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Sonic Hedgehog: Release Date, Cast, and Reboot Details

Sonic Hedgehog
Sonic Hedgehog

Sonic Hedgehog is coming to the cinemas. The project had got it’s share of backslash and is going to have a real makeover before hitting our screens. The movie is an adventure comedy film and is based in a video game franchise. Jeff Fowler directs the film and Pat Casey does the screenplay along with Josh Miller. Sony Pictures got the rights to the franchise. After that, a movie adaption was put in development.

The filming occurred between July and October. The locations include Ladysmith, Parksville, British Columbia, and Canadia.

What is Sonic Hedgehog Release Date?

Sonic Hedgehog is all set to be released on 14th February 2020. Earlier it was stated to be released on 8th November, but that was delayed, and now we have got a final date for the movie.

What is Sonic Hedgehog Plot?

The movie is made by the team who also made the Fast and the Furious franchise. It is directed by Jeff Fowler. The film revolves around Sheriff Tom Wachowski, who has to help an extraterrestrial blue hedgehog to run at the speeds of sonic. He has to escape the evil Dr.  Eggman. The trailer of the movie caused some controversies like why does Sonic has human teeth and that his eyes are too small with a strange look. In fact, he does not look like a hedgehog at all. The controversies were about how he didn’t resemble the real character, as we had seen in the video games.

The director even replied to the critics and audiences and said that the team would bring changes in the designing of the character because they are committed to this and want to bring the best out of it.


Sonic Hedgehog

The visual effects are the main highlight of the movie that is created by Moving Picture Company and some other studios. The team tried their best to create a realistic version of Sonic with furs and sneakers. They managed to make a human-like figure. They could not add clothes because the fur was enough to give him his real identity.

Who will we see in Sonic Hedgehog cast?

The voice behind Sonic is Ben Schwartz, and Jim Carrey plays Dr. Eggman. We can also see James Marsden, who is going to help Sonic.

Sonic fans are desperate to watch their old character returning as a real creature with his own story to tell. The movie is expected to make somewhere around $41-$47 million by its four-day opening. The movie might also be just a start, and we can expect a series of movies ahead, and even Carrey said that he would love to take part in another Sonic movie in the future.

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