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Best New Action Manga to Read in 2022

Action Manga
Tokyo Revengers

Manga has established itself in the market and throughout the world, much like anime. People favor them because of the complex plot, while others recognize the artist’s dedication and skill. Action is one of the many genres of manga that are available. Today, we’ll discuss the top new action manga of 2022.

Conflict is what drives action. These mangas show characters engaging in fights, whether with weapons, fists, swords, or unexplained abilities, either to defend themselves or the people or things they value, or just as a way of life.

Action manga is the ideal approach to scratch that itch when you want to relax and read a story with lots of fighting and explosions. What are the top action manga, nevertheless, that manga lovers must read? Do you enjoy comedy and action combined, like in One Piece and One-Punch Man? Perhaps you prefer strong television shows like Shingeki no Kyojin. You can choose from dozens of alternatives on the poll below, including various shonen action series like Naruto and Bleach, no matter what kind of story you enjoy.

So get ready as we list the top 10 action mangas that have been published in 2022 so far. You will without a certain adore these. You may check out the top Yaoi manga by clicking on the link below if you’re also interested in other manga genres like Yaoi.

Action Manga

Chainsaw Man
Cr: Chainsaw Man Manga

Top 10 Best Action Manga in 2022

The following list contains the top 10 best action mangas released in 2022.

10. Chainsaw Man

The setting of the novel is a realm where people’s worries give birth to devils. Demons are frequently evil and deadly, and the intensity of our collective fear of them determines the extent to which they are powerful. However, people can make agreements with them in order to use their abilities. Demon hunters are those that specialize in using and hunting demons.

Demons are creatures that come from Hell and live a continuous life cycle between Earth and Hell. When they die in Hell, they are reborn on Earth, and vice versa. Primal Fears are very powerful demons that reside in Hell and have never been killed. The Devil of Hell appears to be in charge of overseeing the passage between the two worlds.

Action Manga

Chainsaw Man

9. Blue Exorcist

Two dimensions make up the Blue Exorcist universe, and they stand in opposition to one another like two faces of a mirror. Assiah is the first in the world in which people reside. The other is Gehenna, the home of the devils. Traveling or simply having any kind of touch between the two is normally not possible. Demons, on the other hand, have the ability to enter our realm and take possession of everything in it.

Satan is the god of devils, but he lacks one thing: a container strong enough to hold him in the human realm. In order to do this, he fathered his sons, Okumura Rin and Yukio, from a human lady. However, do these children fit into his intentions, or should they evolve into something else? After killing Rin’s guardian father Fujimoto in an attempt to prevent Rin from returning to the domain of demons, he grants him a wish: to become an exorcist and vanquish the demon lord.

Action Manga

Blue Exorcist

8. Noragami

Before she was struck by a bus while attempting to stop someone from being driven over, Hiyori Iki was an ordinary middle school student. Later revealed to be God Yato, the stranger is dressed in a sports suit and a scarf. She turns into half an ayakashi, a monster, as a result of this tragedy. She asks Yato to help her return to normal when she runs into him again and discovers that he is a deity.

However, Yato recently misplaced his sacred sword (shinki), a different magical creature that aids a deity and increases his might. He is likewise a weak god who is only very little recognized. When an Ayakashi attacks both of them, Yato names the spirit of a boy Yukine and chooses him to be the next Shinki.

This turns out to be a great weapon, but because of his quick passing, he was very insecure and impetuous. Yato initially is unable to assist Hiyori, not even with Yukine’s aid. He sees that Mayu, his previous weapon, is now working for him as he goes to Tenjin, the deity of instruction.



7. Yona of the Dawn

Princess Yona of the Kôka realm grew up freely. She has been coddled by her father since childhood and guarded by his bodyguard and longtime friend, Hak. Yona is excited for her cousin and longtime love, Soo-Won, to visit her on her sixteenth birthday. She plans to tell him about her emotions for him.

But nothing will go as planned. She will have to put up a battle to reclaim the throne that is rightly hers after being forced to leave her position. Additionally, it is necessary for its existence because Kôka is a dangerous place.

