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Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3 Release Date: Will Woo Young Give Up?

Extarordianry Woo Ep 3
Extraordinary Woo cr: Netflix

The upcoming Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3 will feature Woo Young fighting for another defendant who is also autistic. Many may think that Woo Young will have an easy slide to victory in this one, but the latest stills and clips released prove otherwise. Words fall short of describing how amazing this kdrama is. The lead actress Park Eun Bin who plays the role of Woo Young, is certainly in her prime. The actress was previously seen in the historical romance kdrama The King’s Affection, where she was seen playing a Joseon-era king and is now brilliantly playing an autistic genius in Extraordinary Attorney Woo.

Park Eun Bin has won all our hearts through the conventional roles that she is playing. The kdrama Extraordinary Attorney Woo will follow Woo Young, the first-ever autistic attorney in Korea, as she deals with various cases. Fans also sense a romantic love line blooming between her and the oh-so-charming Lee Joon Ho. No one missed his heart eyes when he saw Woo Young Woo in a wedding dress. Will he ask her out in Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3? Make sure you do not skip Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3 if you want to find out!

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3 Release Date

Fans got a taste of the impressive storyline of Extraordinary Attorney Woo kdrama, and now they can’t help but ask for more. Thankfully, Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3 will be released on 3rd July. The release date of Extraordinary Attorney Woo falls on a Wednesday, so make sure you keep your popcorn ready. The drama is an absolute delight to watch.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo

With the release of just a few episodes, Extraordinary Attorney has already broken multiple stereotypes. The second episode of the series revolved around a case where during a wedding, the bride’s dress slipped off. Later on in the episode, the bride confessed to being homosexual. The theme of the kdrama itself revolves around a conventional topic. Make sure you do not miss out on Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3!

Watch Extraordinary Attorney Woo Episode 3 Online – Streaming Details

Unlike other kdramas that air on a traditional television broadcasting network and also on an online streaming platform, Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be airing solely on Netflix. The kdrama consists of a total of sixteen episodes. Additionally, Extraordinary Attorney Woo will be dropping two new and exciting episodes on Wednesdays and Thursdays of each week. New episodes of the kdrama will be airing at 9:00 pm on Netflix according to Korean Standard Time.

Extraordinary Attorney Woo Ep 3

Extraordinary Attorney Woo cr: Netflix

For international viewers, the timings are 5:30 pm in India,8:00 am in the United States, 1:00 pm in the United Kingdom, and 10:00 pm in Australia. The episodes will be released with subtitles in more than a dozen languages so that no one is left out. All you need to watch the intriguing Extraordinary Attorney WooΒ  Episode 3 is a Netflix subscription, and you can tag along with Woo Young Woo as she takes on this new case in her own way.

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