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Best Romantic Anime Series To Watch – All Time Good 2020

Darling in the Franxx

In anime, we deal with a wide variety. When you thought that the anime was just about scare, mecha, action, think differently. Romance happens in all sorts of contexts, and so do people’s desires in the romantic TV series. Some people love real romantic anime, some like romcoms, and others seem to cry a lot. Luckily, you will find any of these in anime — sometimes all of them in a display. The genres of anime are different and romantic is a common genre. The romantic genre is further divided into many subgenres, and there’s enough for everybody. On the one hand, you have light-hearted romantic comedies and, on the other, grim romances.

Best Romantic Anime Series To Watch

Romance can be part of all manner of stories; from life comedies to science-fiction adventures to everything in between. Love will get people to do insane stuff! Some make us scream, some make us weep, some make us remember. Read on to discover ten unforgettable titles that no romantic anime fan can forget!

1. Your Lie In April

Adapted from Naoshi Arakawa’s manga series, Your Lie in April is a series about passion, lust, loss, and survival. It is a music-centric feature of life animation, serious rather than simple and light-hearted. Kōsei Arima, a piano prodigy, suffers from intense depression after his mother died, leaving him unable to remember the piano note. He changed his heart when he met a young violinist named Kaori Miyazono and started to relive his love for music and life. It’s a beautiful tale of passion, music, and free-spirited life that will make you feel emotional and make you crave more. This is a musically and visually stunning series featuring stunning musical scores and a beautiful presentation of the heart-breaking loss of children.

2. Hatena Illusion

The romantic and magical anime has already ended in the winter of the 2020 season. The show’s got ecchi features. The Children’s Playground Entertainment has embraced Hatena Illusion and premiered in the winter of 2020 The anime was airing its first season in June. Makoto Shiranui is searching for a world-class magician, Mamoru Hoshisato. Makoto and his childhood friend Kana Hoshisato, known as Hatena, live in Tokyo, where Makoto learns that there is more to life than just sorcery. After a few problems, Makoto has been reunited with Hatena, but when they were young, things were not the same.

3. Kids On Slope

If Watanabe is a name you don’t know right now, well, mate, you’re missing. Driven by none other than Watanabe, Kids on the Slope tells a coming-of-age tale wrapped up in the drama, self-discovery, and, most notably, jazz. Set in Japan in 1966, Kids on the Slope follows Kaoru Nishimi who, because of his father’s working situation, travels to the small seaside town of Sasebo. A traditional honor student, it wasn’t until he formed a bond with the legendary delinquent Sentarō Kawabuchi that he found expression in the free-form and innovative essence of jazz. With performances by Chet Baker, Duke Ellington, Billie Holiday, Nina Simone, Bill Evans, John Coltrane, and more, Kids on the Slope is a master lesson in the compassionate influence of jazz.

4. Rent-A-Girlfriend

You’ll be shocked to hear that Rent-A-Girlfriend is based on a real-world operation in Japan. It’s a service where you can recruit a girl to be your girlfriend for a day. The service that inspired the developers to create this anime. The anime contains some of the best-written characters. It’s a romantic anime that’s going to keep you interested in the characters and plot in particular. Kazuya Kinoshita is a college student who is mentally disturbed after being abandoned by her mother. He seeks to ease the hole in his heart by leasing a friend from a popular mobile app. At first, Chizuru Mizuhara seems to be the right girl for everything he may want: a lovely look and a soft, caring spirit. Kazuya sees her profile and finds mixed feedback.

5. Beastars

A major winner from 2019, BEASTARS isn’t even classified as a romance, but given all the action revolves on Legoshi the wolf’s infatuation with Haru the bunny and the subsequent inner chaos that it entails, it’s hard to believe it’s not a love drama. Don’t let the adorable animals confuse you, this anime can get pretty dark and brainy, even with its most simple aspects. Anthropomorphic species live in peace, carnivores and herbivores get together, and culture has found a way to make it function. It all changes when a carnivore attacks and eats one of the Cherryton Academy Drama Club members that Legoshi is part of. When Legoshi is on patrol at night at a club meeting after the attack, he feels there may be an attacker, attacking a passing shadow. Stopping right before the killing step, he discovers that she’s a little bunny girl! He lets her go, and they’re all going their own way, but Legoshi knows that he has deep feelings for this girl.

6. Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai

Many of us have heard the saying, “One can not really love another unless they can love themselves,” and Rascal Does Not Dream of Bunny Girl Senpai takes the extra supernatural mile to exemplify it. Puberty Syndrome — IRL — is normally full of anguish, insecurity, uncertainty, anxiety, and other mixed feelings, but in Rascal / Senpai (it’s too long to work with me here) those emotions take on a physical shape, afflicting teenagers at Sakuta High School at an unprecedented pace. Having endured an especially painful and unexplained bout of sickness, he is able to recognise and support the girls in his school who are still dealing with it. In particular, Mai, who becomes invisible to all but Sakuta, sets the stage for an out-of-the-ordinary romance. Mai is a beautifully patient girlfriend, and the interactions between her and Sakuta are both mature and adorable at the same time. There’s also a sequel to the movie and a spinoff, but there’s something to enjoy!