Yona of the Dawn

Yona of the Dawn

6. Berserk, One of the best Action Manga

In Berserk, Griffith, the leader of the Falcon Troop, a group of mercenaries working for the kingdom of Midland, is introduced to Guts. An unclear but nonetheless effective friendship will develop from this meeting: Guts, a warrior with a disproportionate sword, will swiftly turn out to be crucial to the goal of the young Griffith, a swashbuckler, and exceptional tactician. The manga thus tells the story of the birth and fall of the Falcon Troop, as well as the complicated relationship between Guts and Griffith—one marked by mutual respect (both view the other as a soldier) and great devotion (both mysteriously need the other’s company).

Action Manga

Cr: Berserk

5. Kingdom

The story follows young Shin as he pursues his dream of becoming a Great General beneath the sky in China many centuries ago. Shin is from the State of Qin in this primordial China, which has experienced several changes both inside and beyond the monarchy. The Warring States era, when China was divided into seven kingdoms (Qin, Zhao, Han, Wei, Chu, Yan, and Qi), is when the story actually takes place. We follow the life of Ei Sei, also known as Qin Shi Huang, the man who would later unite China, through Shin’s account.



4. Hunter X Hunter

Ging Freecss left his son Gon on Whale Island with his aunt Mito twelve years before the story begins. Gon, who had always assumed that his parents were dead, learns one day, thanks to Kite, his father’s apprentice, that they are still alive and have advanced to the ranks of elite hunters who are qualified to locate hidden treasures, rare animals, and even other people. This realization prompts Gon to leave his house and sign up for the Hunter Exam, a series of tasks designed to evaluate participants’ abilities, survival skills, and teamwork.

Hunter X Hunter

Hunter X Hunter

3. Jujutsu Kaisen, One of the best action manga out there

A unique high school kid named Yuji Itadori resides in Sendai with his grandfather. Despite having a natural flair for sports, he declines to join the team because of his dislike of exercise. Instead, he agrees to join the occult research group, which allows him to unwind and finish school by 5 o’clock so that he may visit his grandpa in the hospital. After his grandfather passes away, he encounters Megumi Fushiguro, a sorceress who tells him that the school Yuji attended had a powerful cursed talisman. In the meantime, his occult club friends who have the talisman open the seal that has been set on it and summon every curse in the school against them.

Yuji enters the school but is unable to dispel the curses because she lacked magical abilities. In an effort to save Megumi and her classmates, Yuji swallows the finger, which is the actual form of the talisman, becoming the carrier of Ryomen Sukuna, an extremely potent curse. Even if he is inhabited, Yuji is still in charge of his body.

As a result of a curse, Yuji was supposed to be put to death, but thanks to Gojo Satoru, the highest ranks of the witchcraft community agree to put off the execution. until he has absorbed all 20 of Sukuna’s soul fragments, her 20 fingers, to completely remove the curse.

2. One Punch Man

Unemployed and depressed, Saitama is a young man without a clear sense of direction in life. One day, he runs into a crab man who claims to be searching for a young child “with a chin split like an ass.” The small boy is eventually encountered by Saitama, who resolves to protect him from the crab man after a lengthy battle. Saitama then decides to become a superhero and begins three years of intense training.

He observes that he has grown so powerful that he can now defeat all of his opponents with a single punch after completing his training, which was “so hard that he loses his hair.” Due to the difficulty, he has in finding opponents his size and the boredom he feels in his role as a hero because the fights no longer excite him, his overabundance of strength is a problem. Except for his companion and student Genos, a young person turned cyborg, no one seems to recognize Saitama’s extraordinary talent, despite the fact that he defeated countless dangers, each more serious than the last.

One Punch Man

One-Punch Man

1. Black Clover

One wizard saved humanity and vanquished an old demon that was ready to destroy it. That wizard later rose to fame under the name Wizard King. Following that, the Clover Kingdom experienced peace thanks to wise men and nine subordinate magical orders for many years. Having been abandoned at a church orphanage in Hage, which is situated in the Forgotten Region of the Clover Kingdom, Asta and Yuno were reared collectively from infancy.

Asta is the only child born without magic in a universe where everybody has magical power and the ability to manage it naturally. As a result, he has had to train physically to make up for this. Yuno, on the other hand, was a prodigy with incredible magical power and the ability to manage it from birth. When Asta and Yuno reach the age of 15, they get their own grimoires, through which all magical power is channeled, enabling them to become magicians known as Magic Knights.

Action Manga

Black Clover

These were the top 10 best Action manga you should read in 2022.

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