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Choi Han-bit Dating History: Dating Life Of The South Korean Model

Choi Han-bit Dating History
Choi Han-bit

If you are eager to know about Choi Han-bit Dating History, you are at the right place. Choi Han-bit is a model, actress, and singer from South Korea. She is a part of the Mercury girl group from South Korea. She earned a degree in traditional Korean dance from the School of Dance at the Korean National University of Arts in Seoul. In 2006, Choi had male-to-female sex reassignment surgery with the help of her parents. In South Korea, she changed her given name to Han-bit and obtained legal female status.

In an interview, Choi stated that she has “a wonderful memory of the past before the procedure” but also claimed that “living with the female body itself offered me the greatest feeling of happiness.” She had made an appearance on Yoo Jae-Jinsil suk’s Game on the Seoul Broadcasting System (SBS) in 2005 before having surgery. She competed on Cycle 3 of Korea’s Next Top Model, where she came tenth. Here is everything we know about Choi Han-bit Dating History.

Choi Han-bit Dating History

Choi Han-bit

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Choi Han-bit Dating History

Here is everything we know about Choi Han-bit Dating History. Currently, she is not known to be dating anyone. Yes, she is single as of now. Even in the past, she has not revealed much about her love life. Seems like she is much focused on her work and hasn’t crossed this road yet. Or maybe she prefers to keep her personal life private, we can only deduce things at our level. At this moment, we can only hope that the Korean star comes soon give her fans the news of her dating.

Model Choi Han-bit is a part of Mercury, a female group under Gaon Entertainment that made its debut in 2016 but is now thought to have broken up the same year or the year after. Choi attracted recognition for being open about her transgender identity, especially for having gender confirmation surgery in 2006 with her parents’ full support.

In an interview with The Korea Times, she stated, “I have found numerous sexual minorities who isolated themselves from society to avoid public exposure.” “I’d want to suggest that they come out and not hide. It’s practically hard to influence people’s sentiments toward us when we dread public notice.

She participated in the 2009 season of the SBS television program Supermodel Contest. Some viewers believed that her participation was unjust, however, SBS defended its choice by asserting that to disqualify her would be a “violation of human rights.” She continued her career as a professional model today and went on to compete in the third season of Korea’s Next Top Model in 2012. This was all about Choi Han-bit Dating History.

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When Did Choi Han-bit Debut?

Choi Han Bit, a well-known transgender model, had his K-pop idol debut in 2016. One of the three members of Mercury is Choi, who made an appearance on “Korea’s Next Top Model, Cycle 3” in 2012. The group’s debut song, “Don’t Stop,” was made public in South Korea. Produced by OTHANKQ, “Don’t Stop” is a pounding electro-dance track.

The additional two Mercury members are Hyena and Sehee. The idea behind the girl group is that each member sings and has a body like a model. Choi is a K-pop sensation because of her prior experience performing and singing. She studied traditional Korean dance in college and released the solo album “Not My Style” in 2015.

The first transsexual K-pop star wasn’t Han Bit. The first notable transgender person in Korea is Harisu (Lee Kyung Eun). Harisu gained notoriety in 2001 after making an appearance in a DoDo cosmetics campaign. She has released several albums and made numerous film and television appearances. Meanwhile, from 2005 to 2007, the transgender K-pop group Lady was active. The band Mercury made its debut on March 7.

Choi Han-bit Dating History

Choi Han-bit

Choi was immediately qualified as a professional model since she was one of the SBS 32 finalists. Despite this, Choi asserts that she was the victim of prejudice in the modeling profession after being turned down for a fashion show for an unspecified reason. Choi has declared a desire to become an actor and has made several television appearances since competing in the Super Model Contest. She has stated that she intends to adopt two children and get married around the age of thirty.

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