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What Episode does Asuna Die? Sword Art Online’s Female Protagonists

What episode does Asuna die
Asuna being stabbed by the guild leader

Sword Art Online, a multiplayer online role-playing game in virtual space, will be published in 2022. Players are able to interact with and manipulate their in-game personalities through the use of a headgear that activates their sensory experiences through the brain.

Akihiko Kayaba is the author of both the video game and the NerveGear. 10,000 players enter SAO’s mainframe cyberspace for the initial time on November 6, but they quickly learn that they are not able to withdraw. In order to be set free, Kayaba, who emerges, instructs the participants that they need to conquer all 100 levels of the steel castle known as Aincrad, which serves as the game’s backdrop.

He further claims that anyone who dies in-game or is forced to take their NerveGear off in everyday life will die in reality. Kazuto “Kirito” Kirigaya, another of the gamers, was among the 1,000 testers for the game’s earlier closed beta.

He withdraws from larger groups and engages in the game alone, using the moniker “beater,” a combination of “beta tester” and “cheater,” in order to take advantage of his prior VR gaming skills and a desire to safeguard other beta testers from harassment.

As the players advance through the game, Kirito finally makes friends with a young girl by the name of Asuna Yuuki. They eventually start dating and eventually get married in-game. Asuna, the guild’s commander, stepped in as “Heathcliff” after the duo learned who Kayaba’s secret ID was.

They then confronted and killed him to release themselves along with the other participants from the simulation.

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Who is Asuna from Sword Art Online?

Asuna is the primary character of Sword Art Online and the seventh volume’s major heroin. She is Kirito’s companion and will eventually become his wife, and she serves as a sub-leader of the “Knights of the Blood Oath,” widely regarded as the most powerful guild in Aincrad.

She receives numerous approaches and marriage offers because she is one of very few girls who play SAO and is quite pretty. Asuna is a determined and competent player known as the “Flash” in-game for her incredible speed with a sword.

Later, she and Kirito marry virtually, thanks to her love for him. She sacrifices her life to save Kirito from Heathcliff’s fatal strike near the end. She merely perished in-game, and sometime after Heathcliff passed away, she was rejoined with Kirito.

What episode does Asuna die

This is the greatest game ever

Even though SAO has been finished, Asuna is still comatose and is being held captive in Alfheim Online, some other virtual reality. Nobuyuki Sug, the person who imprisoned her, plays Oberon the Fairy King, and she is made to perform as “Titania, the Queen of Fairies.”

The goal of this is to enable Sug to wed Asuna in actual life since she is asleep and afterward take control of RCT Progress Inc. When she sees Yui’s voice, she gets to bring a GM card and tosses it out the balcony in a trying to evade the World Tree, where she is being held captive.

After being freed, she moved on to keep living with Kirito and made the avatars Asuna and Erika for Alfheim. When everything has finished, she enrolls with Kazuto Kirigaya at the SAO Survivor School inside the actual world. Asuna’s parents urge her to follow their example in the actual world.

What episode does Asuna die

After being stabbed and then getting alive again

She now has a differing view and looks back on her childhood with distaste after residing in SAO and meeting Kirito. She formally becomes Kazuto’s real-life lover and harbors future aspirations of getting hitched to him and starting a family.

In what Episode does Asuna Die? Sword Art Online’s Female Protagonists

Her death is avoided. Her guild’s leader, Kayaba, who was revealed to be the attacker, did stab her. However, after being moved by Asuna and Kirito’s tenacity to live, Kayaba later reversed the effects of her death.

What episode does Asuna die

Asuna and Kirito 

After Kirito kills Kayaba, Kayaba ensures that Asuna and Kirito will not suffer a fatal injury. The game had been won, in his opinion, by the two of them.

Before Kayaba’s suicide, they had a brief, sentimental conversation. Since losing in the game would put the lives of so many individuals in danger, it would not be just if Kayaba did not put his life in danger.

He concedes defeat and permits his death. In his initial duel with Kirito, Kayaba had already compromised. 

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