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The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene Explained: Barry’s Twin Brother Cobalt Blue

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene
The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene - Glowing Blue Crystal

Without addressing any specific characters, The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene set the stage for a fresh danger that Central City will have to deal with in the coming days. Barry Allen’s battles as the Scarlet Speedster are still ongoing because the second Arrowverse show has already been ordered for season 9. Team Flash will return for at least one more year of Arrowverse adventures in early 2023.

Eric Wallace, the show’s creator, claims that The Flash season 8 was shot at a time when it was not yet known whether the Arrowverse series will continue. That clarifies why Tom Cavanagh’s Eobard Thawne was chosen by The Flash as the season’s last villain. Reverse-Flash has a second attempt to enter the picture with the power of the Negative Forces several episodes after Barry defeated his plan in The Flash’s “Armageddon” crossover. Thawne was more powerful than ever because of the enormous power boost he obtained. The odds, however, changed in favor of the Flash when Barry obtained a comparable boost from the Positive Forces. Thawne now appears to be permanently gone.

The Flash Season 8 Finale’s Post-Credits Scene Explained

The fight with Reverse-Flash and his period as the Negative Speed Force avatar came to an end in the season’s last episode. But the season didn’t finish without the series hinting at a possible successor for the Reverse-Flash of the Arrowverse. A threatening post-credits scene from The Flash season 8, episode 20, set the way for a DC Comics villain the series hasn’t yet used to ultimately crash into the Arrowverse. Here are some details about Cobalt Blue, what the episode’s tease signifies, and what viewers may anticipate from him if he appears in season 9 of The Flash.

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene

The Flash Season 8 Episode 20 – Barry Allen

The scene changed to a bright blue crystal kept in a lab in 2049 just as Barry was talking about the unavoidable scenario in which the Negative Speed Force selects a new avatar. It doesn’t directly relate to any adversaries from the Arrowverse, but it does serve as a clear tease for a significant Flash enemy from the DC Comics universe. The most significant comic book villain that Barry Allen’s Arrowverse lacks is undoubtedly Cobalt Blue. There is very little doubt that The Flash is just beginning to introduce him based on this tease. Without naming him, Wallace has already stated that the person connected to the blue crystal is one of the two main foes Barry will be up against when The Flash returns.

Cobalt Blue Comics Book Origin

In the comic books, Cobalt Blue, sometimes known as Malcolm Thawne, an ancestor of Eobard, is Barry Allen’s unknown secret brother. Malcolm, who first appeared in a comic in 1997, was abandoned by his biological parents when he was a little boy, which is why Barry Allen was totally clueless about him as a kid. Malcolm was barely surviving while living in the care of fraud people who made their living through a mysterious, hereditary power, while Barry was living a joyful, normal life with his birth parents. They were able to benefit from the miraculous healing powers of the mystical fire, known as the Blue Flame. Malcolm took a dark turn after learning that the Blue Flame derived its strength from feelings like hatred.

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene – Cobalt Blue

Malcolm had learned the truth about his biological family when he was young. He was extremely envious and angry of Barry after spying on him and seeing the lifestyle he had as the Flash. Later, the hatred served as Cobalt Blue’s motivation. Malcolm made the decision to harness the Blue Flame to trap his hate in a talisman in order to fully weaponize it. As a result, he was able to transform into a strong villain with the ability to absorb other people’s Speed Force energy, becoming a speedster in the process. Given that Cobalt Blue had additional abilities in addition to speed, he was able to defeat Barry in DC Comics. Malcolm had the ability to direct the Blue Flame’s energy in a variety of ways, one of which was the creation of a mystic sword.

The Flash Fans Wanted See Cobalt Blue For So Long

Cobalt Blue and Barry Allen have an exciting rivalry that Arrowverse viewers have long wanted would be featured in a live-action setting in The Flash. There have been rumors that Cobalt Blue will somehow enter the picture ever since The Flash’s first season. That excitement for his debut is partially a result of his exceptional skill set. Cobalt Blue isn’t seen as the straightforward evil counterpart to the Flash, unlike Eobard Thawne.

