Where is A Taste of Summer Filmed? Everything We know!

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A taste of summer shooting locations
A taste of summer shooting locations

A Taste of Summer is a sweet romantic film released in 2019. It’s one of the few movies that portray a beautiful love story without any forced moments. The plot of the film is as beautiful as its shooting locations. All these mesmerizing shooting locations have quite an impression on the viewers. In this article, we’ll explore in detail the A Taste of Summer shooting locations. Before that, let’s learn more about the movie and its plot.

This movie is a bit different as compared to other Hallmark movies. It talks about ambitions, pursuing them, and thinking beyond the box. A Taste of Summer is quite pleasant and doesn’t have a bitter aftertaste. The movie has a very compelling story, intriguing characters, and humorous plot turns. The plot of the movie starts with a woman who relocates to Bright Shore. After that, she plans to build a restaurant and rediscover her passion. Later, she meets a retired baseball star with a competitive streak who runs his own restaurant.

Cast of A Taste of Summer

The movie is a work by Motion Picture Corporation of America’s Brad Krevoy Television (MPCA). Peter DeLuise is the director of this beautiful film. In the movie, Gabby Ferrar plays the role of Roselyn Sanchez. Eric Winter, who was earlier seen in “Good Doctor,” plays the role of Caleb Delaney. He has had numerous cameos in many television and movies. For example, such those in Rosewood, Secrets and Lies, GCB, Rizzoli & Isles, Sundays at Tiffany’s, etc., not forgetting his other famous work in Harold & Kumar, The Ugly Truth, and other titles. The film’s stars, Roselyn Sanchez and Eric Winter, are actually married in real life too. Though they have done a lot of projects together, this is the first time the couple will be acting together in a film.

A taste of summer Cast
Still from A taste of summer

A plot of A Taste of Summer

After abruptly terminating things with her two-year boyfriend, Gabby leaves her position as a sous chef for her instructor. This motivates her to go out of New York to visit her sister’s family. Caleb Delany (Eric Winter) also needs to determine what his true dreams are. Eric was managing his family’s café in a small town. He tries to keep himself busy by teaching the softball team. In the meantime, he is also parenting his little daughter.

Still from A taste of summer
Still from A taste of summer

In the movie, we see Gabby Ferrar travel to the Massachusetts community of Bright Shore for his restaurant. However, she soon finds that it’s Caleb Delaney’s restaurant. The restaurant has been there for a while and is in direct competition with hers. Although neither of them welcomes the other with open arms, they decide to put their competitive natures aside. Later, we get to see in the movie, the two are rivals not only in business but also in a culinary contest.

“Bright Shore’s Summer Food Festival” is the name of the contest. Soon, Gabby comes to comprehend her love of cooking. Eventually, she also grasps her feelings for Caleb. Of course, there is some wit, and there is a delightful sense of competition, but the finale ends with a feeling more like a beginning than a finish.

A Taste of Summer shooting locations

The plot heavily depends on the surroundings. Perhaps, this makes the viewers curious about the locations where the Hallmark film was actually shot. The fictional Massachusetts community of “Bright Shore,” which is largely featured in the movie, does not actually exist. While chatting with Parade, Eric Winter confirmed that A Taste of Summer was filmed in Vancouver, Canada. The imaginary town that was selected to reflect America in the movie was actually filmed in Canada rather than in that country.

A taste of summer shooting locations
A taste of summer shooting locations

Generally, most of the Hallmark Channel movies’ shooting takes place in Vancouver, Canada. This is also true for this movie. Filmmaker Allan Harmon revealed that more than 80% of Hallmark films are shot in Canada. The director also disclosed the tax benefits and currency exchange advantages they receive in China. It, therefore, has a major influence on A Taste of Summer shooting locations. Of course, it also diversifies the economy and creates local employment prospects.

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