orders breaking the group’s previous record. Let us hope we get a whole group comeback this year too!

Most Tweeted Kpop
NCT cr: SM Entertainment

1. BTS

BTS had swept everyone away with their smooth like butter dance moves and out-of-the-world songs. They even had four concerts in Los Angele, all tickets sold out! The BTS members even surprised ARMYs by opening their own Instagram accounts feeding fans with more hilarious and amazing content!

Most tweeted kpop
BTS cr: HYBE Labels

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