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What Happened To George Wassouf? Explained

What Happened To George Wassouf?
George Wassouf

The Syrian-Lebanese singer George Wassouf is one of the best and every Arab’s listener favorite singers. However, here, we shall see what has happened to George Wassouf. George has amassed a sizable following through his work, friends, and family over the course of his career. He has formed several enduring relationships both with his family and with those in the industry.

He has given the music business so many incredible tunes, and he is still going strong. Allah Kareem, Shoukran, Best of Wassouf, Kesert Koul El Nass, Shtaanelak, Sa7i El Leil, Kalamak Ya Habibi, and a great deal more are just a few of his numerous albums and songs. “Byetkallem Aalaya” was his latest release.

The musician recently experienced a sad loss, which had a negative impact on both his health and himself. We will go over what we already know. So, without any further ado, let’s dig in deeper to get to know about what really happened to George Wassouf.

Who Is George Wassouf?

George Wassouf a.k.a. Sultan El-Tarab is a Syrian singer who was born in Kafroun, Syria on 23 December 1961. He began to sing at the very young age of ten, was discovered by George Yazbeck at the age of twelve, and has been singing ever since. He is a well-known artist in the Arab world and has been in the profession for more than 40 years.

George Wassouf's Personal Life

Syrian singer George Wassouf

Over 30 albums have now been released by Wassouf, and he has also sold more than 60 million copies all across the world which is a huge number. But then in 1980, at the age of 19, he became well-known after being featured on the Lebanese program Studio El Fan. He is signed to numerous record labels for his incredible work.

George Wassouf’s Personal Life

George Wassouf married Shalimar, his first wife in 1982, at the age of 21 with whom he has three children named Wadih Wassouf, Hatem Wassouf, and George Jr. Wassouf. However, the couple split after long 28 years of marriage in 2009. He then wed Nada Zeidan; they were divorced in 2016 and had a daughter together, Oyoon.

What Happened To George Wassouf?

George Wassouf had the worst start in 2023. Nothing is more devastating than a parent losing his child, and George Wassouf has been going through this. He lost his son whom he was immensely close to. At the end of 2022, George’s oldest son Wadih Wassouf required hospitalization due to his poor health. He needed to have a gastric bypass.

On December 27, 2022, the son of the music legend entered a hospital in Lebanon; nevertheless, the situation deteriorated and intestinal bleeding occurred. Later, he required the transfer of blood units but he was at risk. Although doctors at the time regarded the treatment as effective, it ultimately failed.

However, Wadih passed away on January 6, 2023, at the age of 39. The family posted about the death on Facebook. The news came as a shock to everyone and it was indeed heartbreaking. Numerous celebrities sent their condolences and tributes to George and his family. 

George Wassouf's Bad Condition

George Wassouf with his late son Wadih Wassouf

Wadih’s Crematorium

After the prayers and some ceremony in St. Elias Church, Wadih was laid to rest in his family graveyard in the Syrian village of Kafroun. The burial service was held on Saturday from 12 to 6 pm at Mar Nicola Greek Orthodox Church in Achrafieh. However, the prayers will be conducted in Achrafieh on Saturday, January 14.

George Wassouf’s Bad Condition

For George Wassouf, this is the worst possible time. Reports stated that he was hospitalized after tumbling down in the wake of the devastating news of his son’s death. He had a tremendous panic attack. The year could not have begun on a worse one for him because he was very close to his son, whom he had lost.

George’s devotion to his son was apparent in everything he had done throughout his life, including the several songs he had written for his son and the bond he shared with him during his musical career. 

We pray and ask the almighty to provide Wadih’s soul with eternal peace and strength for the entire family to get through this terrible period. Thus, this was all about what really happened to George Wassouf.

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