When Does Shuhei Learn Bankai? How Powerful Was it?

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shuhei bankai
Shuhei With His Shikai

Shuhei is one of the most vital characters in the series, without even trying. Every character in the series has become a fan favorite due to their backstory or how they grow throughout the story. Shuhei became popular by just being himself. It was in a fake Kurukura Town arc that he first got to show off his skills to everyone. He was against an Aranacar who was equal to him in power but had the upper hand on him in the fight.

Shuhei fought defensively throughout the fight, and his counterattackers were easily subdued. It seemed like he would die in the fight, for his impression throughout the series had been lackluster, and he hadn’t won any fights whatsoever. (Movies aren’t canon). So when it was at its critical moment, Shuhei released his Shikai, and we got to see what it looked like.

In particular, Toshiro and Sui Feng were happy to see him use it. And the Shikai looked unlike anything we have seen in the entire series, and the blades were joined together by chains with an unpredictable pattern to fight. If anything, that is how many would imagine a soul reaper’s weapon to be. And once he started using it, the fight didn’t last long with a win on Shuhei’s side.

shuhei bankai
Shuhei Using Shikai

His display of power easily made him one of the well-liked characters in the series, with his popularity only rising on from that point forward. But what made him particularly interesting was his philosophy about his sword, which made him a great character and added depth to his person as well as fighting.

This was why when Shuhei learned Bankai from none other than Kensei. Fans were excited to see what it would be. Sadly, we never got to see it in the manga, but anime has hope in that regard.

When Doe Shuhei Learn Bankai in The Story?

Shuhei learns Bankai when the story ends, and the war with Quincies is at its most vital. He learns it directly from Kinsei, A Visard, and his captain. Sadly, he didn’t get to use his Bankai in the story, and it ended up being a gag in the manga during the final chapters of the series. This disappointed fans to a great degree, but nothing could be done about it.

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Luckily for the fans, they were able to learn about the Bankai more in the light novels, and some of the fans also get to experience it in the game Bleach: Brave Souls. Though the game does show his Bankai, it doesn’t have the Bleach-like vibe that hypes it up. Moreover, it was in a chibi avatar, so the Bankai didn’t feel as great.

But that did confirm that the lieutenant did have a Bankai to his name and wasn’t ad-libbing at the end of the manga. The Light Novel is written by none other than Tite Kubo, and we also get to see the complete illustration of the Bankai along with how it works. And suffice it to say the Bankai has the same philosophy as the user.

shuhei bankai
Shuhei Using His Bankai, Kazeshini Fushi no Kōjyō

Shuhei is someone who appreciates fear, and he makes it clear at the very beginning of the story and when he first uses his Shikai. It is also suggested that Shuhei believes fear puts makes people equal, and he is a believer in it in that regard. And his Bankai does that, and it is an upgrade over his Shikai with a black orb over his head with the user trapped in a room.

The orb of black absorbs Seiretsu from both of them and gives it to user Shuhei in the end to perform his techniques. Anyone who relies heavily on Seiretsu would have a hard time fighting against Shuhei in his Bankai. But his unpredictable movements also made it hard to fight him in hand-to-hand combat as well. Making it one of the deadliest Bankai in the series with little to no option to win against it.

When Will Shuhei Learn Bankai in Anime?

Shuhei will learn Bankai when the anime is in the last stage of the TYBW arc. There is also hope we will get to see him use it this time as the anime has gotten more attention, and Tite Kubo is supervising the story for anime.

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When Bleach ended, it ended abruptly, leaving out important details as well as fights that would have been appreciated by the fans. Shuhei’s Bankai was one of those things, and he may get a chance to shine in the anime.

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