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Kengan Omega Chapter 92 Release Date, Leaks, Spoilers, and Where To Read?

Kengan Omega

Earlier before the battle gets more, even Agito was smashing Lutian and tearing him apart. Lutain responded with a hummer’s fist that changed Agito’s face. The two started to exchanging powerful blows without blocking. At the stand, other Kengan Association fighters are shocked to see the changes of powerful blows. Koga is also surprised, and he is not sure what he is witnessing. The first eye helps him to see every technique that is happening quickly inside the ring. He is not aware that he posses that power.

The battle becomes confusing for everyone inside the building since they can’t tell who is winning or losing. Agito and Lutian manage to keep their ground standing in a fighting mode. The battle becomes fierce where it started to make Koga wonder why he can keep up with the fight. But he does not have an idea of what is going inside the ring. Witnessing Agito’s true strength, he realizes that he was the top dog of Kengan Matches. Let’s see who will dominate today’s battle below.

Kengan Omega Chapter 92 Release Date and Recap

Kengan Omega Chapter 92 will be released on Thursday, 7 January 2021. This Manga releases a new chapter every Thursday unless it changes its weekly schedule.  Check the recent update of the battle here, Kengan Omega Chapter 91. Allow me to take you to the updates of Kengan Omega down below.

Kengan Omega

Kengan Omega

Previously on Kengan Omega Chapter 91

Earlier, the commentators announce that five minutes have already passed, and the fight is still 50/50. Agito decided to move back so that he can get a chance to get an opening for his counterattack. Lutian asks if Agito has noticed the difference between them. Agito recalls when he survived the Gu chamber and become the student of Tokita Niko. He knows that he trained hard, and he has better techniques than Lutian since he managed to escape the Chambers.

Lutian tells Agito that it’s Tokita Niko who has left the Niko style. Niko was Agito and Lutian’s teacher, and he helps them master the ultimate technique called formless. Lutian said that he is the one who has master formless technique better, and he knows the reason why it is formless. He claims that he can use it better than Agito. Agito decided that he has to prove Lutian wrong and show him the true power of his martial arts.

The battle continues with Lutian charging toward Agito and landed a power right hook on Agito’s face. Agito manages to block the second one and leans down, trying to read Lutian moves. He landed a powerful body blow that moves Lutian backward and continues to shower him with blows. Koga thinks that Agito will win, and Ohma is focusing on the blows that Agito is throwing.

The Worm

At the ring Lutian smiles saying that the acme of martial arts is pathetic. He gets down to the ground trying to unleash something, and Kazuo notices that. Kazuo warns Agito to stand on his toes and not let Lutian take control. At the stage, Xia Ji met with Edward Wu, who grabs him by the collar, asking if he is not hiding anything. He also said that he couldn’t stand worms, and Xia Ji replies that he is not hiding anything.

Xia Ji said that he didn’t know that Lutian was a worm and realizes that he has to lie to hide the truth. Xia Ji recalls when he met with Lutian for the first. He asks him to join him and explains how he will move to the top chain and become the worms’ head. That day the two talked about the Gu ritual, and Xia Ji wanted to use Lutian for his benefit. Lutian agrees until one day he kills all the members and spare Xia Ji.

After killing everyone one Lutian comments that he like the way, Xia Ji does things since he can do anything to achieve his goal. He let Xia Ji with a warning and that he must work hard as a worm. Back to the present, Xia Ji is still grabbed by collars. Edward Wu wants Xia Ji to reveal the truth about Lutian. Xia realizes that he should have killed Lutian when he has a chance since Lutian doesn’t have a shred of loyalty to the worm. Back to the battle, Agito realizes that Lutian is a loose cannon.

The Fang of Metsudo

The two continue to exchange blow, and Kazuo notice that Lutian has dodged a finishing blow. The two continue to be at the same level. Tokita Ohma tells Koga to look closely, and Koga is surprised how Lutian is blocking all of the strikes. Agito got cornered and wait for a chance to counter when he attacks, he misses and gets taken down. Lutian jumps trying to land an elbow that hits the ground after Agito moves.

They both took the fight to the ground, and Agito manages to hold Lutian hands. He is trying to make an armbar so that Lutian will tap, and Lutian manages to defend it. He then powers slam Agito and bangs him with the ground, which worries Kazuo. Kazuo can’t believe that the Fang of Metsudo is getting bullied, and he is in danger. Agito is lying on his back, receiving feet stomps from Lutian that might put him to sleep any moment.

Okubo is worried that not even Agito’s martial arts are working. He is worried about how Agito will get out of the trap, and Gaolang tells him to calm down. Lutian teases Agito, asking him if he is done already or there is something wrong with him. Agito protects his face saying Lutian is the one who is done already. Agito is aiming to make a comeback and finish the fight quickly. Lutian continues to smile, thinking that he is in control of everything.

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