Fire Country Episode 15: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

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Fire Country Episode 13 recap
Fire Country Episode 14 Release Date

Fire Country Episode 15 release date is sooner than you might expect. Fans of this show have been waiting for this episode to drop as soon as possible, and here it is. A recap of the last episode is provided for those who missed the same.

The owner of a housing and construction company, Neil Wallace, plans to use tree cutting to construct condos. In the area, a protest is being held peacefully by locals as opposed to an event that has been planned.

In case of an accident, Jake, Eve, and rookie Collin from Cal Fire Station 42 are also there. Eve warns Jake that if Bode gives his kidney to his mother, he won’t be allowed to return to Three Rock and will instead serve the remainder of his time in prison while recovering.

While discussing it, a protester tosses a Molotov cocktail into Neil Wallace’s temporary office, setting it on fire. Jake & Eve put out the flames with the help of fire extinguishers, which Collin quickly rushes to deliver.

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Recap of Fire Country

Manny and the others at Three Rock celebrate Bode’s birthday. Bode informs Manny that he passed the donor’s psychological assessment. This implies he is one step closer to getting the go-ahead to give his mother a kidney. Manny appreciates it.

Fire Country Episode 14 recap
A still from the show.

Bode advises him to inform his child Gabriela that he is working on getting well, but Manny says he isn’t ready for it yet. Sharon and Vince are having a French toast to honor Bode’s birthday. In exchange for the huge sum of money Neil has committed to pay to Cal Fire Station 42 and its refurbishment, Sharon begs Vince to take a picture for Neil.

Even if it means that they have authorized Neil’s idea, which involves cutting down trees, the money will greatly assist the team. At the train station, Eve, Jake, and Gabriela are conversing informally about their romantic relationships.

While Eve makes it apparent that her profession is her primary goal, Gabriela encourages Jake to pursue Cara if he has that opinion about her. When Vince gets there, he greets Neil Wallace and shakes his hand. A little while later, someone yells “fire,” and Vince discovers Wallace’s automobile is on fire.

Wallace thinks this is just another assault like the Molotov-related one, but Vince knows it better. The exhaust system in Wallace’s automobile, which transforms hazardous fumes from the combustion engine into less-dangerous gases, has been running hot and has caused the dry grass beneath it to catch fire. Wallace’s vehicle has been operating for an hour.

Fire Country Episode 14 recap
Fire Country’s recap.

Vince makes a backup radio call. The car is engulfed in flames, and the blaze quickly engulfs nearby plants and trees. Eve, Gabriela, Jake, & Colin arrive in a fire engine shortly after. Vince and Jake go into the forest to remove the protesters there as Eve, Gabriela, and Colin assist with the pump. Soon after, Three Rock also shows up at the location.

To supervise the overall operations, Sharon has also come. She assigns Manny and his guys to help Vince in the jungle. Eve is given a chance to assist Sharon with disaster response by Sharon. Or follow the Division Chief around. 

Jake and Vince arrive at the location where the apartments will be constructed. There are protesters chanting slogans and a spread of machines and logs. People decide to flee when they see black smoke because they understand how serious the situation is.

Tatum M. has physically fastened herself to a tree using a unique gadget she created out of screws, wiring, and mesh. Sadly, she is trapped and unable to free her hands. Vince requests the use of the extrication equipment as the fire approaches.

Gabriela and Collin are sent by Eve, following Sharon and carrying a medical kit and other supplies. Another rookie is instructed to make sure Wallace’s car is completely out of commission. 

Fire Country Episode 15: Release Date

Fire Country Episode 15 release date is March 3, 2023. Fire Country Episode 15 will premiere via CBS at 9 pm in the US. Fans from abroad can stream Fire Country Episode 15 at 8 pm CST, 2 am GMT (March 4), 7.30 am IST (March 4), and 1 pm AEDT (March 4)

Fire Country Episode 15: Where to watch

Fire Country Episode 15 will premiere via Pluto TV, Paramount +, and Fubo TV at the times we listed above. The watchers from around the world have to match their times with the ones listed here to watch the episode when it comes out in their regions. Paramount+ will cost around 10 dollars while Pluto TV will cost a watcher nothing.

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