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Lucky Hank Episode 1: Release Date, Time & Streaming Guide

Lucky Hank Episode 1
A still from the Lucky Hank Episode 1 (Credits: AMC)

The Lucky Hank Episode 1 release date is what fans are hoping to know. The series has recently been announced by the creators and is making a lot of waves among fans who would love to watch content from the comedy and drama genre.

The series takes its major inspiration from the 1997 novel called Straight Man written by author Richard Russo. AMC has commissioned the show for its network for the spring schedule. The series is set to throw light on the life of a man named William Henry Devereaux.

He is getting old, and everything is just giving him a mid-life crisis. He works the form of an interim chairman of the English Department, which is located at the fictional West Central Pennsylvania University in Railton. Throughout the series, we can expect to see some of the most comical moments from the life of this ordinary man who probably will lead a normal life for the rest of his days.

There are some moments from the book that fans love a lot. Some of it includes seeing William hiding in the rafters after the faculty has agreed to remove him from the post. It is because the department is cutting the budget off for his area. Thus, in order to threaten them, he declares a warning saying he is going to kill a goose in the campus pond every day until they get enough money to pay his sector off.

Lucky Hank Episode 1 Release Date & Streaming Guide

A still of Bob Odenkirk as William from Lucky Hank Episode 1 (Credits: AMC)

Lucky Hank – Development and Cast

Other themes in the series will witness the working of this institution among other students who are coming here to study for the same. There will be romantic developments as well, where we shall witness academics in the lead.

The students and faculty will have generous interaction with each other we are even going to witness some of them trying to flirt with each other. All in all, it will be a huge chaotic mess which is beautiful at the same time.

AMC talked about developing this series back in April of 2022. Aaron Zelman, as well as Paul Lieberstein are the showrunners of the series, where we also see Bob Odenkirk the form of an executive producer of the same while also being a cast member.

The first season of the show was said to have 8 episodes in total. This means that we may expect a possibility of a second season ahead of the release of the first one even. Coming right to the cast info, there are many confirmed characters for the same.

In the lead, we will witness Bob Odenkirk reprising the role of William Henry Devereaux Junior. Then Mirelle Enos enacts the character of Lily Devereaux. Olivia Scott Welch does the part of Julie. Diedrich Bader reprises the role of Tony Conigula. Sara Amini enacts the character of Meg Quigley. Then we have Cedric Yarbrough doing the part of Paul Rourke. Suzanne Cyer reprises the role of Gracie DuBois.

Lucky Hank Episode 1 Release Date

Lucky Hank Episode 1 release date is on 19 March 2023. It will drop out on AMC and AMC Plus at 11 PM Eastern Time. New episodes will thus start releasing every week on Sundays from this point.

How to Watch Lucky Hank Episode 1 Online?

Lucky Hank Episode 1 will be available to watch live through AMC when the episode airs on TV. Later, it will be available to stream from the AMC Plus platform. As for international fans, they will need to be careful about the time zones.

  • India – 8.30 AM Indian Standard Time (20 March 2023)
  • Europe – 4 AM Greenwich Mean Time (20 March 2023)
  • Australia – 2 PM Australian Eastern Daylight Time (20 March 2023)
  • USA – 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (19 March 2023)
  • Canada – 11 PM Eastern Standard Time (19 March 2023)

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