One Piece 1081 Spoilers: The Last Road Poneglyph Revealed

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Black Beard and a Road Poneglyph
Black Beard and a Road Poneglyph

When Oda said that the manga is heading to its end we thought maybe that would take a lot of chapters to get to. But with the recent chapters, we got to see events that we thought would take a very long time to appear in the manga. One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers are out and we will be regularly updating them to this article for your convenience. 

As we are still in the early days of the week, we know that we usually get short spoilers first, then a short summary will follow which will then be followed by a full summary. After that, we then get fully translated scans which usually happen on a Friday before the official chapter release. Then on a Sunday of the week to follow we can get the official release from VIZ. 

We have seen the members of the worst generation survive all adversities and saw the continuation of their piracy career. In other words, not only did they live to see another day. But they manage to continue their search for the One Piece. But ever since Oda mentioned that the manga has entered its final phase, the worst generation has been on its toes and it seems like they will be getting defeated one after the other. 

First it was the Kidd Pirates whom Shanks made easy pickings of them, basically they were sitting ducks for the only emperor from the previous generation who still rules. We have seen most of the previous generation emperors fall at the hands of the worst generation. But now it seems like it is the turn of Trafalgar Law to fall.

Law was the next one to follow and this makes one wonder who would be next, would it be Strawhat and his crew? For now, let’s take a look at the spoilers and see how things are going.

One Piece Chapter 1081 Spoilers

One Piece Chapter 1081 spoilers have been released early courtesy of WorstGen. 

Ponelyhph in One Piece
Ponelyhph in One Piece

The chapter is titled “Captain of the 10th Ship, Kuzan”

  • Blackbeard defeated Law, it has been confirmed that Law and Bepo have been defeated but they are still alive. 
  • Kid’s condition is still unconfirmed.
  • Aokiji has been revealed to be the tenth captain of the Blackveard Pirates. 
  • We got to see a fight between the former protege, Aokiji vs Garp. Garp did not defeat Aokiji but instead, he had the upper hand in the battle meaning the Aokiji got beat up.
  • When Aokiji was joining Black Beard Pirates, Blackbeard had asked him about the man with the burned scar. It seems like that man has the remaining Road Poneglyph.

There will be another break next week, but we will get spoilers as usual. 

Below we have more information about the manga release date schedule and the scan releases for those who prefer to see the visuals of the upcoming chapter before they are officially released. So we will get to see detailed versions of fights as well as other features that could not be described exactly as they appear in words so have a look at what we expect for the scans releases. 

One Piece Chapter 1081 Scans 

One Piece Chapter 1081 scans will be released on Friday, 21 April 2023. This will be after the full summary of the chapter is released and will then be followed by the official release of the manga on Sunday. So for those who also prefer to see how the translations have been compared to the official release, you can head over to Viz Media’s official website and Shueisha’s Mangaplus platforms to get the official releases. 

You can also refer to the One Piece Chapter 1081 Release Date to get the chapter release in different time zones so that you get the chapter as soon as it is released in your country and region. This will be the same for the upcoming chapter as we will get yet another break after this week’s chapter. This means that the flow of the chapter releases will be slowed down a bit because the schedule will only get back to normal after next week’s break. 

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