Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 Release Date: Hinrigh, The Xi-Yu Underboss

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Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393
Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 reveals the mystery behind the previous incident, where the soldiers reveal that the perpetrator has already been arrested. The citizens are glad to learn about that, and Padallie stands beside Hinring after rising to his feet with an aura swelling around. The soldier confronts Padallie and asks if he wants to open the case. Padallie reveals that they settle issues after fighting. 

Hinrigh reveals that the gunshots seen were used. One soldier thinks that Hinrigh is the Xi-Yu underboss, and Hinrigh agrees. But he adds that Padaille is a civilian and says Padallie can go. The soldiers warn Hinrigh that they won’t cover for him if he keeps attacking civilians. He asks how much to pay for information Heil-Ly’s boss’s location.

Hinrigh says that it is 50 million since the information is important. The soldier replies that he can make an upfront payment. But Hinrigh replies that he will confirm the details first. The soldier reveals he is risking his life to sell out a Mafia boss. He adds that Hinrigh can pay 30 million, then 20 will be paid later.

The soldier also reveals the man in charge of the Black Whale’s wiring and the certain workers who were silenced. Hinrigh tells the soldier to remain silent and reveals what happened during the wiring. He thought that the room belonged to Heil-Ly if the Xi-Yu and that it didn’t have a secret hideout. Hinrigh asks the soldier to wait since he will arrange some money, and the soldier wil lead him to his target.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393

The soldier accepts Hinrigh’s request and talks with the gathering crowd while telling them they can pass. He promises Hinrigh that he will keep a watch while he collects the money. The citizens passing by witnessed an injured Padallie leaving the scene. But Padallie was carrying a strange lady with a bullet hole in her head on his back. 

Previously on Hunter X Hunter Chapter 392

The strange lady was revealed to be a deceased Xi-Yu family member, Misha Hao. Misha previously worked as the family’s undertaker, and her post-mortem Nen ability made her appear inconspicuously disposed of any human killed by a Xi-Yu member. But once they deal with the corpse, Misha disappears. In another place, Tier 3, Zakuro continues to drop blood while searching for Hisoka.

A drop saw a tall man with dark skin, and Zakuro revealed they had found another. Lynch heads to the target and asks the guy if he is Hisoka, but the man is surprised and wonders what Lynch is talking about. Lynch decides to make the guy pay by punching him on his belly and wonders if she has confronted the wrong guy. She uses her ability which forces the mysterious man to say he is not Hisoka. 

The friends of the mysterious guy wonder if he is hurt and wants to report the matter. Lynch replies that it wil be their end if they dare report the matter. Zakuro finds another target, and Lynch realizes they can ignore the weaklings since they are not Hisoka. She realizes she will keep beating the poor guy for no reason. 

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393
Hunter X Hunter

Meanwhile, at Cha-R’s office on Tier 5, Pink and Nobunaga sit across from each other. Feitan is busy reading a magazine in a nearby bunk bed. As a Cha-R member watches CCTV footage, Nobunaga talks about getting Franklin and dividing into two teams to search outside in shifts. Later, Luini reveals his face and talks with the Troupe that they are acting out of character even though they should be betraying the Cha-R.

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 Release Date

Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 will be released on 6 November 2022. They decided to use the upper tire’s door to kill all the rich brats. Luini talks about his disappointment, Phinks asks if Luini is living in a dystopia, and Feitan wonders what he knows about them. Luini thinks he should edit their wiki page since it revealed that they are diabolical thieves. Check out Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 details. 

Read Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 Online – Raw Details

You can read Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 online on Viz and Mangaplus. Nobunaga quickly unleashes his katana and tellsLuini to add the line that they show no mercy to stupid idiots. Hisoka’s mystery continues in the next chapter of Hunter X Hunter. Let’s meet after Hunter X Hunter Chapter 393 is released.

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