Who Is Lauren Boebert Dating? The Mystery Man Spotted

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Lauren Boebert Dating
Who Is Lauren Boebert Dating? (Credits: YouTube)

Who is Lauren Boebert Dating? American politician, activist, and businesswoman Lauren Boebert has been a part of politics as the US representative as Congress’ 3rd congressional district. Lauren has come under fire for her statements and her remarks on things like same-sex marriage, abortion, and other societal issues.

Lauren Boebert registered to vote in 2006 as a Democrat; however, in 2008, she changed that to being a Republican. The political figure recently made headlines after she was asked to leave a theatre after she was allegedly caught vaping. Let us find out who Lauren Boebert is dating. 

Who Is Lauren Boebert Dating?

Lauren Boebert is reportedly dating Quinn Gallagher. The mystery man who has recently been romantically linked with Lauren is known to be a bar owner who has staged a winter Wonderland Burlesque & Drag Show. The alleged couple were recently seen getting all cosy and frisky while they were witnessing a performance of Beetlejuice and the Buell Theater in Colorado.

Lauren Boebert Dating
Who Is Lauren Boebert Dating? (Credits: YouTube)

However, this newest news has put the political figure under fire as she had earlier taken to social media and asked people not to take their kids to drag shows. Not only that, but she is known to make a few similar statements as well. Now, people are pointing out the differences in her personal and professional life.

Star Trek star George Takei has taken a shot at Boebert as he took to social media and stated that Rep. Lauren Boebert urged parents to take their kids to church and not to drag shows and not to drag shows.

Takei further added that he had enough of their hypocritical moralizing as they have no standing to judge or constrain anyone else’s private life.

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Is Lauren Boebert Married?

Lauren Married was married to Jayson Boebert. The two tied the knot in 2005, but their marital journey came to a sudden halt after Lauren filed for divorce early this war while citing irreconcilable differences as the reason for the separation. Lauren Boebert revealed in her memoir that the two first met while she was working at McDonald’s, when she was just 16, and Jayson was 22.

Lauren added that from that very moment, the two had been together while admitting that Jayson just took her breath away as she fell in love with Jayson immediately, and she knew, without doubt, that Jayson was the man she was meant to be with which was for better or for worse, forever.  

The two-term Colorado Republican also pointed out that the pair did not break any Colorado laws while they were dating and that her mother approved of their blooming romantic relationship. 

Jayson Boebert was accused of charges of public indecency and lewd exposure in 2004, and later, his son called 911, but it was reported that nothing physical happened. Their teen son later stated that he was not sure why he said that his father hurt him, but he was surely upset.

Lauren Boebert Dating
Lauren Boebert (Credits: Insider)

Lauren Boebert issued a statement about her divorce while stating that she has always been faithful in her marriage, and she strongly believes in marriage, which has made this announcement much more difficult.

Why Is Lauren Boebert Apologising?

Given the turn of recent events, US congresswoman, Lauren Boebert has issued an apology after she was reportedly being kicked out of a performance of the musical Beetlejuice in Denver. As the political figure was allegedly asked to leave the theatre due to inappropriate behavior, Lauren apologized while describing the experience as difficult and humbling.

Lauren Boebert was accompanied by a Male guest and was accused of vaping, recording video, and disturbing other patrons in the theatre. Things soon escalated after a pregnant woman reportedly confronted Boebert and asked the congresswoman to stop vaping.

Lauren Boebert has issued a statement stating that the past few days have been difficult and humbling; she further apologized for the unwanted attention that her Sunday evening in Denver has brought to the community while further adding that her public and difficult divorce has created a challenging personal time for her and her entire family.

Lauren further stated that she tried to handle it with strength and grace as best she could, but she simply fell short of her values.

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