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Physical Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date: Sheila Wants More!

Physical Season 2 Episode 8
Physical Season 2 Episode 8

This recap of the popular Apple TV+ serial Physical Season 2 Episode 9 picks up from the mental breakdown we saw in last week’s episode. We are building up with the series’ momentum as the main protagonists keep up with their story arc’s inner demons. For one part, Danny reassesses his life. For another, Sheila wants to succeed even further, and we see more from Vincent Green.

Physical is an 80s-era dark comedy-drama. It centers on a housewife who finally rejects the tedium of her domestic existence. Much of the humor in the show comes from Sheila’s biting inner monologue and the ridiculous situations she finds herself in due to her covert scheme to build a home video workout empire. The self-deprecating woman also has to deal with a belligerent husband who can’t let go of his earlier free-love “hippie” days and a crippling eating disorder that leaves them penniless along the way.

Physical Season 2 Episode 8

Here’s what went down in the last episode

Physical Season 2 Episode 8 Recap

Sheila disobeys her husband’s advice in the episode’s opening scene by visiting Vinnie Green’s rather than enrolling herself in rehab. But Sheila, who consistently prioritizes her career over her own health, knew this was in the cards. She accepts Vincent’s earlier proposal and expresses how humbling it would be to collaborate with the TV star. Sheila extends her hand to shake on the deal, but he rejects the idea and instead takes her on a whirlwind tanning session where we learn a little more about both fitness instructors’ imprisoned psyches.

Wanda expels Danny from his own environmental group, and he takes it personally. She asserts that he has no interest in protecting the local environment. In fact, he concurs with her when he gives this statement some thought. Danny strolls to the shore while listening to Elton John loudly through his headphones. He is open with nature, confessing his avarice and disinterest in the cause. The politician then makes the decision to atone for his actions, merging with nature and diving into the water.

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Tyler & Bunny

Bunny and Tyler scramble to get ready for their quick getaway. They want to remain undetected in Mexico while spending the money they obtained through blackmail and evading justice. Before leaving, Tyler wants to say goodbye to the beach, and at this point, their storyline converges with Danny’s. Danny is drowning in the sea when Tyler notices him and jumps in to save him. Danny extends a dinner invitation to the couple because he feels he owes them something. The couple press him for honesty, but he lies and says Sheila is away at a spa resort.

Sheila Follows Vinnie Around

Sheila spends the day following Vinnie around as he goes about his demanding work schedule. She sees him assault an employee before he flaunts his lavish home. He reintroduces us to his partner Marika (Anna Gunn from Breaking Bad). Sheila finds it horrifying that Vinnie’s controlling business partner and fictitious wife has discovered a new foe among them. Later, Sheila is on the phone with Danny when Vinnie overhears her continuing to lie about the treatment center. Then he takes her to see his train set and jukebox-equipped man cave. Despite being imprisoned in the garage, the fitness guru plays down Marika’s influence over him.

Vinnie Takes Some Pills

After taking some pills, Vinnie and Sheila start to talk to one another. Sheila finally gives him a full confession, confessing to being a bulimic, hearing voices in her head, having an affair with a married man, and having been molested as a young child. After dancing off their worries, Sheila turns the tables and presses Vinnie for information. His sexuality and true relationship with Marika are only hinted at; he isn’t as forthcoming.

Danny Reads His Journals

Danny reads from his journals as he professes his love for literature and hatred of politics. He admits that Sheila cheated on him and that his campaigning was for nothing. Danny was not prepared for Tyler’s shocking revelation that Sheila had been having an affair with his archenemy all along, which only serves to worsen the ex-already politician’s depressed mood.

The Result

Sheila travels with Vinnie to an infomercial shoot. He has been debating what to wear with Marika all day, and with his new best friend by his side, he finally confronts her. But it doesn’t last long, and he soon finds himself sobbing on the set of the shoot, pleading with her to go look for Marika on his behalf. Sheila is upset with herself for letting her guard down and falling for this con. She screams at herself in the car, admitting that her bipolar disorder is out of control and that she is not mentally healthy.

Danny visits Sheila in her rehab facility in the final scene, but the receptionist tells him that Sheila Rubin is not listed as a patient there. It is obvious from Danny’s expression that he has been duped. Physical has certainly stepped up its game in recent episodes, putting out a second standout episode in a row. I’m hoping that this trend continues in the season’s remaining episodes.

Physical Season 2 Episode 8

Several of the show’s funniest moments come from Sheila’s biting inner monologue.

Where To Watch Physical?

Physical is an Apple TV+ original series. As such, the only place to get it is on that platform via a subscription.

Physical Season 2 Episode 9 Release Date

The ninth episode of Season 2 of Physical will air on Friday, July 29 at around 9 p.m. (PT), 12 a.m. (ET), and 5 a.m. (GMT). Naturally, a lot depends on how quickly Apple posts new episodes. But be prepared for this to happen pretty soon after the release date.

The chapter “Don’t You Want To Get Better” from Physical Season 2 Episode 9 is also available with subtitles. The duration of this is supposed to be 28 minutes.

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