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Who Is Dane Cook’s Girlfriend? The Popular Comedian Just Got Engaged!

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor 2

Want to know who is ‘Dane Cook’s girlfriend’? Popular American stand-up comedian and film actor Dane Cook is known for his dark sense of humor, not to forget his comfy album, Retaliation went on to become the highest charting comedy album in 28 years and even went platinum. Apart from his thriving comedy career, Dane Cook has appeared in several movies as well, including Dan in Real Life, Good Luck Chuck, Mystery Men, and even provided the lead voice role in the 2013 computer-animated sports film Planes.

Other than his career, fans have also been curious to know more about his personal life. The two recently got engaged, and here’s more about their whirlwind romance. The popular comedian also noted that their relationship “has found a lot of growth” amid the coronavirus quarantine but also stated that it is still “work” at the end of the day. Let us take a look at all the details and lesser-known facts to know who is Dane Cook’s girlfriend.

Who is Dane Cook’s girlfriend?

‘Dane Cook’s girlfriend’ is Kelsi Taylor, who is her fiancee now, as the actor recently popped the question. The comedian earlier revealed that he met Taylor at a game night he hosted at his home, and it was after staying friends for a while that the two soon fell in like with each other and then upgraded to love. When Cook was asked for advice on dating despite an age gap, he joked, saying that the only thing you have to do is plan that your deaths will be somewhat far apart. The two have been dating for five long years, and now Dane has put a ring on it!

Dane Cook’s girlfriend

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor

Kelsi Taylor recently admitted that she was surprised by the proposal as she said that she couldn’t believe it was happening while adding that the second Dane began to reach for his back pocket, her stomach flipped, and admitted that she couldn’t have asked for the moment to have been more perfect. Kelsi admitted that she was also just really focused on what he was saying to her as she was trying desperately to etch the words into her brain, as they were so beautiful, and she wanted to soak them in.

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Dane Cook And Kelsi Taylor Are Engaged!

Congratulations are in order as Dane Cook has finally popped the question to his longtime girlfriend, Kelsi Taylor. While talking about the proposal, Dane recalled how the evening of the proposal was incredibly beautiful, the weather was perfect, and the sunset was spectacular, and he was just quite simply very happy! Here is a mushy picture of the two as Dane Cook uploads it on Twitter with a cute caption.

The “Good Luck Chuck” star further added how he asked his best friend, the woman who he had shared some of the greatest times of his life with, to marry him so that they could start the next chapter our of their lives together and also admitted how he was also thinking of how stunning Kelsi looked that day.

Dane Cook Gushes About His Relationship with Kelsi Taylor!

Dane Cook has earlier opened up about how grateful he is for his relationship with fiancee Taylor as he said how he is one of the luckiest people as he gushes about his ladylove on the “On the List with Brett Gursky” podcast. The actor admitted that he has been fortunate because he is in a healthy relationship with somebody, both physically healthy and the relationship itself.

Dane Cook’s girlfriend

Dane Cook and Kelsi Taylor 2

The comedian continued by saying how they both maintained a great kind of, like, mutual understanding that they both want to do their independent things, but in some ways, they are more of a robust relationship in the center because they worked on all the stuff that one should be working on also when they are independent, and then they come back to the table, it’s more time at the table and then taking that outward.

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