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The Starry Love Episode 39 & 40: Release Date, Spoilers & How To Watch

The Starry Love Episode 39 preview
The Starry Love

The release date for The Starry Love episodes 39 and 40 has been set. Fans of this Chinese drama are eager to learn more about the streaming details and a recap of the most recent episode. We will reveal the release date and streaming guide for The Starry Love episodes 39 and 40.

We saw that Laughing Wind incites disputes between Wudai and Dingyun under the guise of romanticism. Concubine Li might not be kept in the dark; the concubine’s mom can easily observe. She wanted her son to fall in love and become as commonplace as ever after Concubine Xue and Xiaofeng were labeled criminally enslaved people.

Despite his best efforts, Xiaofeng could not forget how Princess Li had falsely accused her and how they had compelled their mother and son to flee Shen Yuan Palace. Concubine Xue was concerned that her son might disintegrate if he carried on in this manner, but Xiaofeng was adamant about moving forward.

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A Quick Recap

Concubine Li had already easily noticed the scenario and surmised that Xiaofeng was responsible for all the coincidences and computations. She and Dingyun have previously neglected Xiaofeng, providing him with yet another opening. Concubine Li already had a solution and shared it with Dingyun.

The Starry Love Episode 39 preview

A still from the show. Cr: Youku

It was a powerful spell that should be tested using something other than the book bag. Thus, he only instructed the yet puppet to wear skimpy clothing—spell levels. Ye Tan put much effort into his studies but unintentionally cast a spell on Shaodian Youqin, giving him an afro for a head. Ye Tan grinned, apologized, and swiftly fled, while Shaodian Youqin was so furious that his face was disfigured.

Di Lanjue eventually waited for the wind to blow, then launched himself into the heavens. However, the wind was too strong, and he crashed into a temple, breaking his leg. They carried a tiny milk dog back into the Nongqing Pavilion. Di Lan wanted to pretend to be a wolf but couldn’t know because he had become a human.

Ye Tan worked hard to perfect her fairy art, but her performance was only average. Shaodian Youqin attended the examination in person because she was concerned that she might fail the exam. Ye Tan kept hoping that the exam questions would be puppet costumes before Shangshu Nang Qingli Xingjun published them, but they became Fengchun Technique.

Shaodian Youqin clumsily turned his head aside as she glared at him. Lord Qingzhi Xing performed the spell of eliminating the phony and preserving the real before the exam to assure fairness. After going through the gate, everyone who used the magic on themselves would revert to their former look.

Ye Tan was blessed with a beautiful face; he still had that face when he passed through the doorway. The people in his immediate vicinity sighed in sympathy. Half of the time for an incense stick had elapsed before the assessment started, and Yetan’s deciduous trees were unaltered. She regained her composure and thought about Shaodian Youqin’s spell working.

The dead wood eventually sprouted new shoots after much effort. Additionally, Ye Tan advanced quickly, surprising everyone in attendance by fusing puppetry and spring art to transform plants into birds. She was previously going to receive the first course from Qingli Xingjun, but due to Ye Tan’s disrespectful stares and sarcastic remarks, she was demoted by one level.

The Starry Love Episode 39 preview

A still from the show. Cr: Youku

Meanwhile, Ye Tan switched from receiving the first class to receiving the first class. Grades are irrelevant to Ye Tan as much as he can access the book bag. Several soldiers in Shen Yuan’s troops started spreading rumors that the courtesies Chu and Xiaofeng were getting close under the direction of Princess Li.

Xiaofeng is nearly healthy, but Qing Kui frequently visits to treat his ailment. To allow Qing Kui to get closer to him, he appears to be ill. Qing Kui’s making vegetable pancakes, especially for him, made Xiao Feng think back to the trying times since he could only eat regularly. Wudai arrived hostile and became more enraged when she saw Qingkui healing Xiaofeng’s wounds in this location.

Qing Kui Zhai is willing to test Wu Dai with his medical knowledge and has a good heart. If she triumphs, it will demonstrate that Shen’s tabooing of medicinal practice is unwise. Qing Kui administered Wu Dai with a few needles before the challenge. Everyone assumed that, given her petite frame, she wouldn’t withstand Wu’s move.

The Starry Love Episodes 39 & 40: Release Date

The release date for Starry Love Episodes 39 and 40 is March 10, 2023. The Starry Love Episodes 39 and 40 will debut at 7.30 p.m. CST in Beijing via JSTV. While fans from other regions can stream the movie at:

  • Fans from India can watch the episode at 5 p.m. Indian Standard Time.
  • Fans from Australia can watch the episode at 10.30 p.m. Australian Eastern Daylight Time.
  • Fans from the UK can watch the episode at 11.30 a.m. Greenwich Mean Time

The Starry Love Episodes 39 and 40: How To Watch

The Starry Love episodes 39 & 40 will stream via Youku and ZJTV at times specified above. Fans must register with these streaming options to watch the show at the appropriate time for their respective regions.

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