Are Larray And Noah Beck Dating? The Breakup That Shocked Everyone

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Noah Beck

Larray and Noah Beck, famous TikTokers, hug it out in a restaurant after meeting and finally talk about putting an end to their ongoing beef with each other. Both of them have been in beef for a little time now. The famous TikTok stars clashed on allegedly ghosting each other and embarrassing meetings where both of them exchanged harsh language.

Both of them decided to discuss their matter in a restaurant they liked. In the video that surfaced, the internet Larray was seen discussing the beef with Noah Beck. The interviewer asked many questions concerning their relationships and their future relationship. Larray answers that both of them are fine now and goes into the restaurant behind him.

A few moments later, Noah was also seen arriving at the restaurant with a friend. He spoke about the beef and told me that all this was just a misunderstanding. At the same moment, Larray comes outside the restaurant, and the interviewer sees him. He asks him to address Noah. Larray and Noah hug each other and seem to be friendly before going back into the restaurant.

Noah Beck

Both of them answered all the questions asked by the interviewers. Later, after a few hours, Noah and Larray walked out of the restaurant with both of their arms locked. They both looked like the beef never existed in the first place. Larry leaves Noah, and he promises to make more TikTok content with his old pal. At the end of the questionnaire, Noah said that it was Larray’s idea to meet him in the restaurant.

Noah was also looking forward to ending their harsh beef and came to the restaurant quickly as he could. The outcome of the meeting was positive. They ended their beef and will soon plan on making videos together. For those of you who are still wondering, they both are not dating, and their restaurant meeting was to put an end to their ongoing beef. 

Is Noah Beck Single?

It is unclear if he is dating or single. Ex-sway house fellow in the podcast put a Sock in It, cohost, clearly told that Noah is living a single life right now, in their show on October 2022. Larry asked his thoughts on dating, how does he feel, and whether it is public or not?

In return, Noah said that he also doesn’t know and he is spending his life alone, he got a place all by himself, and periodically he feels satisfied at his home. 


Who is Larray Dating?

Many of his several TikTok friends have gone through many relationships and breakups. On the other hand, Larray has been in a romance for some time now. Larray is dating Brady Potter, who is a model, and they have been dating since 2019, but they came out to the public after a few months of dating.

In 2019 summer, Brady came out as bisexual, and he told later in a YouTube vlog in October that he was dating Larray. Since then, both Brady and Larry have been seen uploading content together on TikTok, YouTube, and on Instagram. 

Did Larray Breakup with Brady?

By TikTok levels, Brady and Larray have been under the radar for a long time now, but both of them have been telling about their breakup through bits and pieces on their social media accounts. On an Instagram account on 2nd March, Brady uploaded two pictures, and in one picture, he showed his middle finger and said that he forgot to forgive him (Larray).

On the post, one fan asked him if he was doing okay, to which he replied it’s messed up, he is good, but this is life, and replied that he hopes that you are doing well too. Some of the fans assumed that the post to that caption was a shot at Larray, but others believed that it was a general comment on himself.

On the other hand, Larray hinted that there is a bit of drama in the relationship. He also kept referring to another YouTuber, Nailea Devora as his girlfriend on his Instagram feed and on his YouTube channel. In a photo of him and Naile on Instagram, he asked who wanted to come to the wedding.

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