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene – Cobalt Blue and Flash in comics

He’s not just another speedy villain, after all. He is unlike any other speedsters Barry has faced in the Arrowverse thanks to his Blue Flame talent and magical ties. The speculation that Eddie Thawne actor Rick Cosnett would play him has increased interest in him as a nemesis for The Flash. That theory is accepted by the revelation that Eddie and Malcolm, in the contexts of the Arrowverse and DC Comics, are both distantly connected to Eobard.

Cobalt Blue Mean In The Flash Season 9

As mentioned before, Cobalt Blue is expected to be one of The Flash season 9’s two main antagonists and the next bearer of the Negative Speed Force. It’s likely that Cobalt Blue will only influence the storyline for the first or second half of The Flash season 9 based on how the series has handled villains in recent seasons. In terms of casting, Cosnett is a possibility, although it’s unclear how the show would approach reinventing his Eddie Thawne persona. Cobalt Blue being portrayed by a new actor makes a little more sense.

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene – The Flash

It appears that Cobalt Blue’s introduction to the Arrowverse will relate to Bart and Nora’s plot, irrespective of who plays the DC Comics antagonist. There’s a significant likelihood that his trip will start with X.S. as The Flash’s post-credits scene was set at about the same time that they are from. He could travel from the future to the present, much like Godspeed from season 7 of The Flash, to fight Barry Allen and his speedster kids, who might follow him to 2023.

Killer Frost’s Return With A New Actor

After several years of living in the same body, Caitlin and Frost had to learn to live separately in the eighth season of The Flash. After Caitlin mistakenly empowered a cosmic creature known as Deathstorm in her attempts to bring back her murdered husband, Ronnie Raymond, Frost gave her life to save Caitlin and the Earth. In search of a way to bring Frost back from death, Caitlin and Frost’s ex-boyfriend, former thief Mark “Chillblaine” Blaine, established an odd alliance.

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene – Mark Chillblaine

The results of their efforts were showcased in The Flash season 8’s finale as Chillblaine attempted to save Caitlin after his cryo-chamber failed to restore Frost’s consciousness from within Caitlin’s body. In the episode’s penultimate scene, the chamber was shown opening as a surprised Chillblaine questioned who the person within the pod was. In Caitlin’s voice, the person replied, “A friend, I believe.” Chillblaine’s reaction made it very clear that he had been hoping to meet Frost, but was surprised to see someone else in front of him. This implies that the characters of Frost and Caitlin Snow may be recast in season 9 of The Flash with a new actor.

Familiar Villains In The Flash Season 9

Wallace has now hinted at potential 2023 storylines for The Flash, despite the lack of information about season 9. The showrunner was questioned about the characters planned for The Flash season 9, especially the antagonists. Wallace stated that some very familiar classic enemies from the previous seasons of the Arrowverse saga are on their way, without providing any The Flash season 9 spoilers.

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene

The Flash Season 8 Post Credit Scene – Reverse-Flash

There are numerous options for returning previous characters in The Flash season 9, even if new Arrowverse villains will undoubtedly make an appearance the following year. The Rogues, which included figures like Heatwave, Captain Cold, The Trickster, Weather Wizard, and others, were frequently featured on The Flash over the years. Godspeed, who is presently imprisoned at ARGUS, was also reintroduced in The Flash season 7, opening the possibility of his future return. Wallace has also mentioned in prior interviews that he wishes to bring back Zoom in the future. Zoom is his favorite Flash enemy of all time.

It’s unclear at this point if The Flash season 9 will be the final season to air in the Arrowverse. Wallace and the writers should revisit some fan favorites when they wrap out the series, whenever that may be, considering that The Flash is drawing closer to its conclusion. There might only be room for a certain number of returning fan-favorites Arrowverse villains in The Flash season 9, but Wallace’s comments indicate that more than a few recognizable faces will appear to trouble Barry more.

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