7. Clannad

Widely regarded as one of the most popular Kyoto Animation titles, Clannad was released in the fall of 2007. The school life-romance anime, adapted from the graphic novel by Clannad, follows Tomoya Okazaki. Tomoya encounters a number of girls who share time with both of them in high school. Yet he is fond of the shy Nagisa Furukawa. Tomoya learns that Nagisa has cancer and is trying to revive the drama club. Tomoya helps Nagisa to make her dream come true with the aid of the other girls she meets with. Clannad has been running for two seasons and for 23 episodes.

8. Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon?

Is It Wrong To Try And Pick Up Girls In A Dungeon? Also known as DanMachi might have been interesting for the title alone, but it’s a very believable tale full of complex characters and individual stories! Bell is a rather compelling character who we want to see succeed regardless of its intent. And despite the title insinuating that there are a lot of beautiful girls to flirt with, we rarely ever see him genuinely trying to romance with any of his female companions. Rather, the story is about trying to improve and be the better version of yourself. It is written and illustrated by Fujino Omori and Suzuhito Yasuda. The story is mainly made up of people in societies called “Familia” that are ruled by gods and goddesses who go on a dungeon-crawling and fighting monsters.

9. Darling in the Franxx

Do you trust in your soulmates or in your fateful matches? If you do, you will love DARLING in the FRANXX. In the far future, creatures called Klaxxosaurs have brought mankind to near extinction. The best way to combat them is through mechs named FranXX, which must be piloted in boy-girl pairs by teenagers who are born and bred exclusively for that purpose so that they know nothing outside of the schooling and life in the “plantations” in which they work. Hiro is one of those adolescents, and after failing his test, he’s going to feel sorry for himself at a lake where he meets a pretty nude girl named Zero Two. Zero Two is the opposite of him and has never lost a fight. But every husband of hers has died. Forced to combine forces to survive, Hiro and Zero Two find that they fit very well together in the FranXX and actually beat the enemy! From here on, it’s a battle of love and desire vs. the powers that be and the insecurities brought on two teenagers raised on lies in a harsh world.

10. Your Name

Your Name won eight awards between 2016 and 2018 and has been nominated for at least double that amount. Undoubtedly beautifully beautiful, the film also offers an allegory for the emotions that all of us encounter while dissatisfied in our lives as well as what happens while two people’s lives are entangled. This is the only title that we felt we needed to be back on the list since it has been critically praised by fans, reviewers, and even others who don’t usually watch anime alike. Mitsuha lives and fears the countryside of Japan. She wants to live in the bustling city of Tokyo and is usually unhappy about her life condition. Meanwhile, Taki, a Mitsuha boy, lives in the heart of Tokyo and is working towards a career in architecture. One day, they wake up in each other’s bodies with no reason and no idea where they are or whose body they are in. They’re swapping back and forth, and both of them are trying to locate clues to find each other and figure out what’s going on.

11. Toradora!

Takasu Ryuji is a second-year high school student who is mostly deceived as a thief because of his gangster-like appearance. His best mate is Kitamura Yusaku, vice president of the student council, class delegate, and captain of the boys’ softball team. Ryuji is crushed by Kushieda Minori, captain of the Cheerful Girls Softball team as a result of furious outbursts, Aisaka Taiga has become her best mate, a short, fiery girl known as the Palmtop Tiger. Taiga lives on her own, working with, and constantly dealing with, her father and stepmother. Taiga has a crush on Yusaku, so they’re teaming up to get their friends together while Ryuji and Taiga learn about each other’s crush on their respective best friends. Toradora! Toradora! It’s a familiar story about friends growing up and changing in spite of the struggles they encounter together.

12. His and Her Circumstances

It also is known as Kare Kano, tell the love story of two apparently ideal students who are secretly incredibly deficient individuals. Yukino Miyazawa thrives on praise and privately considers himself a queen of ego. She encounters the model student Soichiro Arima, who begins to take care of her, and is determined to put him down immediately. Arima learns her lie and extorts her, exposing a new side of himself. They’re developing friendship and finally romance. Together they grow to feel more relaxed with their true selves and to recognize who they actually are, at least with each other. The personalities of the offbeat, the two-faced main characters, and the special manner in which they cope with their issues, distinguish His and Her Situations from other shoujo romances. The romance in this anime is also believable and genuine. As a tip, the anime ends abruptly, and you’re going to have to turn to the Manga to continue the plot.

13. My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU

Also known as OreGairu, My Teen Romantic Comedy SNAFU is already a popular romantic series about beginning its 3rd season, so you know there’s something positive about it. Two apathetic, antisocial teens — Hachiman and Yukino — are disciplined for being forced to attend a school club that supports students. Romance anime always has pretty, peppy girls as the main heroines and a perfectly standard guy as the main leader. The essence of Hachiman and Yukino is refreshing in romantic anime to those who have expressed their apathetic feelings whenever they can identify with characters in school. Of course, the pair and the other club members mature into stronger people, but not without becoming a little closer every day.


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