Ranking of Kings Season 1 Review: Story Like Game of Thrones & Action Like Attack On Titan

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Ranking of kings
WIT Studio

Ranking of Kings is a fantasy anime that premiered in October 2021 based on a Japanese novel series written by Sōsuke Tōka and the anime adaptation by WIT Studio; with sort of Ghibli-style animation; at first glance, it looks like a Fairytale but later unveils a dark fantasy tale with political plotting and dark twists like Game of Thrones, Ranking of kings has game-changing action scenes and some of the best characters we have seen in these years.

The story centers on Bojji, a prince who is minor, deaf, and unable to use weapons, in contrast to his father, who is a real-life giant. As he grows older, Bojji is teased for not being deserving of his father’s throne but maintains his dream of becoming a great king and maintains a positive attitude toward life. The story features a unique take on the fantasy genre with a theme that starts out as a children’s picture book but later develops into a dark and gore fantasy anime that we are accustomed to. With great character design and stunning animations, this is a cute but intimidating watch-worthy anime.

WIT Studio

A message about the strength of kindness and compassion lies at the core of “Ranking of Kings,” Bojji is consistent in his commitment to treating people with respect and empathy despite the grim and frequently violent environment in which the characters are immersed. His generosity generates devotion and admiration from those around him. It enables him to build deep relationships with people who might otherwise be his enemies, which is a strength rather than a weakness.


The story of Ranking of Kings follows the adventures of Bojji, the youngest prince of the Kuto kingdom, who was born deaf and unable to use a weapon due to a birth defect. Bojji hopes to become a great king like his late father despite his disability. His mother, Queen Dowager, considers him feeble and unsuitable to lead, and his people, on the other hand, find it difficult to respect him.

In the universe of Ranking of Kings, magic is real, certain animals can talk, and each monarch is given a number ranking from strongest to weakest versus every other. King Bosse, a powerful king who is ailing, is the father of Prince Bojji. He goes through life wearing a bold smile while being constantly ignored by others around him until he meets Kage, a robber from the shadow clan; the two quickly become friends, which inspires Bojji to completely follow his true desire to grow strong like his father. When they embark on their most complex and frightening obstacles, the two lend each other support.

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The plot of Ranking of Kings develops slowly, putting more of an emphasis on world-building and character growth than on action-packed scenes. The first several episodes establish the field and introduce the primary characters, but the actual scope of the series is not made clear until later. As the story unfolds, we get a darker look at the characters and the storyline; characters start dying left and right, and betrayals with heavy emotional weight and some haunting imagery. The darkness then tends to become the best part of the show because of the excellent characters that convey the darkness of this show in an incredible way.

Bojji discovers the true meaning of power and leadership along the journey to prove himself. He learns that being a great king requires more than simply physical might or military power; it also requires empathy, compassion, and the capacity to motivate others. When Bojji learns to use his special gifts and viewpoint to connect with others and form alliances, his impairment turns into a strength.

Bojji gains confidence in himself and his skills as the plot develops, and his bonds with his friends and allies grow stronger. The road to becoming a king is a long and arduous one, but Bojji is adamant about following his destiny. One of Ranking of Kings’ strongest features is its characters. Particularly Bojji is a distinctive and lovable character; he has a strong sense of justice and a desire to support everyone around him despite his disabilities. The show takes time to fully flesh out each character’s motivations and establish the universe surrounding Bojji.

Ranking of Kings’ outstanding exploration of character and narrative storytelling extends to every character in the show. The show’s commitment to examining the complicated interpersonal politics of a wide cast of individuals is somewhat in tune with the fantasy genre of this show, which is why comparisons to shows like Game of Thrones have been made. However, this almost feels like a challenge to its creative team because of its unending positivity and desire to illustrate how each person and no matter how “villainous” they are, could have their own baggage.

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The Excellence

Ranking of Kings has an excellent storyline. The show strikes a natural and spontaneous mix between comedy, drama, and action. Themes of loyalty, courage, and self-discovery are also nicely explored and give the narrative more complexity. The ranking of Kings moves along at a good pace. The pace of the show is consistent, with each episode building on the one before it. The story feels like it is moving ahead at all times, and there are no unnecessary sequences or filler episodes.

The series has a diverse cast of characters, including individuals of various ages, genders, and races. This diversity is not simply surface-level; it is woven into the plot and the creation of the environment; each character will be portrayed first as a two-dimensional fairytale cliche character, but they soon show themselves as emotionally sophisticated, fully formed individuals. The universe of Ranking of Kings is made deeper and richer by the detailed exploration of the diverse cultures and faiths of numerous countries.

Ranking of kings Bojji
WIT Studio

Ranking of Kings’ representation of disability is another one of its primary strengths. Bojji’s deafness is not portrayed as a limitation or a flaw but rather as a distinctive quality of his personality that he learns to accept and get around. Other disabled characters in the series include the blind blacksmith Daida and the handicapped prince Schwan. These characters’ personalities and actions define them, not their physical limitations.

The show features some of the greatest side characters, too, such as Hilling, a neighboring kingdom princess who initially opposes Bojji but later becomes friendly, and Domas, an enigmatic figure who offers to teach Bojji how to use a sword. The antagonists in the show are likewise well-developed and increase the suspense and danger in the narrative. In addition to the characters, this show respects the intellect of the audience, moving away from the traditional exposition in which characters have to explain the action and put more emphasis on the visuals.

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Despite how childish the anime looks, Ranking of Kings’ animation is superb, with stunning landscapes, detailed character designs, and amazing use of colors that perfectly capture the mood of the fantasy setting that this show is trying to portray. The backgrounds and settings are exquisitely produced, and the character designs are distinctive and unforgettable. Excellent color and lighting choices also contribute to the show’s mood and tone, thanks to its beautiful animation, engaging characters, and serious examination of privilege and power. “Ranking of Kings” is bound to make an impact, whether you’re a fan of fantasy or are just searching for a well-written and emotionally impactful novel.

The fight sequences in this show are masterpieces with amazing panning shots and perspective shifts, which makes them one of the best works by WIT Studio, in line with other works of theirs like- Attack on Titan and Vinland Saga. Another exceptional feature of the series is the background score composed by MAYUKO, which completely resembles the fairytale compositions that this show portrays, and the opening theme “BOY” by King Gnu, is a memorable opening to a memorable anime.

Our Verdict

Ranking of Kings Stands out with satisfying animation and some of the greatest character development, with a colorful fairytale world. At the same time, having a story like Game of Thrones and action scenes like Attack on titan. We hope WIT Studio doesn’t ditch this one like its other shows.

Our Rating: ⭐ (4.5/5).

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