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D.P. K-Drama Cast Adorable Moments: Jung Hae In And Koo Kyo Hwan’s Bromance!

D.p. kdrama adorable moments

D.P. K-Drama moments are filled with humorous, adorable, and emotional scenes from the beginning to the end. However, the main credit goes to D.P. K-Drama cast members, especially Jung Hae In and Koo Kyo Hwan. Their cute bromance is like a breath of fresh air in the heavy plotline of D.P. The drama follows Private An Jun Ho and Corporal Han Ho Yeol as the two embark on a mission to capture deserters.

The military k-drama D.P. is directed and written by Han Jun Hee. It is adapted from the Lezhin webcomic ‘D.P.: Gaeui Nal’ by Kim Bo Tong. The series starred Jung Hae In, Koo Kyo Hwan, Kim Sung Kyun, and Son Seok Koo as the main leads. Furthermore, it narrates the story of a team of Korean military police with their mission to catch deserters. Therefore, it shows many horrifying scenes such as bullying, hazing, survival of the fittest mindset, etc. Nevertheless, the chemistry of D.P. K-Drama cast members brings out many emotional, amusing, and cute scenes!

Therefore, we have picked some of the short but adorable D.P. K-Drama moments showing how Ahn Jun Ho and Park Seom Gu’s stiffy relationship develop into a beautiful and strong bond.

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Jung Hae In And Koo Kyo Hwan’s First Meeting As Partners

Episode 2 of D.P. k-drama reveals the first adorable moment showing An Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol’s first meeting as partners. After getting into a fight with Park Sung Woo, An Jun Ho moves to the Deserter Pursuit Unit, where he is teamed with Corporal Han Ho Yeol. The scene displays how the two start bonding while eating ramyeon, especially Han Ho Yeol. Their first meeting reveals how opposite they are. Whereas Ho Yeol is your typical quirky finesse, Jun Ho is like a stiff fish out of water. While Ho Yeol talks about how ramyeon can be harmful but still it’s delicious, Jun Ho, like a cute puppy, agrees with an adorable nod!

D.p. kdrama adorable moments

Han Ho Yeol and An Jun Ho Cr: Netflix

Clueless An Jun Ho At Internet Cafe

After teaming up, An Jun Ho and Han Ho Yeol go on their first mission. While searching for Choi Jun Mok, they go to an internet cafe where Ho Yeol, like an experienced coach, teaches Jun Ho about the interception warrant. However, everything goes over his head. Nevertheless, like a good hoobae, Jun Ho states that he understood. This is one of those tiny adorable D.P. k-drama moments that describes how Jun Ho believes and follows his senior, his hyung, Ho Yeol, wholeheartedly.

D.p. kdrama Cast

Ep 2 Han Ho Yeol and An Jun Ho Cr: Netflix

Ho Yeol’s Vampire Definition

During Choi Jun Mok’s case, Ho Yeol and Jun Ho spend a night in a sauna. Later, Jun Ho pointed out that their target may move only during nighttime. Instead of giving valuable insight, the quirky Ho Yeol says that the target may be a vampire in a solemn tone as if he might be one. Therefore, Ho Yeol’s way of turning any situation into a comical one speaks for the various D.P. K-Drama adorable moments!

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My Name Is Jun!

Those who have watched D.P. must know this line, ‘My Name Is Jun!’ In Episode 3, while finding deserter Jeong Hyeon Min, the duo tries to locate Mun Yeong Ok, leading them to an unexpected situation. After Ha Yeol’s ridiculous introduction, he urges Jun Ho to speak, who turns beetroot seeing such large spectacles. Nevertheless, he introduces himself as Jun. This is one of those D.P. k-drama moments that tells how Ho Yeol helps Jun Ho get out of his comfort zone and be brave to do anything during their mission!

D.p. kdrama adorable moments

Ep 3 An Jun Ho Cr: Netflix

Han Ho Yeol Meeting An Jun Ho’s Family

In Episode 4, where Han Ho Yeol meets An Jun Ho’s family is one of the adorable and heartwarming D.P. k-drama moments! Since Jun Ho doesn’t answer his call, Ho Yeol visits his home only to create a bonding time with Jun Ho’s mother and sister. Later, Jun Ho joins them and gets teased by Ho Yeol. Ho Yeol even points out that they must be a married couple in their previous lives and calls him Jagiya (Babe). Although Jun Ho and his family’s relationship seems strained, Ho Yeol tries to mend it to some level. It shows despite his frivolous personality, he values family. Besides, more than anyone, he holds Jun Ho close to his heart.

D.p. kdrama Cast

Ep 4 Han Ho Yeol Cr: Netflix

Apart from these, numerous funny and cute moments are shown in the series, making it more enjoyable despite its heavy storyline. Therefore, if you enjoy a military comedy, you should try it. So watch D.P. k-drama on Netflix with English Subtitles and see how Han Ho Yeol and An Jun Ho’s action military comedy tale unfolds!

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