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Movies To Watch On New Year’s Week With Your Friends – Recommendations

New Year’s Eve is fast approaching, and we’re finally almost done with what some people would call a horrible year. Hoping 2021 would be much better, let’s watch some good New Year’s Eve movies to start the next year in the best way possible. Right now, going out and celebrating New Years’s at Time Square isn’t an option anymore. So the best option right now is to tuck in and roll out some of the best feel-good movies. Here are some of the best classics that will get us into the best possible mood moving forth.

Forrest Gump

Is there a better feel-good movie than this iconic one? We see one of the best actors to grace Hollywood take on the lovable Forrest Gump’s iconic role. The movie also has one New Year’s scene in it.

Released back in 1996, Forrest Gump is directed by Robert Zemeckis and written by Eric Roth; it is based on the same name written by Winston Groom. It was the highest-grossing film in America that year, racking in over 667 million dollars worldwide; it was also the second most grossing film in the world that year, only to be beaten by Lion King.

The film went onto amass several awards. The Library Of Congress called for the preservation of the fil in the United States National Film Registry because of its significance in cinema.

In the movie, we follow the life of slow-witted Forrest Gump, who is actually anything but slow. He himself isn’t very much aware of his disabilities; actually, what he does is he doesn’t allow his disabilities to hold him back in any way. He sees the good in everything he does, and because of his childish mind, he does everything with the happiest of intentions.

Forrest Gump Image

Even with his disabilities, Gump completes feats that shouldn’t be this easy for a human being. He becomes a football star, goes to war in Vietnam, saves a ton of his crew, gets the Medal Of Honor from the President, becomes a ping pong superstar, and then becomes a shrimp business owner, then a millionaire.

But luck seems to favor him for everything other than his love life. He had this huge crush on a girl called Jenny ever since he was a kid, but someway or the other, things never seem to work out between the two of them. With troubles of his own, Forrest seems to inspire every person on the planet without his knowledge.

Watch Forrest Gump on Netflix

About Time

This movie starring Domhall Gleeson and Rachel McAdams is a must-watch for New Year’s and all the rom-com addicts. When sci-fi comes into contact with romance and comedy, we get this masterpiece.

Directed by Richard Curtis, this British rom-com has us follow a young man named Tim who has acquired the ability to time travel. He can do anything considering he doesn’t change too much stuff that alters the world’s future.

One day Tims’ dad tells him that he has the ability to time travel. As soon as we get this power, what would we do, try to get rich, attend some Micheal Jackson concerts, well not Tim? He went straight back to New Year’s Eve to kiss his crush.

So with this amazing power at his disposal, Tim decides rather than using it to change and help the world, he uses it to better his relationship. He goes back in time multiple times to alter and correct all interactions he had with this girl to make everything much fewer awkward and eventually to make her fall in love with him.

But like all sci-fi stories, Tim slowly realizes that everything isn’t as easy as it seems. During his journey, a ton of events unfolds, making this an amazing addictive romantic movie—the best one to watch if you’re sheltered in with your significant other New Year.

About Time

The movie received mixed reviews when released in 2013; the movie made over 85 million dollars worldwide. The mixed reviews are major because of the plot holes the movie leaves behind because of the time travel element.

But who cares about that? This isn’t Tenet or Avengers Endgame; it’s a rom-com; you don’t need to look into whether the time travel makes sense or not.

Watch About Time on Netflix


New Year isn’t always about romantic comedies or drama movies; it’s also about post-apocalyptic fights for survival inside trains; that’s exactly what Snowpiercer is.

This 2013 film directed by Bong Joong-Ho is based on the graphic novel by French writer Jacques Lob. The film stars Chris Evans, Tilda Swinton, Jamie Bell, Octavia Spencer and many more. This is the director’s first debut at English movies; this is also the most expensive Korean produced movie.

The movie received critical acclaim and numerous awards for its beautiful storytelling and acting. The best reviews were about the actors’ performances, especially Chris Evans and Tilda Swinton; they really made the movie amazing.

So this creative story takes place after a second Ice Age has hit our planet and has wiped out almost all of humanity. What’s left of humanity are all inside a train called Snowpiercer; it plows through snow forever. Each time the train completes a complete rotation, New year is celebrated.

So the train is divided into different classes, where the very rich and fortunate live in the front cars with luxury. They live with minimal work and have the most comfortable lives.


Towards the back are where the poor people are stationed. They are made to work endlessly throughout with very little or no food. The conditions are terrible for them. One day a certain someone decides to rebel and put an end to this inequality.

By riling up his fellow people, the people from the back of the train decide to take over everything so everyone can live comfortably and equally.

Sleepless in Seattle

Another Tom Hanks classic. It looks like no New Year is complete without watching a wonderful Tom Hanks movie. This is a romantic comedy movie released back in 1993, directed and co-written by Nora Ephron. Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan take center stage.

Even by being released back then, it was able to make over 200 million dollars worldwide. It was a massive success and became an instant classic all over.

So the movie is a very lovey-dovey story between 2 exceptional and iconic characters played by 2 exceptional and iconic actors. So after Sam’s wife dies, he moves to Seattle with his son Jonah. His son understanding what a situation his dad is in and takes it on himself to solve everything. Jonah calls up a radio show to find his dad a new wife.

Sam finds out, intervenes, and ends up talking to Annie, a reporter. Both of them seem to fall in love, even though Annie is engaged. Being a romantic movie, we all know where this is headed, but the journey is very well told and addictive.

Watch Sleepless In Seattle on Netflix

New Year’s Eve

Directed by Garry Marshall, this 2011 romantic comedy follows a bizarre story of different people experiencing different things during New year’s Eve and finally leading to them being connected somehow.

The film has an amazing cast of Halle Berry, Jessica Biel, Jon Bon Jovi, Abigail Breslin, Ludacris, Zac Efron, Sofia Vergara, and even Robert DeNiro! These are just some; there are so many more amazing actors in this movie; it would be better to watch the whole thing and get surprised as more and more faces pop up.

It earned over 140 million dollars worldwide and debuted at the number one spot on release. It received mixed reviews, but people flocked to the movie because of its amazing cast.

New Years Eve image

It’s a little difficult to explain the story of this one as there are so many. With such a huge cast, you could expect the story to be really wild. Each actor has their own different story, but in the end, somehow, everything is related to each other. It’s filled with romance, sorrow, comedy, a little bit of everything.

Just by looking at the name, it’s obvious that this would be the perfect pick for the New Year’s Movie. But looking at the current condition, if you are stuck inside with nothing else to do, why not watch all of these in a go!

Watch New Year’s Eve on Netflix

2021 is shaping up to be an excellent year when we consider the number of amazing titles releasing. Happy Watching and Happy New year!

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