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K-pop Idol Who is Secretly Indian

Koren Pop Music is getting wild in all parts of the world but do you know that an Indian Girl has now become the first person to join a K-Pop idol group? Well, we are here to disclose all about this fact today. We will list out the KPop idol who is secretly Indian. Sriya Lenka used to be a normal teenager from Odisha until now. But one night, all the media outlets broke when she made herself the first ever Indian to audition and get accepted in a K-Pop group.

She was accepted when Sriya was just 18 years of age. She is very versed in a variety of dance forms such as classical Indian dance as well as Western dance routines. This gave her an upper hand while auditioning for the spot. In one of the interviews, Sriya shared about a variety of challenges that she had to face as a person of color in the K-Pop industry which is quite rigorous while selecting a team for their groups. Sriya is a huge fan of BTS and appreciates the music which is put forward by them.

Sriya describes this news as a dream that has now come true for her. She is a member of a K-Pop Idol group called Blackswan. The current obsession with the Korean industry, be it drama or music, is quite high. People appreciate their softcore sitcoms such as True Beauty and Business Proposal which are enough to give us butterflies. But coming to the music, Korean music has a certain charm that can calm any person down in a minute if you are listening to slow tracks. Or, the music can easily hype you up if you are listening to some energetic music.

K-pop Idol Who is Secretly Indian

Sriya Lenka, K-pop Idol Who is Secretly Indian

The group Blackswan of which Sriya is a proud member now was launched back in 2011. It is made by the DR Music company and managed by them as well. The current leader of the Idol group is Go Young Heun among the other three mates who make up the KPop group. Then we have a Senegalese singer named Fatou Samba who is from Belgium. The third member is Kim Da Hye who is from Korea itself. The fourth singer hails from Japan and Brazil. She is Larissa Ayumi Cartes Sakata.

Which KPop Idol is Secretly Indian?

Sriya Lenka is the first Indian Kpop Idol. In one of her interviews after being selected from the Korean Pop Group Blackswan, she talked about the challenges that she had to overcome in order to do the same. Sriya says that she has to take Korean language classes daily along with her regular song classes and rap classes. In order to build stamina for the dance performances, various prospect auditionees were asked to be on a strict diet so that they would look flawless before the judges. Their diet also had substances that provided them enough energy to perform and have workouts.

Sriya talks about how Indian classical music took her way ahead and helped to prepare her vocals for some Korean music as well. While practicing her dance steps, the Indian Kpop Idol talks about recording her routines and trying to improve them by being a judge herself. Sriya talks about her love for Korean culture. It all began a while back when she watched a music video of the K-Pop band called EXO. The video was titled Growl and it made her feel a certain way and motivated her to dive deeper into the industry.

Sriya’s Inspiration

Her dance moves and mind were influenced by a variety of Kpop bands such as EXO as we just talked about as well as the most popular boyband on the planet right now, BTS. Sriya is also fond of Stray Kids. She talks about how all day, Sriya used to watch their music videos and practiced dance moves. This is how she made up her mind to have a career as a Korean artist. The best part about her whole journey is the fact that Sriya had very supportive parents who never doubted her dreams. When she won the auditions, her mom and dad were super proud of their child and started crying.

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