Who Is Park Bo Yeon Dating? The Cheer Up Actress’ Love Interest

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Want to know, who is Park Bo Yeon dating? This South Korean actress has done quite a few shows and films and has earned fame globally. Most K-drama fans are lately showing their interest in Park Bo Yeon’s personal life. Does she have anyone special? If yes, who is that person? Before getting into what’s going on in Park Bo Yeon’s life, let’s briefly learn about her prominence. 

Born in 1994, Park Bo Yeon is 28 years old. She hails from the capital of South Korea, Seoul. Well, it’s not like she has gathered a lot of experience in the Kdrama world, but still tries to deliver her best. It was in 2019 when Park Bo Yeon made her debut with the web series, One Fine Week. Some of her other acting credits include- I Have Not Done My Best Yet, True Ending, Find Me If You Can, etc. Being her fan, you should watch Cheer Up, where she played Lee yu-min. 

In addition to her involvement with Kdrama, Park Bo Yeon also appeared in several music videos. One of those has been Miracle, released in 2019, by the artist, Soran. 

Coming back to Park Bo Yeon’s personal life, the actress has been making headlines for the last few months. What for? Well, that’s for her romantic involvement. This means Park Bo Yeon has someone special in her life. Right? But, who is he? If you are looking for who Park Bo Yeon is dating, here is what we know. 

Who Is Park Bo Yeon Dating?
Park Bo Yeon

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Park Bo Yeon Dating: Who Is He? 

Talking about her love interest, Park Bo Yeon is possibly dating Rocky. Whom are we addressing as the Cheer Up actress’ boyfriend? Well, it’s Rocky, the ASTRO member. Even though he is no more associated with the Kpop band, people mainly know him for that. So, we simply can’t ignore th pop group. 

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Park Bo Yeon’s rumored beau, Rocky is not just a South Korean dancer, but also a singer and rapper. Some of his notable songs are- Baby, Always You, After Midnight, Candy Sugar Pop, etc. 

Concerning Park Bo Yeon’s relationship with Astro’s Rocky, everything started back in October 2022. At that time, his agency confirmed their romantic bond. However, on the very same day, her agency clarified later, that Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are not sharing a romance but are very good friends. After working together in Find Me If You Can, they have become more than colleagues. Still, fans can’t get over the agency’s primary confession. 

It was on 30 October 2022, and Park Bo Yeon was spotted together, attending the musical titled, The Three Musketeers. If you are a die-hard ASTRO fan, you must have listened to the album, Drive to the Starry Road. Little did you know, it was reported that Park Bo Yeon also contributed to the same, adding the lyrics for Rocky. 

Who Is Park Bo Yeon Dating?
Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are reported to be sharing a romance

As far as their relationship announcement is concerned, Park Bo Yeon’s agency said, “We checked (regarding these rumors), and Rocky is just a close acquaintance who she worked with on ‘Find Me If You Can.'” 

Briefly, it worked like this one side confirmed, while the other one denied. So, this created a lot of confusion among some of their fans. Still, some eagle-eyed fans were clever enough to get convinced about Park Bo Yeon and Rocky are a romantic pair. We are not sure if something is cooking between the two. However, indeed that Park Bo Yeon is very much in good touch with Rocky, be it friends or lovers. 

Best wishes to Park Bo Yeon for the upcoming days of her life. We are eagerly waiting for her and her rumored boo, Rocky, to confirm their ongoing rumors of romance. Fans are quite hopeful. Make sure you follow Park Bo Yeon on her Instagram account for more updates. 

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